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Subject: Event Cards Additional Effects rss

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Miquel Izquierdo Cazorla
08030 Barcelona
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First at all my excuses if i repeat some ideas previously posted, but with 1700 rules posts and 207 variant posts...

WAR EVENTS: If a coup in a BG reduces the DEFCON level, the same effect must be expected in a full war. One example could be the Yom Kippur war of 1973, when teh Soviet and US forces were put in alert. In game terms this must be a reduction of DEFCON level.

RULE: A war event against an enenmy controlled county in a region with coups forbiden for DEFCON level reduces in one the current DEFCON level.

Also, most of wars in the Cold war era were "allowed" by the USA or USSR, but not agains his interests, so war between "allies" were rare, if any. One example is the Cyprus crisis in 1974 between Greece and Turkey, both NATO members.

RULE: Is not possible to play a War card as Event if both countries are controlled by the same player.


"SUEZ CRISIS": Only can be played as event after the "NASSER" event is played as event. (Without Nasser in office it's difficult to belive in any Egyptian government nationalizing the Suez Channel).

"NATO" additional effects: The soviet player only can place influence in US controlled countries in Europe playing Event cards (not operations).

"WARSAW PACT FORMED" additional effects: Add US no longer make coups or realignments in any soviet controlled countries in Europe. The US player only can place influence in soviet controlled countries in Europe playing event cards (not operations).

NATO/WP WAS the Cold war. Not help came from Western world for Hungary in 1956 or the Czechs in 1968. And in Western Europe Italy is a good example of keeping ot the PCI via political coalitions and dirty war ("Gladio").

"CAPTURED NAZI SCIENTISTS": The captured german projects, scientists and V rockets were fundamental in the firsts times of the space Race. The rule is: Until CAPTURED NAZI SCIENTISTS is not played as event, all Space Race rolls have a +1 DRM.

"CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS": Can't be played as Event until "FIDEL" is in effect. After the Missile crisis is played as event, no more coups or realignments can be made against Cuba (After the crisis no more direct attempts to overthrow Castro were made by the USA).

"THE IRON LADY": In the Falklands war the argentinian military junta not received military support from the soviets, indeed US support was expected...
RULE: If played as event, not add a soviet influence in Argentina, but retreat one US influence from Argentina or any other South American Country.
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