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Our group just beat VG on our third try. We made a pretty funny mistake with pretty dire consequences, which is why I thought it was worth writing up.

It is very important to read all your cards carefully in this game. You can break it.

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On our first time through, we made it to the Goddess relatively quickly, got the vision, found the dungeons with the eyes, had to pop our 777 just outside of the northern eye dungeon after getting the first gem, and died in the southern eye dungeon before finding the second eye. A robust first run I think.

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On our second playthrough we were devoured by sharks trying to swim off tutorial island. I don't count this one, we pretty much were like "Well we just started, nothing good's happened so far, I wonder what happens if we fuck with the sharks?"

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We just finished our third playthrough, this time successfully lifting the Goddess curse. This is the playthrough I want to talk about. We decided to plan a route to pick up the eyes on the way to the Goddess. Worked great, we got both eyes back to her in just a couple hours, with loads of action deck left to spare. Then, in the goddess space itself, we screwed up big time. When we did the "pray to the goddess" check I mistook the redirect based on our Voracious Goddess "ladder" glyph for one for the Bloody Hunt "hammer" glyph and didn't take it.

Instead, we took our minor bonus for praying to the eyeless Goddess statue, left the permanent event card attached to the Goddess card, and thought about what we'd done differently last time. We discussed it and decided that we must have gotten the vision from a sacrifice at the altar last time. We tried to sacrifice a shovel and a baby slug and when neither one of those worked, we decided it must have been from the goat we sacrificed.

So we left to scour the 7th continent for a goat. We explored the entire continent before we found one on a hunt result. Far northern mountains? No goats. Coasts? No goats. Swamp? Unsurprisingly no goats. We thought we might be able to find one in the fogs around the Goddess, but we weren't unwilling to save and unload the map, preferring to leave the game set up so we could more easily bounce between the far reaches of the map. If we had, and then returned to the Goddess, we might have realized our error. But we didn't.

We spent 3 sessions goat hunting instead.

Finally we caught one next to the old man's hut at the very beginning. We threw everything into that hunt check to draw 5 cards and found the goat on the 5th one. There were only 6 cards left in that stack.

But we've got what we think we need. We finally caught a goat.

We dragged him back to the Goddess and smashed his head in with a rock. We got 6 XP, a Bloody, and goat nightmares. No vision.

We tried the Pray to the Goddess number again and got a gold card that talked about the statue having the eyes already replaced. We realized that couldn't be right, and finally, after perhaps as much as ten hours of aimless goat-chasing, we realized we'd missed a redirect.

We saved our game, prayed to the goddess, returned her eyes, and lifted the curse. We were a little surprised, I figured there would be a dungeon or a boss fight or a third act of some other description, but I guess that's what other curses are for.
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