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Subject: Oktoberfest Math Trade - 686 Trades - Results are Official rss

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Jeff Bakalchuck
United States
North Carolina
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The crowds are gathering in Munich, The beer is flowing, The band is playing polka music and that means it's time for another Math Trade.

The actual geeklist for the trade is:

This Math Trade is open to all types of games, game accessories, and BGG-specific goodies(with limits), and limited numbers of non-BGG related items (see Restrictions, below).

We will be using TradeMaximizer's prioritization, so the order of your wants does matter.

If you are new to Math Trades in general, please check Lindsey Dubb's Math Trade Guide for further information on how this works.

Software Used: TradeMaximizer 1.2c using linear priorities
List Cap: NONE
Max Per User: Unlimited
Duplicates: The same game may be listed more than once, even by the same person if desired.

Restrictions on Items: Any game or other item covered by the Geek (including Geekgold, microbadge coupons, and so forth) is allowed. DVD's, RPG items, game accessories, game related books are allowed also. People must contact me first for permission to add anything else, and they must be listed as Outside the Scope of BGG; only items with substantial geek value will be allowed, and I will limit the numbers to keep them from overwhelming the list.

Geekgold restrictions:

Users may not post more geekgold than they currently have.

Sweeteners: Allowed, and may include non-game items without restriction.
Information To Include: The usual - condition and any shipping restrictions.

If you wish to request that an item be added to this math trade, use the request geeklist. It is located at:
Note: Use of the request geeklist is optional. You can list games on Math Trade list even if they have not been requested.

Deadline to Add Games: 10pm EDT on Tuesday October 2
Summary Posted: October 2 shortly after 9pm
Deadline to Submit Want Lists: 10 pm EDT on Friday October 5.
Results posted: approx 11:30pm Friday October 5[/b]

To ensure fairness I will be posting my want lists to the discussion thread on the evening of October 2nd, shortly after the summary is posted.

If you have questions, please ask.
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Jeff Bakalchuck
United States
North Carolina
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Re: Oktoberfest Math TRade
Summary part I - items 1 to 400

0001-Carcc ==> "Carcassonne: The City" (from puckhead)
0002-Banap ==> "Bonaparte at Marengo" (from puckhead)
0003-XFile ==> "X-Files" (from jeffwiles)
0004-Cronb ==> "Cronberg" (from jeffwiles)
0005-onthe ==> "On the Edge" (from jeffwiles)
0006-WoWTB ==> "World of Warcraft: The Boardgame" (from Loggy)
0007-youre ==> "You're Bluffing!" (from jeffwiles)
0008-magic ==> "Magic: The Gathering CCG" (from puckhead)
0009-Bwulf ==> "Beowulf: The Legend" (from larryjrice)
0010-Dgold ==> "Dragon's Gold" (from jeffwiles)
0011-WoWTB ==> "World of Warcraft: The Boardgame" (from RangerRob)
0012-CaMer ==> "Castle Merchants" (from Loggy)
0013-Gardn ==> "Garden Competition" (from jtakagi)
0014-China ==> "China" (from DrChek)
0015-thron ==> "Game of Thrones, A" (from jtakagi)
0016-FDcir ==> "Formula Dé Circuits 11 & 12 - Watkins Glen & Silverstone" (from RPardoe)
0017-Hacie ==> "Hacienda" (from jtakagi)
0018-riskc ==> "Risk - Star Wars: The Clone Wars Edition" (from RangerRob)
0019-Vegas ==> "Vegas Showdown" (from DrChek)
0020-Arena ==> "Arena Maximus" (from jeffwiles)
0021-GG051 ==> 51 Geekgold (from RoamDog)
0022-Hella ==> "Hellas" (from Isamoor)
0023-Acove ==> "Ark of the Covenant, The" (from arsenic)
0024-Doomb ==> "Doom: The Boardgame" (from RPardoe)
0025-GG033 ==> 33 geekgold (from RoamDog)
0026-Roads ==> "Roads and Boats" (from Rokkr)
0027-Vegas ==> "Vegas Showdown" (from DrChek)
0028-HCoNO ==> "HeroCard Champion of New Olympia" (from Loggy)
0029-Saint ==> "Saint Petersburg" (from Isamoor)
0030-Ttide ==> "Turn The Tide" (from leroy)
0031-CaMer ==> "Castle Merchants" (from arsenic)
0032-troll ==> "Cave Troll" (from RangerRob)
0033-Smoke ==> "Smokejumpers" (from RPardoe)
0034-CaKoC ==> "Cities and Knights of Catan, The" (from RangerRob)
0035-PG-If ==> "Power Grid - Italy/France" (from Isamoor)
0036-labyr ==> "Master Labyrinth" (from arsenic)
0037-Rhein ==> "Rheinländer" (from jtakagi)
0038-Sjuan ==> "San Juan" (from RPardoe)
0039-bardg ==> "Shakespeare: The Bard Game" (from arsenic)
0040-Phoen ==> "Phoenicia" (from RPardoe)
0041-Warma ==> "Warmachine: Escalation" (from Stas)
0042-LotR- ==> "Lord of the Rings" (from RangerRob)
0043-Brita ==> "Britannia" (from Shawn_Solo)
0044-Lifeb ==> "Lifeboats" (from puckhead)
0045-CaMer ==> "Castle Merchants" (from LoMa)
0046-duell ==> "Sudoku - Duell der Meister" (from jtakagi)
0047-GG065 ==> 65 Geekgold (from Stas)
0048-Codek ==> "Code Knacker" (from jtakagi)
0049-strad ==> "La Strada" (from Shawn_Solo)
0050-tight ==> "Relationship Tightrope" (from arsenic)
0051-FDcir ==> "Formula Dé Circuits 27 - 30: USA Track Pack #2" (from puckhead)
0052-Timbu ==> "Timbuktu" (from Shawn_Solo)
0053-shang ==> "Bridges of Shangri-La, The" (from LoMa)
0054-XFile ==> "X-Files" (from Shawn_Solo)
0055-TakIt ==> "Take It!" (from jtakagi)
0056-Talis ==> "Talisman Timescape" (from arsenic)
0057-Medvs ==> "Medici vs Strozzi" (from JasonRMax)
0058-Atlan ==> "Atlanteon" (from Bobby4th)
0059-Elfen ==> "Elfengold" (from Bobby4th)
0060-banqu ==> "Saint Petersburg - The Banquet" (from Bobby4th)
0061-under ==> "On the Underground" (from Bobby4th)
0062-shang ==> "Bridges of Shangri-La, The" (from Bobby4th)
0063-elmst ==> "Nightmare On Elm Street, A: The Game" (from Bobby4th)
0064-Drags ==> "Dragon Strike" (from Blott)
0065-Busin ==> "Business Strategy" (from Blott)
0066-prest ==> "Das Prestel Architekturspiel" (from jtakagi)
0067-Giant ==> BattleLore promotional figure--Hill Giant (from RoamDog)
0068-Abalo ==> "Abalone" (from herman_the_german)
0069-Overp ==> "Overpower" (from Blott)
0070-wishs ==> "If Wishes were Fishes" (from RoamDog)
0071-Casha ==> "Cash-a-Catch" (from RoamDog)
0072-Dosri ==> "Dos Rios" (from LoMa)
0073-Grana ==> "Granada: the Fall of Moslem Spain" (from LoMa)
0074-Strug ==> "Struggle of Empires" (from puckhead)
0075-Hella ==> "Hellas" (from LoMa)
0076-wwmid ==> "Second World War at Sea: Midway" (from Sprydle)
0077-sheep ==> "War & Sheep" (from LoMa)
0078-Backg ==> "Backgammon" (from LoMa)
0079-Antik ==> "Antike" (from Sprydle)
0080-Rhein ==> "Rheinländer" (from Sprydle)
0081-BtCry ==> "Battle Cry" (from molitor4)
0082-Lowen ==> "Löwenherz" (from molitor4)
0083-Machi ==> "Machiavelli" (from molitor4)
0084-front ==> "Up Front" (from molitor4)
0085-Lockl ==> "Lock 'N Load: Band of Heroes" (from molitor4)
0086-Herma ==> "Hermagor" (from molitor4)
0087-AoMTB ==> "Age of Mythology: The Boardgame" (from molitor4)
0088-BHymm ==> "Battle Hymn" (from molitor4)
0089-Shark ==> "Shark" (from molitor4)
0090-magna ==> "Caylus Magna Carta" (from molitor4)
0091-Dueld ==> "Duel in the Dark" (from molitor4)
0092-Carca ==> "Carcassonne" (from Drew1365)
0093-Tride ==> "Ticket to Ride" (from Drew1365)
0094-U1830 ==> "Ur: 1830 BC" (from snoweel)
0095-Fresh ==> "Fresh Fish" (from snoweel)
0096-Wring ==> "War of the Ring" (from Drew1365)
0097-RaDtr ==> "Rise and Decline of the Third Reich" (from Drew1365)
0098-Alger ==> "Algeria : The War of Independence 1954-1962" (from rptgeek)
0099-Minot ==> "Minotaur Lords" (from Drew1365)
0100-DMans ==> "Dead Man's Treasure" (from Drew1365)
0101-Bwulf ==> "Beowulf: The Legend" (from DrFlanagan)
0102-Calex ==> "Caesar in Alexandria" (from DrFlanagan)
0103-Trire ==> "Trireme" (from DrFlanagan)
0104-Cluem ==> "Clue - The Great Museum Caper" (from Drew1365)
0105-Kahun ==> "Kahuna" (from pdclose)
0106-Airbr ==> "Air Bridge to Victory" (from peacmyer)
0107-Amoeb ==> "Amoeba Wars" (from peacmyer)
0108-TBfNA ==> "Battle for North Africa, The" (from peacmyer)
0109-Chorn ==> "Cape Horn" (from peacmyer)
0110-CoMag ==> "Castle of Magic" (from peacmyer)
0111-CosEn ==> "Cosmic Encounter" (from peacmyer)
0112-InvNo ==> "Invasion: Norway" (from peacmyer)
0113-Monal ==> "Mona Lisa Mysteries" (from peacmyer)
0114-Menac ==> "Monsters Menace America" (from pdclose)
0115-borgi ==> "Prince, The: The Struggle of House Borgia" (from peacmyer)
0116-Ageof ==> "Age of Renaissance" (from EvanMinn)
0117-Bohna ==> "Bohnaparte" (from reimannj2000)
0118-WilWr ==> "Wilderness War" (from BeatPosse)
0119-RaWII ==> "Rome at War II: Fading Legions" (from BeatPosse)
0120-Wking ==> "Wizard Kings" (from BeatPosse)
0121-TACSG ==> "Terakh: A Creative Strategy Game" (from sos1)
0122-ETSGC ==> "EVE: The Second Genesis CCG" (from BeatPosse)
0123-Dueld ==> "Duel in the Dark" (from sos1)
0124-DDMin ==> "Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures" (from mcross)
0125-DDMin ==> "Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures" (from mcross)
0126-Stcar ==> "Streetcar" (from mcross)
0127-Sleut ==> "Sleuth" (from mcross)
0128-carcp ==> "Carcassonne - The Princess & the Dragon" (from mcross)
0129-Bangf ==> "Bang! - A Fistful of Cards" (from mcross)
0130-Ninja ==> "Ninja Galaxy" (from mcross)
0131-Rdgod ==> "Red God of War: The Soviet Operation Mars, 1942" (from rptgeek)
0132-Alham ==> "Alhambra" (from Drew1365)
0133-Nexus ==> "Nexus Ops" (from Tatsu)
0134-Onwar ==> "Onward, Christian Soldiers" (from larryjrice)
0135-Hfish ==> "Hey! That's My Fish!" (from Tatsu)
0136-Niaga ==> "Niagara" (from Tatsu)
0137-WlAdv ==> "Wildlife Adventure" (from jtakagi)
0138-Lfrog ==> "Leapfrog" (from larryjrice)
0139-Cboys ==> "Cowboys: The Way of the Gun" (from Waylander1)
0140-Rdice ==> "Railroad Dice" (from larryjrice)
0141-Igela ==> "Igel Ärgern" (from Waylander1)
0142-FChip ==> "Fish & Chips" (from Waylander1)
0143-buffy ==> "Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Game (US)" (from Waylander1)
0144-delta ==> "Dragon Delta" (from Waylander1)
0145-Warri ==> "Warriors" (from puffinslayer)
0146-CosEn ==> "Cosmic Encounter" (from Waylander1)
0147-radio ==> "RoboRally - Radioactive" (from puffinslayer)
0148-Siena ==> "Siena" (from Nick Danger)
0149-Goa-- ==> "Goa" (from Nick Danger)
0150-Oasis ==> "Oasis" (from larryjrice)
0151-A1503 ==> "Anno 1503" (from Nick Danger)
0152-Alpen ==> "Alpenexpress" (from huber)
0153-Astar ==> "Atlantic Star" (from huber)
0154-Bwind ==> "Before the Wind" (from huber)
0155-Black ==> "Black Vienna" (from huber)
0156-carcd ==> "Carcassonne - The Discovery" (from huber)
0157-Fifth ==> "Fifth Avenue" (from huber)
0158-MareM ==> "Mare Mediterraneum" (from huber)
0159-Monos ==> "Monopoly - Star Wars (Limited Collector's)" (from huber)
0160-North ==> "North to Alaska" (from huber)
0161-Ra--- ==> "Ra" (from huber)
0162-Razzi ==> "Razzia!" (from huber)
0163-IlPri ==> "Il Principe" (from Nick Danger)
0164-Rturn ==> "Return of the Heroes" (from gonzoron)
0165-Fifth ==> "Fifth Avenue" (from tuneloon)
0166-Tongi ==> "Tongiaki" (from tuneloon)
0167-brose ==> "Mississippi Queen: The Black Rose" (from Nick Danger)
0168-siedn ==> "Siedler von Nürnberg, die" (from Grildensnork)
0169-Rummy ==> "Rummikub Rummy Dice Game" (from huber)
0170-Simpl ==> "Simply Catan" (from huber)
0171-Polar ==> "Polarity" (from Grildensnork)
0172-Techn ==> "Techno Witches" (from huber)
0173-Thebe ==> "Thebes" (from huber)
0174-brain ==> "Give Me the Brain!" (from drewg)
0175-Votum ==> "Votum" (from huber)
0176-GG061 ==> 61 Geekgold (from huber)
0177-GG097 ==> 97 Geekgold (from huber)
0178-GG133 ==> 133 Geekgold (from huber)
0179-7thSe ==> "7th Sea" (from atimrogers)
0180-under ==> "Under the Shadow of the Dragon" (from TheLongshot)
0181-rally ==> "RoboRally" (from LetsGetTrivial)
0182-magic ==> "Magic: The Gathering CCG" (from LetsGetTrivial)
0183-Pilla ==> "Pillars of the Earth, The" (from LetsGetTrivial)
0184-Dungt ==> "Dungeon Twister" (from LetsGetTrivial)
0185-Harry ==> "Harry Potter Trading Card Game" (from LetsGetTrivial)
0186-Union ==> "Union Pacific" (from Nick Danger)
0187-Santi ==> "Santiago" (from Nick Danger)
0188-PueRt ==> "Puerto Rico" (from Gecko23)
0189-Gorka ==> "Gorkamorka" (from atimrogers)
0190-Lowen ==> "Löwenherz" (from adamdynris)
0191-Lowen ==> "Löwenherz" (from adamdynris)
0192-Lowen ==> "Löwenherz" (from adamdynris)
0193-Ediso ==> "Edison & Co." (from adamdynris)
0194-Hella ==> "Hellas" (from adamdynris)
0195-citta ==> "La Città" (from Nick Danger)
0196-Pcove ==> "Pirate's Cove" (from TheEbonyTurtle)
0197-Armad ==> "Armada" (from adamdynris)
0198-Calie ==> "Canasta Caliente" (from Gecko23)
0199-scots ==> "Hammer of the Scots" (from Stas)
0200-Tikal ==> "Tikal" (from diehard4life)
0201-ElCab ==> "El Caballero" (from Stas)
0202-SI-BB ==> "Sports Illustrated Baseball" (from diehard4life)
0203-Doomb ==> "Doom: The Boardgame" (from cuzzle)
0204-Sunkn ==> "Sunken City" (from cuzzle)
0205-Bylow ==> "Buy Low Sell High" (from cuzzle)
0206-Groo- ==> "Groo: the Game" (from diehard4life)
0207-Pilla ==> "Pillars of the Earth, The" (from cuzzle)
0208-SMCCG ==> "Sid Meier's Civilization: The Card Game" (from metalchorus)
0209-RrTyc ==> "Railroad Tycoon" (from Noah Kolman)
0210-80day ==> "Around the World in 80 Days" (from Noah Kolman)
0211-Attac ==> "Attack!" (from Noah Kolman)
0212-Guill ==> "Guillotine" (from Noah Kolman)
0213-Drags ==> "Dragon Strike" (from casperthegoth)
0214-LotRt ==> "Lord of the Rings - Tabletop Battle Game" (from casperthegoth)
0215-Quest ==> "Quest for the Dragonlords" (from phosrik)
0216-Cboys ==> "Cowboys: The Way of the Gun" (from phosrik)
0217-Rhein ==> "Rheinländer" (from phosrik)
0218-lenin ==> "Roads to Leningrad" (from starspangledgirl)
0219-GiftT ==> "GiftTRAP" (from phosrik)
0220-Imper ==> "Imperium" (from starspangledgirl)
0221-Panze ==> "PanzerBlitz" (from phosrik)
0222-Furyd ==> "Fury of Dracula" (from phosrik)
0223-Afric ==> "Africa" (from starspangledgirl)
0224-Pic15 ==> "Pictionary - 15th Anniversary" (from phosrik)
0225-Overd ==> "Overdrive Arena" (from anglotiger)
0226-GG175 ==> 175 Geekgold (from FlyingArrow)
0227-GG100 ==> 100 Geekgold (from FlyingArrow)
0228-Dracu ==> "Dracula's Revenge" (from anglotiger)
0229-Vegas ==> "Vegas Showdown" (from FlyingArrow)
0230-Tride ==> "Ticket to Ride" (from daw65)
0231-scape ==> "HeroScape Master Set: Rise of the Valkyrie" (from Jezztek)
0232-House ==> "House Divided, A" (from Jezztek)
0233-Dungt ==> "Dungeon Twister" (from Jezztek)
0234-Rturn ==> "Return of the Heroes" (from Jezztek)
0235-M44EF ==> "Memoir '44 - Eastern Front" (from Jezztek)
0236-BalWr ==> "Balkan Wars" (from Duglis)
0237-Lostg ==> "LOST The Game" (from Duglis)
0238-Pbust ==> "Planet Busters" (from Duglis)
0239-Rturn ==> "Return of the Heroes" (from Duglis)
0240-D-Day ==> "D-Day" (from Duglis)
0241-Scara ==> "Scarab Lords" (from Duglis)
0242-221bb ==> "221B Baker Street and Expansions" (from Duglis)
0243-GG055 ==> 55 Geekgold (from snoozefest)
0244-GG085 ==> 85 Geekgold (from snoozefest)
0245-GG125 ==> 125 Geekgold (from snoozefest)
0246-Austr ==> "Australia" (from Sabot)
0247-shang ==> "Bridges of Shangri-La, The" (from Sabot)
0248-cross ==> "Battleground: Crossbows & Catapults War Chest Starter Set" (from Sabot)
0249-Illex ==> "Illuminati - Expansion Set 3" (from Sabot)
0250-Probe ==> "Probe" (from Sabot)
0251-Taboo ==> "Taboo" (from Sabot)
0252-Fragd ==> "Frag Deadlands" (from Sabot)
0253-Carct ==> "Carcassonne - The Tower" (from noname)
0254-carch ==> "Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers" (from noname)
0255-Battl ==> "BattleLore" (from noname)
0256-Formu ==> "Formula Dé" (from noname)
0257-LotRT ==> "Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game" (from larryjrice)
0258-HANSE ==> "Hanse, die" (from snoweel)
0259-maker ==> "Kingmaker" (from ChevyR)
0260-IceWr ==> "Ice War" (from ChevyR)
0261-T-Rex ==> "T-Rex" (from ChevyR)
0262-rally ==> "RoboRally" (from ChevyR)
0263-nanza ==> "Bohnanza" (from mbuckingham)
0264-carcd ==> "Carcassonne - The Discovery" (from mbuckingham)
0265-WoWTB ==> "World of Warcraft: The Boardgame" (from cobbz20)
0266-Gang4 ==> "Gang of Four" (from mbuckingham)
0267-Lifeb ==> "Lifeboats" (from mbuckingham)
0268-sbuch ==> "Siedler von Catan, Die - Das Buch zum Spielen" (from mbuckingham)
0269-Throu ==> "Through the Desert" (from mbuckingham)
0270-NinGo ==> "Nin-Gonost" (from cobbz20)
0271-DTtLL ==> "Dungeoneer: Tomb of the Lich Lord" (from lordunborn)
0272-Dante ==> "Dante's Inferno" (from lordunborn)
0273-Awful ==> "Awful Green Things from Outer Space, The" (from joncormier)
0274-Doubl ==> "Double or Nothing" (from lordunborn)
0275-SoCCG ==> "Settlers of Catan Card Game, The" (from grosmorne)
0276-Diplo ==> "Diplomacy" (from Genghis)
0277-Wizar ==> "Wizard" (from cobbz20)
0278-HareT ==> "Hare and Tortoise" (from beezwax)
0279-baron ==> "Rail Baron" (from beezwax)
0280-SWMin ==> "Star Wars Miniatures" (from beezwax)
0281-Acqui ==> "Acquire" (from starspangledgirl)
0282-Fossi ==> "Fossil" (from beezwax)
0283-sight ==> "Enemy in Sight" (from Gurantsu)
0284-Mahar ==> "Maharaja" (from beezwax)
0285-Acqui ==> "Acquire" (from carl67lp)
0286-labyr ==> "Master Labyrinth" (from carl67lp)
0287-Stars ==> "Starship Catan" (from carl67lp)
0288-Tripp ==> "Trippples" (from larryjrice)
0289-Warma ==> "Warmachine" (from Stas)
0290-NucWr ==> "Nuclear War" (from Solamar)
0291-Rdice ==> "Railroad Dice" (from Solamar)
0292-steam ==> "Age of Steam" (from schlappy)
0293-STTAG ==> "Star Trek: The Adventure Game" (from Solamar)
0294-mammo ==> "Valley of the Mammoths" (from Solamar)
0295-kutsc ==> "Die Kutschfahrt zur Teufelsburg" (from Solamar)
0296-Zombi ==> "Zombies!!!" (from Solamar)
0297-crazy ==> "Crazy Race" (from peacmyer)
0298-Monta ==> "Montanara" (from peacmyer)
0299-GG037 ==> 37.25 Geekgold (from cobbz20)
0300-thron ==> "Game of Thrones, A" (from snoweel)
0301-muert ==> "Dia de los Muertos" (from bbenston)
0302-Alham ==> "Alhambra" (from bbenston)
0303-duela ==> "Duel of Ages Set 1 - Worldspanner" (from Gecko23)
0304-Awful ==> "Awful Green Things from Outer Space, The" (from bbenston)
0305-LotRD ==> "Lord of the Rings - The Duel" (from bbenston)
0306-Gloom ==> "Gloom" (from DrChek)
0307-Vegas ==> "Vegas Showdown" (from Twinge)
0308-Brawl ==> "Brawl" (from kidsplinter)
0309-Bmoon ==> "Blue Moon" (from swaits)
0310-STact ==> "Soccer Tactics World" (from swaits)
0311-Jambo ==> "Jambo" (from swaits)
0312-Proph ==> "Prophecy" (from swaits)
0313-MrJac ==> "Mr. Jack" (from swaits)
0314-Octi- ==> "Octi" (from schlappy)
0315-atola ==> "Funkenschlag Atolla Modulis" (from schlappy)
0316-AveCa ==> "Ave Caesar" (from goldenboat)
0317-citta ==> "La Città" (from goldenboat)
0318-Cstop ==> "Can't Stop" (from schlappy)
0319-Pizza ==> "Pizza Box Football" (from goldenboat)
0320-Canal ==> "Canal Mania" (from leroy)
0321-Fcape ==> "From Cape to Cairo" (from goldenboat)
0322-pompe ==> "Downfall of Pompeii, The" (from LankyEngineer)
0323-Hansa ==> "Hansa" (from LankyEngineer)
0324-Carcc ==> "Carcassonne: The Castle" (from goldenboat)
0325-Cathe ==> "Cathedral" (from Twinge)
0326-Aton- ==> "Aton" (from sos1)
0327-Vegas ==> "Vegas Showdown" (from Twinge)
0328-Shado ==> "Shadowfist" (from goldenboat)
0329-Khron ==> "Khronos" (from sos1)
0330-Razzi ==> "Razzia!" (from sos1)
0331-Proph ==> "Prophecy" (from sos1)
0332-Wctbg ==> "Warcraft - The Boardgame" (from ForbiddenDonuts)
0333-Tiert ==> "Tier auf Tier" (from ForbiddenDonuts)
0334-Laser ==> "Laser Battle" (from ForbiddenDonuts)
0335-Vegas ==> "Vegas Showdown" (from dreadpirate)
0336-btray ==> "Betrayal at House on the Hill" (from molitor4)
0337-banqu ==> "Saint Petersburg - The Banquet" (from molitor4)
0338-Pizza ==> "Pizza Box Football" (from fezzwick)
0339-Diplo ==> "Diplomacy" (from Twinge)
0340-Navia ==> "Navia Dratp" (from dreadpirate)
0341-Rturn ==> "Return of the Heroes" (from fezzwick)
0342-10day ==> "10 Days in Europe" (from Nick Danger)
0343-rally ==> "RoboRally" (from fezzwick)
0344-HeroQ ==> "HeroQuest" (from Twinge)
0345-Vegas ==> "Vegas Showdown" (from fezzwick)
0346-thron ==> "Game of Thrones, A" (from ijmcf)
0347-Hansa ==> "Hansa" (from ijmcf)
0348-sbuch ==> "Siedler von Catan, Die - Das Buch zum Spielen" (from ijmcf)
0349-Poiso ==> "Poison" (from ijmcf)
0350-Tikal ==> "Tikal" (from YellowLab)
0351-Hive- ==> "Hive" (from YellowLab)
0352-carch ==> "Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers" (from YellowLab)
0353-Zerst ==> "Zerstreute Pharao, Der" (from YellowLab)
0354-Parth ==> "Parthenon: Rise of the Aegean" (from Nick Danger)
0355-Pgrid ==> "Power Grid" (from badfish20)
0356-W40k4 ==> "Warhammer 40,000 4th Edition" (from badfish20)
0357-Fifth ==> "Fifth Avenue" (from badfish20)
0358-Democ ==> "Democrazy" (from garry_rice)
0359-Caylu ==> "Caylus" (from garry_rice)
0360-Scara ==> "Scarab Lords" (from Spart02)
0361-getty ==> "Three Days of Gettysburg, The, Third Edition" (from jerok)
0362-Illum ==> "Illuminati: Deluxe Edition" (from jerok)
0363-Lostv ==> "Lost Valley" (from gashlycrumb)
0364-catan ==> "Settlers of Catan, The" (from gashlycrumb)
0365-WasSt ==> "Was Sticht?" (from gashlycrumb)
0366-Sputn ==> "Sputnik" (from gashlycrumb)
0367-dutch ==> "VOC! - Founding the Dutch East Indies Company" (from snoweel)
0368-Darkw ==> "Dark World" (from Twinge)
0369-Drago ==> "Dragonlance" (from Twinge)
0370-Bang! ==> "Bang!" (from Twinge)
0371-carcm ==> "Carcassonne - The Mini Expansion" (from RoamDog)
0372-AoSfi ==> "Age of Steam Expansion #4 - France and Italy" (from RoamDog)
0373-Formu ==> "Formula Dé" (from Firepigeon)
0374-ArkHa ==> "Arkham Horror" (from Firepigeon)
0375-DiceT ==> Homemade Dice Tower (from Firepigeon)
0376-CCAEP ==> "Commands & Colors: Ancients Expansion Pack #1: Greece & Eastern Kingdoms" (from Firepigeon)
0377-Magem ==> "Mage Master" (from Firepigeon)
0378-Antiq ==> "Antiquity" (from Rompcat)
0379-CotFL ==> "Conquest of the Fallen Lands" (from Rompcat)
0380-Alpha ==> "Alpha Strike" (from Rompcat)
0381-winds ==> "Winds Of Plunder" (from Rompcat)
0382-Busin ==> "Business Strategy" (from Rompcat)
0383-terra ==> "Star Force Terra #1: Contact!" (from Rompcat)
0384-Gang4 ==> "Gang of Four" (from Rompcat)
0385-btray ==> "Betrayal at House on the Hill" (from Rompcat)
0386-GG075 ==> 75 Geekgold (from Rompcat)
0387-carcp ==> "Carcassonne - The Princess & the Dragon" (from otha62)
0388-Tongi ==> "Tongiaki" (from TheEbonyTurtle)
0389-River ==> The Riverwold Saga (from jmw23)
0390-GG200 ==> 200 Geekgold (from jmw23)
0391-SWmin ==> "Star Wars Miniatures Battles" (from jmw23)
0392-Rrome ==> "Republic of Rome, The" (from jmw23)
0393-Hive- ==> "Hive" (from jmw23)
0394-Wager ==> "Wits & Wagers" (from jmw23)
0395-BfGot ==> "Battlefleet Gothic" (from jmw23)
0396-Bgfan ==> "Battleground: Fantasy Warfare" (from jmw23)
0397-carcm ==> "Carcassonne - The Mini Expansion" (from kidsplinter)
0398-Pizza ==> "Pizza Box Football" (from Peter Loop)
0399-Pente ==> "Pente" (from Peter Loop)
0400-Tellu ==> "Tracks to Telluride" (from Peter Loop)
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Jeff Bakalchuck
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Re: Oktoberfest Math TRade
Summary part II - items 401 to 800

0401-Kogge ==> "Kogge" (from Peter Loop)
0402-Holly ==> "Hollywood Blockbuster" (from Peter Loop)
0403-Canda ==> "Candamir: The First Settlers" (from Peter Loop)
0404-Warri ==> "Warriors" (from Peter Loop)
0405-Acqui ==> "Acquire" (from Peter Loop)
0406-Hansa ==> "Hansa" (from plikt)
0407-Rturn ==> "Return of the Heroes" (from plikt)
0408-Menac ==> "Monsters Menace America" (from plikt)
0409-nanza ==> "Bohnanza" (from plikt)
0410-Treas ==> "Treasure Island" (from plikt)
0411-Menac ==> "Monsters Menace America" (from plikt)
0412-Zombi ==> "Zombies!!!" (from plikt)
0413-Tbond ==> "Tribond" (from plikt)
0414-Afrik ==> "Afrika" (from citizen k)
0415-Bcity ==> "Big City" (from citizen k)
0416-buffy ==> "Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Game (US)" (from citizen k)
0417-CaKoC ==> "Cities and Knights of Catan, The" (from citizen k)
0418-Flasc ==> "Flaschenteufel" (from citizen k)
0419-maker ==> "Kingmaker" (from citizen k)
0420-LotR- ==> "Lord of the Rings" (from citizen k)
0421-labyr ==> "Master Labyrinth" (from citizen k)
0422-MdArt ==> "Modern Art" (from citizen k)
0423-chase ==> "New York Chase" (from citizen k)
0424-Risk2 ==> "Risk 2210 A.D." (from citizen k)
0425-riskl ==> "Risk - The Lord of the Rings - Trilogy Edition" (from citizen k)
0426-Torre ==> "Torres" (from citizen k)
0427-Pilla ==> "Pillars of the Earth, The" (from plikt)
0428-Stepp ==> "Steppe" (from Peter Loop)
0429-GG050 ==> 50 GeekGold (from dreadpirate)
0430-queen ==> "Mississippi Queen" (from dreadpirate)
0431-3DVDS ==> 3 Lord of the Rings DVDs (from starspangledgirl)
0432-Oltre ==> "Oltremare - Merchants of Venice" (from teachersears)
0433-Carca ==> "Carcassonne" (from teachersears)
0434-Torre ==> "Torres" (from teachersears)
0435-SWJKC ==> "Star Wars: Jedi Knights CCG" (from ChevyR)
0436-RfyLC ==> "Run for your Life, Candyman!" (from otha62)
0437-AoEII ==> "Age of Empires II" (from ChevyR)
0438-floch ==> "Circus Flohcati" (from teachersears)
0439-Wreck ==> "Wreckage" (from teachersears)
0440-LotR- ==> "Lord of the Rings" (from otha62)
0441-Lastc ==> "Last Chance" (from teachersears)
0442-BFeud ==> "Blood Feud In New York" (from Rompcat)
0443-Seafa ==> "Seafarers of Catan, The" (from Rompcat)
0444-Cstop ==> "Can't Stop" (from Jatoha)
0445-Leodv ==> "Leonardo da Vinci" (from RoamDog)
0446-under ==> "On the Underground" (from RoamDog)
0447-Pilla ==> "Pillars of the Earth, The" (from RoamDog)
0448-Ponte ==> "Ponte del Diavolo" (from RoamDog)
0449-GG040 ==> 40 Geekgold (from Ceryon)
0450-Junta ==> "Junta" (from Aljovin)
0451-HareT ==> "Hare and Tortoise" (from minmin)
0452-elgki ==> "El Grande - Koenig & Intrigant - Player's Edition" (from Ceryon)
0453-grand ==> "El Grande: Grandissimo" (from Ceryon)
0454-nanza ==> "Bohnanza" (from Ceryon)
0455-SoCTE ==> "Settlers of Catan, The - Travel Edition" (from cuzzle)
0456-10DVD ==> 10 DVDs: Cartoon Craze (from dreadpirate)
0457-Bohna ==> "Bohnaparte" (from Ceryon)
0458-Twixt ==> "Twixt" (from Nick Danger)
0459-Start ==> "Start Player" (from Ceryon)
0460-Condo ==> "Condottiere" (from jpbartleby)
0461-Carca ==> "Carcassonne" (from jpbartleby)
0462-GG060 ==> 60 Geekgold (from jpbartleby)
0463-Holly ==> "Hollywood Blockbuster" (from fanaka66)
0464-Notre ==> "Notre Dame" (from fanaka66)
0465-GG225 ==> 225 Geekgold (from coolio)
0466-magic ==> "Magic: The Gathering CCG" (from signjc)
0467-Fairy ==> "Fairy Tale" (from signjc)
0468-Thebe ==> "Thebes" (from derekwchau)
0469-Seafa ==> "Seafarers of Catan, The" (from derekwchau)
0470-carch ==> "Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers" (from derekwchau)
0471-Frag- ==> "Frag" (from ForbiddenDonuts)
0472-inthe ==> "In the Shadow of the Emperor" (from derekwchau)
0473-ItADD ==> "Introduction to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons" (from signjc)
0474-Novel ==> Novel: Superman: Red Son (from snoweel)
0475-Intri ==> "Intrigue" (from DrFlanagan)
0476-AoSMS ==> "Age of Steam Expansion - Mississippi Steamboats / Golden Spike" (from leroy)
0477-Cathe ==> "Cathedral" (from Sabot)
0478-Strek ==> "Star Trek: The Game" (from anglotiger)
0479-Honor ==> "Honor of the Samurai" (from anglotiger)
0480-Aqudu ==> "Aquädukt" (from wjohnston)
0481-Vegas ==> "Vegas Showdown" (from wjohnston)
0482-Nexus ==> "Nexus Ops" (from wjohnston)
0483-GG075 ==> 75 Geekgold (from wjohnston)
0484-Simpl ==> "Simply Catan" (from wjohnston)
0485-HoiTy ==> "Hoity Toity" (from wjohnston)
0486-Seafa ==> "Seafarers of Catan, The" (from wjohnston)
0487-Comic ==> COMICS BOOKS Todd McFarlane Spider-man run (from Sabot)
0488-SoCCG ==> "Settlers of Catan Card Game, The" (from wjohnston)
0489-Marvl ==> Marvel Masterpiece cards (from Sabot)
0490-magic ==> "Magic: The Gathering CCG" (from Sabot)
0491-Pizza ==> "Pizza Box Football" (from davidchujr)
0492-Pizza ==> "Pizza Box Football" (from davidchujr)
0493-Vegas ==> "Vegas Showdown" (from davidchujr)
0494-Vegas ==> "Vegas Showdown" (from davidchujr)
0495-Cribb ==> "Cribbage" (from davidchujr)
0496-DaVin ==> "DaVinci's Challenge" (from davidchujr)
0497-deuce ==> "Golden Deuce" (from davidchujr)
0498-Fant4 ==> "Fantastic Four vs. Dr. Doom Game" (from davidchujr)
0499-Poker ==> "Poker" (from davidchujr)
0500-Aqudu ==> "Aquädukt" (from davidchujr)
0501-Oasis ==> "Oasis" (from davidchujr)
0502-speed ==> "Jungle Speed" (from ForbiddenDonuts)
0503-AcrWd ==> "Across Words" (from davidchujr)
0504-Appre ==> "Apprentice Game, The" (from davidchujr)
0505-Vegas ==> "Vegas Showdown" (from davidchujr)
0506-Origi ==> "Original Sudoku Game, The" (from davidchujr)
0507-riskc ==> "Risk - Star Wars: The Clone Wars Edition" (from davidchujr)
0508-quote ==> "Don't Quote Me - Sports Illustrated Edition" (from davidchujr)
0509-under ==> "Under the Shadow of the Dragon" (from davidchujr)
0510-TPPCB ==> "Trivial Pursuit DVD Pop Culture Boardgame" (from davidchujr)
0511-TPsws ==> "Trivial Pursuit DVD Star Wars Saga Edition" (from davidchujr)
0512-Crims ==> "Crimson Skies" (from davidchujr)
0513-Crims ==> "Crimson Skies" (from davidchujr)
0514-DMans ==> "Dead Man's Treasure" (from davidchujr)
0515-Saga- ==> "Saga" (from davidchujr)
0516-Laser ==> "Laser Battle" (from davidchujr)
0517-Nexus ==> "Nexus Ops" (from davidchujr)
0518-scape ==> "HeroScape: Crest of the Valkyrie (Flagbearer series)" (from davidchujr)
0519-scape ==> "HeroScape: Crest of the Valkyrie (Flagbearer series)" (from davidchujr)
0520-scape ==> "HeroScape: Crest of the Valkyrie (Flagbearer series)" (from davidchujr)
0521-scape ==> "HeroScape: Crest of the Valkyrie (Flagbearer series)" (from davidchujr)
0522-scape ==> "HeroScape: Crest of the Valkyrie (Flagbearer series)" (from davidchujr)
0523-Elbam ==> "Electronic Battleship Advanced Mission" (from davidchujr)
0524-duelm ==> "Duel Masters - Battle of the Creatures Board Game" (from davidchujr)
0525-Rturn ==> "Return of the Heroes" (from davidchujr)
0526-Menac ==> "Monsters Menace America" (from davidchujr)
0527-Nexus ==> "Nexus Ops" (from davidchujr)
0528-Chatu ==> "Chaturanga" (from davidchujr)
0529-Lostc ==> "Lost Cities" (from Rokkr)
0530-btray ==> "Betrayal at House on the Hill" (from Rokkr)
0531-Iboss ==> "I'm the Boss" (from MacBeth)
0532-OtSoB ==> "Outside the Scope of BGG" (from davidchujr)
0533-HoiTy ==> "Hoity Toity" (from MacBeth)
0534-OtSoB ==> "Outside the Scope of BGG" (from davidchujr)
0535-Rocke ==> "Rocketmen: Axis of Evil" (from davidchujr)
0536-Menac ==> "Monsters Menace America" (from davidchujr)
0537-CosEn ==> "Cosmic Encounter" (from davidchujr)
0538-4Sale ==> "For Sale" (from MacBeth)
0539-Rturn ==> "Return of the Heroes" (from davidchujr)
0540-scape ==> "HeroScape: Crest of the Valkyrie (Flagbearer series)" (from davidchujr)
0541-scape ==> "HeroScape: Crest of the Valkyrie (Flagbearer series)" (from davidchujr)
0542-scape ==> "HeroScape: Crest of the Valkyrie (Flagbearer series)" (from davidchujr)
0543-EWftT ==> "Exalted: War for the Throne" (from davidchujr)
0544-scape ==> "HeroScape: Crest of the Valkyrie (Flagbearer series)" (from davidchujr)
0545-SWep1 ==> "Star Wars Episode I - Customizable Card Game" (from hoop)
0546-Westw ==> "West Wall" (from hoop)
0547-Pegas ==> "Pegasus Bridge - ASL Historical Module 4" (from hoop)
0548-Magek ==> "Mage Knight" (from davidchujr)
0549-Bcard ==> "Battlecards: World Conflict, Pacific Theatre" (from hoop)
0550-GameW ==> GameWave video game system (from davidchujr)
0551-Napol ==> "Napoleon at Bay: The Campaign in France" (from RoamDog)
0552-TNWiE ==> "NATO: The Next War in Europe" (from RoamDog)
0553-Pattn ==> "Patton's Best" (from RoamDog)
0554-Gang4 ==> "Gang of Four" (from RoamDog)
0555-GG061 ==> 61 Geekgold (from RoamDog)
0556-GG062 ==> 62 Geekgold (from RoamDog)
0557-GG063 ==> 63 Geekgold (from RoamDog)
0558-GG064 ==> 64 Geekgold (from RoamDog)
0559-epicd ==> "Star Wars: Epic Duels" (from Nick Danger)
0560-Brita ==> "Britannia" (from starspangledgirl)
0561-carck ==> "Carcassonne - Die Katharer" (from dreadpirate)
0562-Meute ==> "Meuterer" (from starspangledgirl)
0563-DVDL2 ==> DVD set of LOST Season 2 (from starspangledgirl)
0564-mache ==> "Die Macher" (from theaney)
0565-Revol ==> "Revolution: The Dutch Revolt 1568-1648" (from Rokkr)
0566-Bang! ==> "Bang!" (from Rokkr)
0567-Navia ==> "Navia Dratp" (from davidchujr)
0568-a1503 ==> "Anno 1503 - Aristokraten und Piraten" (from gamemark)
0569-Fossi ==> "Fossil" (from gamemark)
0570-X-Men ==> Marvel Graphic Novels X-Men: Inferno (from TheEbonyTurtle)
0571-Alibi ==> "Alibi" (from gamemark)
0572-Suppe ==> "Suppenkasper" (from gamemark)
0573-Twist ==> "Twilight Struggle" (from signjc)
0574-Hecat ==> "Hecatomb" (from atimrogers)
0575-AoExp ==> "Age of Exploration" (from RoamDog)
0576-2038- ==> "2038" (from RoamDog)
0577-MyWar ==> "Mystic War" (from RoamDog)
0578-Suzer ==> "Suzerain" (from RoamDog)
0579-Thron ==> "Throneworld" (from RoamDog)
0580-agent ==> "Time Agent" (from RoamDog)
0581-Domai ==> "Domaine" (from macls29)
0582-Heraz ==> "Hera and Zeus" (from macls29)
0583-LotFR ==> "Legend of the Five Rings" (from jmw23)
0584-think ==> "What Were You Thinking?" (from macls29)
0585-Learn ==> Learn how to speak Japanese (from jmw23)
0586-HalfL ==> Half Life 2 (from jmw23)
0587-Tower ==> "Tower Siege" (from macls29)
0588-Books ==> Fighting Fantasy style game books: Lone Wolf (16 Books) (from casperthegoth)
0589-Luftw ==> "Luftwaffe" (from Chops)
0590-Forta ==> "Fortress America" (from RoamDog)
0591-PacWr ==> "Pacific War" (from Chops)
0592-Domai ==> "Domaine" (from gonzoron)
0593-Tripl ==> "Triple Traveler" (from FlyingArrow)
0594-Circm ==> "Circus Maximus" (from RoamDog)
0595-Pizza ==> "Pizza Box Football" (from J.L.Robert)
0596-Pizza ==> "Pizza Box Football" (from J.L.Robert)
0597-Fltop ==> "Flat Top" (from J.L.Robert)
0598-Candi ==> "Candidate" (from J.L.Robert)
0599-Harry ==> "Harry Potter Trading Card Game" (from J.L.Robert)
0600-Hecat ==> "Hecatomb" (from J.L.Robert)
0601-mystr ==> "Ticket to Ride: Mystery Train Expansion" (from J.L.Robert)
0602-MLBSd ==> "MLB Showdown" (from J.L.Robert)
0603-escal ==> "Nuclear Escalation" (from J.L.Robert)
0604-Acove ==> "Ark of the Covenant, The" (from J.L.Robert)
0605-Butto ==> "Button Men" (from J.L.Robert)
0606-Cluzz ==> "Cluzzle" (from rudolfrassen)
0607-Cluzz ==> "Cluzzle" (from rudolfrassen)
0608-Cluzz ==> "Cluzzle" (from rudolfrassen)
0609-Abrid ==> "Abridged" (from rudolfrassen)
0610-Missi ==> "Mission Command Land" (from rudolfrassen)
0611-Slord ==> "Shadowlord!" (from macls29)
0612-Thurn ==> "Thurn and Taxis" (from AngusBull)
0613-Vampe ==> "Vampire: The Eternal Struggle" (from kidsplinter)
0614-CosEn ==> "Cosmic Encounter" (from J.L.Robert)
0615-Strat ==> "Strat-o-Matic Football" (from Chops)
0616-Vegas ==> "Vegas Showdown" (from FlyingArrow)
0617-Vegas ==> "Vegas Showdown" (from FlyingArrow)
0618-Histw ==> "History of the World" (from Chops)
0619-Diplo ==> "Diplomacy" (from Chops)
0620-Neoli ==> "Neolithibum" (from kidsplinter)
0621-RPGS4 ==> RPGs: Lot of four (from Jatoha)
0622-Duela ==> "Duel of Ages - Scrye Add-On Pack" (from Gurantsu)
0623-Acqui ==> "Acquire" (from minmin)
0624-Funny ==> "Funny Friends" (from EvanMinn)
0625-magna ==> "Caylus Magna Carta" (from beezwax)
0626-Attac ==> "Attack!" (from Jezztek)
0627-Supre ==> "Supremacy" (from Jezztek)
0628-LotRK ==> "Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" (from hoop)
0629-Zero! ==> "Zero!" (from hoop)
0630-Nexus ==> "Nexus Ops" (from Trestin)
0631-Vegas ==> "Vegas Showdown" (from Trestin)
0632-shang ==> "Bridges of Shangri-La, The" (from Trestin)
0633-BFeud ==> "Blood Feud In New York" (from Trestin)
0634-OtSoB ==> "Outside the Scope of BGG" (from puckhead)
0635-Zertz ==> "ZÈRTZ" (from larryjrice)
0636-youre ==> "You're Bluffing!" (from larryjrice)
0637-Throu ==> "Through the Desert" (from gamemark)
0638-GG200 ==> 200 Geekgold (from mbuckingham)
0639-Carcc ==> "Carcassonne: The Castle" (from mbuckingham)
0640-BtCry ==> "Battle Cry" (from larryjrice)
0641-Battl ==> "Battleball" (from Gurantsu)
0642-ryans ==> "Princess Ryan's Star Marines" (from allismom3)
0643-Lastm ==> "Last Man Standing" (from allismom3)
0644-SoCae ==> "Solitaire Caesar" (from metalchorus)
0645-CROWN ==> 8 Crown Royal bags (from Boomer)
0646-CROWN ==> 8 Crown royal bags (from Boomer)
0647-Nacho ==> "Nacho Loco" (from Boomer)
0648-Rage- ==> "Rage" (from Boomer)
0649-Imagi ==> "Imaginiff Card Game" (from Boomer)
0650-fishm ==> "Settlers of Catan - The Fishermen of Catan" (from Boomer)
0651-carcm ==> "Carcassonne - The Mini Expansion" (from Boomer)
0652-K&KDK ==> "Kardinal & König: Das Kartenspiel" (from Boomer)
0653-GG085 ==> 85 Geekgold (from Boomer)
0654-GG085 ==> 85 Geekgold (from Boomer)
0655-GG110 ==> 110 Geekgold (from Boomer)
0656-GG110 ==> 110 Geekgold (from Boomer)
0657-GG210 ==> 210 Geekgold (from Boomer)
0658-GG210 ==> 210 Geekgold (from Boomer)
0659-Notti ==> "Nottingham" (from citizen k)
0660-Clans ==> "Clans" (from citizen k)
0661-rally ==> "RoboRally" (from JasonRMax)
0662-DVQue ==> "Da Vinci Quest, The" (from LennyS)
0663-civil ==> "American Civil War, The" (from LennyS)
0664-Luftw ==> "Luftwaffe" (from LennyS)
0665-QotRT ==> "Quests of the Round Table" (from ZiggyZambo)
0666-TaTPG ==> "Thurn and Taxis: Power and Glory" (from LennyS)
0667-first ==> "4 First Games" (from ForbiddenDonuts)
0668-Flieg ==> "Fliegende Holländer, der" (from rickkeuler)
0669-delta ==> "Dragon Delta" (from rickkeuler)
0670-SoCCG ==> "Settlers of Catan Card Game, The" (from rickkeuler)
0671-Encha ==> "Enchanted Forest" (from ZiggyZambo)
0672-GG313 ==> 313 Geekgold (from Cavedog_pdx)
0673-Trans ==> "TransEuropa" (from Cavedog_pdx)
0674-TVWar ==> "TV Wars" (from Cavedog_pdx)
0675-carcm ==> "Carcassonne - The Mini Expansion" (from joewyka)
0676-Axisa ==> "Axis and Allies" (from beauka)
0677-GG065 ==> 65 Geekgold (from joewyka)
0678-SWmin ==> "Star Wars Miniatures Starship Battles" (from joewyka)
0679-Endof ==> "End of the Triumvirate, The" (from joewyka)
0680-OtSoB ==> "Outside the Scope of BGG" (from beauka)
0681-Battl ==> "Battlestations" (from joewyka)
0682-shang ==> "Bridges of Shangri-La, The" (from beauka)
0683-Go--- ==> "Go" (from beauka)
0684-GG155 ==> 155 Geekgold (from joewyka)
0685-LotR- ==> "Lord of the Rings" (from beauka)
0686-RttWH ==> "Road to the White House" (from beauka)
0687-abbey ==> "Mystery of the Abbey" (from Ender667)
0688-MidEv ==> "MidEvil" (from Ender667)
0689-CLUZZ ==> "Cluzzle" (from scfishman)
0690-river ==> "Settlers of Catan - The Great River" (from Boomer)
0691-GG140 ==> 140 Geekgold (from Dr. Burd)
0692-GG035 ==> 35 Geekgold (from Dr. Burd)
0693-Dgold ==> "Dragon's Gold" (from Dr. Burd)
0694-GG030 ==> 30 Geekgold (from ZiggyZambo)
0695-GG050 ==> 50 Geekgold (from ZiggyZambo)
0696-GG063 ==> 63 Geekgold (from ZiggyZambo)
0697-GG175 ==> 175 Geekgold (from artfuldodge2)
0698-Shogu ==> "Shogun" (from cornjob)
0699-sword ==> "Sword of Rome, The: Conquest of Italy, 362-272 BC" (from cornjob)
0700-Simpl ==> "Simply Catan" (from Lou-Dawg)
0701-Sunkn ==> "Sunken City" (from Lou-Dawg)
0702-Acove ==> "Ark of the Covenant, The" (from Lou-Dawg)
0703-Holly ==> "Hollywood Blockbuster" (from Lou-Dawg)
0704-4Sale ==> "For Sale" (from Lou-Dawg)
0705-tToJH ==> "Testimony of Jacob Hollow, the" (from Lou-Dawg)
0706-Alpha ==> Sid Mier's Alhpa Centauri (from jmw23)
0707-rking ==> "Portable Adventures: Lair of the Rat-King" (from Lou-Dawg)
0708-Meute ==> "Meuterer" (from Yogurt)
0709-Lou14 ==> "Louis XIV" (from cornjob)
0710-4DVDS ==> Lot of 4 random movies on DVD (from gonzoron)
0711-STTCG ==> Lot of Star Trek trading cards (from gonzoron)
0712-Zoolo ==> "Zooloretto" (from EvilTimmy)
0713-Vegas ==> "Vegas Showdown" (from homiefud)
0714-scape ==> "HeroScape: Crest of the Valkyrie (Flagbearer series)" (from homiefud)
0715-Zombi ==> "Zombies!!!" (from TheCheese)
0716-Menac ==> "Monsters Menace America" (from cobbz20)
0717-Frag- ==> "Frag" (from cobbz20)
0718-Duell ==> "Duell" (from artfuldodge2)
0719-Canal ==> "Canal Mania" (from jcurtis55)
0720-Bison ==> "Bison: Thunder on the Prairie" (from jcurtis55)
0721-canaa ==> "Settlers of Canaan, The" (from jcurtis55)
0722-India ==> "India Rails" (from jcurtis55)
0723-Konto ==> "Kontor" (from jcurtis55)
0724-Regat ==> "Regatta" (from artfuldodge2)
0725-Guill ==> "Guillotine" (from artfuldodge2)
0726-blast ==> "Mag·Blast Third Edition" (from jcurtis55)
0727-rally ==> "RoboRally" (from jcurtis55)
0728-Roma- ==> "Roma" (from jcurtis55)
0729-Shado ==> "Shadowfist" (from jcurtis55)
0730-Thron ==> "Throneworld" (from jcurtis55)
0731-btray ==> "Betrayal at House on the Hill" (from jcurtis55)
0732-Dtexp ==> "Dungeon Twister 3-4 players expansion" (from jcurtis55)
0733-archi ==> "Archie Bunker's Card Game" (from Twinge)
0734-OLDPC ==> A lot of three older PC games (from moly19)
0735-1776- ==> "1776" (from moly19)
0736-Biraq ==> "Back to Iraq" (from moly19)
0737-staln ==> "Little Stalingrad Komsomolskoye March 2000" (from moly19)
0738-Panze ==> "Panzer Grenadier: Afrika Korps - The Desert War" (from moly19)
0739-Lucky ==> "Lucky Loop" (from JeffyJeff)
0740-Clipp ==> "Clippers" (from JeffyJeff)
0741-David ==> "David & Goliath" (from JeffyJeff)
0742-Goods ==> "Get the Goods" (from JeffyJeff)
0743-Fistd ==> "Fist of Dragonstones" (from JeffyJeff)
0744-Stati ==> "Station Master" (from JeffyJeff)
0745-Villa ==> "Villa Paletti" (from JeffyJeff)
0746-DesBz ==> "Desert Bazaar" (from JeffyJeff)
0747-Tnova ==> "Terra Nova" (from JeffyJeff)
0748-Bloku ==> "Blokus" (from JeffyJeff)
0749-India ==> "India Rails" (from JeffyJeff)
0750-Vegas ==> "Vegas Showdown" (from JeffyJeff)
0751-Nexus ==> "Nexus Ops" (from JeffyJeff)
0752-Iboss ==> "I'm the Boss" (from JeffyJeff)
0753-Bwulf ==> "Beowulf: The Legend" (from JeffyJeff)
0754-Aqudu ==> "Aquädukt" (from JeffyJeff)
0755-HoiTy ==> "Hoity Toity" (from JeffyJeff)
0756-Oasis ==> "Oasis" (from JeffyJeff)
0757-shang ==> "Bridges of Shangri-La, The" (from JeffyJeff)
0758-Tongi ==> "Tongiaki" (from JeffyJeff)
0759-PueRt ==> "Puerto Rico" (from JeffyJeff)
0760-Carca ==> "Carcassonne" (from JeffyJeff)
0761-carch ==> "Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers" (from JeffyJeff)
0762-Kingm ==> "King Me!" (from JeffyJeff)
0763-Goldb ==> "Goldbräu" (from JeffyJeff)
0764-Aladd ==> "Aladdin's Dragons" (from JeffyJeff)
0765-Metro ==> "Metro" (from JeffyJeff)
0766-Rhein ==> "Rheinländer" (from JeffyJeff)
0767-China ==> "China" (from JeffyJeff)
0768-Cathe ==> "Cathedral" (from artfuldodge2)
0769-Bouqu ==> "Bouquet" (from anglotiger)
0770-wcirc ==> "Winner's Circle" (from artfuldodge2)
0771-Reefe ==> "Reef Encounter" (from artfuldodge2)
0772-queen ==> "Mississippi Queen" (from artfuldodge2)
0773-Emera ==> "Emerald" (from gashlycrumb)
0774-Knigh ==> "Knightmare Chess" (from Duglis)
0775-Shear ==> "Shear Panic" (from Duglis)
0776-Tempe ==> "Tempête sur l'Europe: la guerre en Europe, 1939-1945" (from Duglis)
0777-China ==> "China" (from kevinwho)
0778-Niaga ==> "Niagara" (from kevinwho)
0779-Passp ==> "Passport" (from TheCheese)
0780-Seque ==> "Sequence" (from TheCheese)
0781-NucWr ==> "Nuclear War" (from Umpire)
0782-Bylow ==> "Buy Low Sell High" (from Umpire)
0783-Wrass ==> "Wrasslin'" (from Umpire)
0784-BluMx ==> "Blue Max" (from Umpire)
0785-6Bill ==> "6 Billion" (from Umpire)
0786-Ediso ==> "Edison & Co." (from Umpire)
0787-SEREN ==> Serenity DVD (from Stas)
0788-SMCTB ==> "Sid Meier's Civilization: The Boardgame" (from robcannonsoftware)
0789-Ballo ==> "Balloon Cup" (from robcannonsoftware)
0790-NwEng ==> "New England" (from robcannonsoftware)
0791-Hanni ==> "Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage" (from Umpire)
0792-realm ==> "Magic Realm" (from Umpire)
0793-wound ==> "All Wound Up" (from Jsalais)
0794-LotRS ==> "Lord of the Rings - The Search" (from Jsalais)
0795-Fistd ==> "Fist of Dragonstones" (from Jsalais)
0796-Brawl ==> "Brawl" (from Jsalais)
0797-Whfan ==> "Warhammer Fantasy Battle" (from tuttleboy)
0798-apple ==> "Apples to Apples" (from artfuldodge2)
0799-Dune- ==> "Dune" (from artfuldodge2)
0800-PueRt ==> "Puerto Rico" (from Merkles Boner)
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Re: Oktoberfest Math TRade
Summary Part III - items 801 to 1200

0801-Wooly ==> "Wooly Bully" (from Merkles Boner)
0802-Bausa ==> "Bausack" (from JeffyJeff)
0803-Tyros ==> "Tyros" (from JeffyJeff)
0804-Archi ==> "Architekton" (from jpbartleby)
0805-magic ==> "Magic: The Gathering CCG" (from DrakeStorm)
0806-GG025 ==> 25 Geekgold (from DrakeStorm)
0807-Mem44 ==> "Memoir '44" (from jsharp)
0808-rally ==> "RoboRally" (from jsharp)
0809-MeCCG ==> "Middle-Earth CCG" (from jsharp)
0810-Dungt ==> "Dungeon Twister" (from jsharp)
0811-Dtexp ==> "Dungeon Twister 3-4 players expansion" (from jsharp)
0812-scape ==> "HeroScape Master Set: Rise of the Valkyrie" (from jsharp)
0813-scape ==> "HeroScape Expansion Set: Fortress of the Archkyrie" (from jsharp)
0814-magic ==> "Magic: The Gathering CCG" (from jsharp)
0815-magic ==> "Magic: The Gathering CCG" (from jsharp)
0816-LotR- ==> "Lord of the Rings" (from jsharp)
0817-Sjuan ==> "San Juan" (from jsharp)
0818-PueRt ==> "Puerto Rico" (from jsharp)
0819-STIII ==> "Star Trek III" (from jsharp)
0820-CCEur ==> "Combat Commander: Europe" (from DrFlanagan)
0821-Inka- ==> "Inka" (from pekin2121)
0822-Beyon ==> "Beyond Balderdash" (from jsharp)
0823-Sunda ==> "Sunda to Sahul" (from FlyingArrow)
0824-Mem44 ==> "Memoir '44" (from UncMike)
0825-Sjuan ==> "San Juan" (from UncMike)
0826-Bootl ==> "Bootleggers" (from UncMike)
0827-Hansa ==> "Hansa" (from UncMike)
0828-Caylu ==> "Caylus" (from UncMike)
0829-Holly ==> "Hollywood Blockbuster" (from UncMike)
0830-mache ==> "Die Macher" (from UncMike)
0831-Holly ==> "Hollywood Blockbuster" (from UncMike)
0832-Sisim ==> "Sisimizi" (from UncMike)
0833-Holly ==> "Hollywood Blockbuster" (from UncMike)
0834-China ==> "China" (from UncMike)
0835-Stars ==> "Starship Catan" (from UncMike)
0836-China ==> "China" (from UncMike)
0837-Nexus ==> "Nexus Ops" (from UncMike)
0838-Bootl ==> "Bootleggers" (from UncMike)
0839-Ambus ==> "Ambush!" (from ForbiddenDonuts)
0840-Rumis ==> "Rumis" (from UncMike)
0841-Holly ==> "Hollywood Blockbuster" (from UncMike)
0842-SIHGG ==> "Sports Illustrated Handicap Golf Game" (from UncMike)
0843-under ==> "Under the Shadow of the Dragon" (from UncMike)
0844-China ==> "China" (from UncMike)
0845-Sjuan ==> "San Juan" (from UncMike)
0846-Battl ==> "Battleball" (from krazygit)
0847-AXISA ==> "Axis & Allies" (from krazygit)
0848-RHein ==> "Robert Heinlein's Starship Troopers" (from krazygit)
0849-Ideol ==> "Ideology: The War of Ideas" (from starspangledgirl)
0850-Java- ==> "Java" (from Ender667)
0851-DMTCG ==> "Duel Masters Trading Card Game" (from Apparatus)
0852-Liars ==> "Liar's Dice" (from artfuldodge2)
0853-Carca ==> "Carcassonne" (from RonNichols)
0854-rally ==> "RoboRally" (from RonNichols)
0855-FoWar ==> "Flames of War" (from RonNichols)
0856-Pitch ==> "PitchCar" (from seanp)
0857-FoWar ==> "Flames of War" (from RonNichols)
0858-maker ==> "Kingmaker" (from seanp)
0859-FoWar ==> "Flames of War" (from RonNichols)
0860-FoWar ==> "Flames of War" (from RonNichols)
0861-Endof ==> "End of the Triumvirate, The" (from hrdkor)
0862-Karao ==> Karaoke Revolution, (from LoMa)
0863-Liars ==> "Liar's Dice" (from herman_the_german)
0864-Ninja ==> "Ninja Galaxy" (from FlyingArrow)
0865-Coins ==> 100 lovely and shining plastic gold coins (from LoMa)
0866-Elixi ==> "Elixir" (from daw65)
0867-mache ==> "Die Macher" (from JeffyJeff)
0868-IlPri ==> "Il Principe" (from JeffyJeff)
0869-CosEn ==> "Cosmic Encounter" (from davido)
0870-Feuer ==> "Feuerschlucker" (from davido)
0871-gefah ==> "Der Herr der Ringe: Die Gefährten" (from davido)
0872-Ivanh ==> "Ivanhoe" (from grantham)
0873-Holly ==> "Hollywood Blockbuster" (from davido)
0874-Vegas ==> "Vegas Showdown" (from davido)
0875-4Sale ==> "For Sale" (from davido)
0876-Poker ==> "Poker" (from JeffyJeff)
0877-btray ==> "Betrayal at House on the Hill" (from jpbartleby)
0878-4400D ==> The 4400 Seasons One, Two, and Three DVDs (from mbuckingham)
0879-Knigh ==> "Knightmare Chess" (from mecsin)
0880-WildL ==> "WildLife" (from JeffyJeff)
0881-STCcg ==> "Star Trek CCG" (from wjohnston)
0882-Rturn ==> "Return of the Heroes" (from JeffyJeff)
0883-under ==> "Under the Shadow of the Dragon" (from JeffyJeff)
0884-M---- ==> "M" (from JeffyJeff)
0885-magic ==> "Magic: The Gathering CCG" (from wjohnston)
0886-4Sale ==> "For Sale" (from Trestin)
0887-shang ==> "Bridges of Shangri-La, The" (from Trestin)
0888-Nexus ==> "Nexus Ops" (from Trestin)
0889-Vegas ==> "Vegas Showdown" (from Trestin)
0890-inthe ==> "In the Shadow of the Emperor" (from Umpire)
0891-HoiTy ==> "Hoity Toity" (from Umpire)
0892-MedMr ==> "Medieval Merchant" (from Umpire)
0893-Vegas ==> "Vegas Showdown" (from Umpire)
0894-Oasis ==> "Oasis" (from rptgeek)
0895-AoMTB ==> "Age of Mythology: The Boardgame" (from lesulm1)
0896-Peril ==> "Perilous Parlor Game, The" (from lesulm1)
0897-Diplo ==> "Diplomacy" (from lesulm1)
0898-CarWr ==> "Car Wars" (from lesulm1)
0899-LotR- ==> "Lord of the Rings" (from wjohnston)
0900-Starf ==> "Starfarers of Catan" (from wjohnston)
0901-SoCCG ==> "Settlers of Catan Card Game, The" (from signjc)
0902-Runeb ==> "Runebound Second Edition" (from Phelonius)
0903-Wager ==> "Wits & Wagers" (from Phelonius)
0904-Conqu ==> "Conquest of the Empire" (from Phelonius)
0905-E&TCG ==> "Euphrates & Tigris Card Game" (from Phelonius)
0906-Drago ==> "Dragonmaster" (from Twinge)
0907-Wizar ==> "Wizard" (from mecsin)
0908-Arkad ==> "Arkadia" (from Phelonius)
0909-mammo ==> "Valley of the Mammoths" (from Phelonius)
0910-Hecat ==> "Hecatomb" (from lordunborn)
0911-Chezd ==> "Chez Dork" (from TheLongshot)
0912-MGDVD ==> "3 Mel Gibson DVD Movies" (from JeffyJeff)
0913-Inter ==> "Interplay" (from Twinge)
0914-Leodv ==> "Leonardo da Vinci" (from Phelonius)
0915-MMtCG ==> "Mad Magazine Card Game" (from JeffyJeff)
0916-Imper ==> "Imperial" (from gesa)
0917-QuoVd ==> "Quo Vadis?" (from gesa)
0918-Metro ==> "Metro" (from gesa)
0919-Cleop ==> "Cleopatra and the Society of Architects" (from LoMa)
0920-Per10 ==> "Perfect 10, The" (from CinMel)
0921-Basar ==> "Basari" (from CinMel)
0922-10day ==> "10 Days in the USA" (from CinMel)
0923-PueRt ==> "Puerto Rico" (from Wargamer777)
0924-E&TCG ==> "Euphrates & Tigris Card Game" (from CinMel)
0925-ville ==> "Dungeonville" (from CinMel)
0926-Bword ==> "BuyWord" (from CinMel)
0927-Quelf ==> "Quelf" (from CinMel)
0928-Alexa ==> "Alexandros" (from CinMel)
0929-DVONN ==> "DVONN" (from CinMel)
0930-Hansa ==> "Hansa" (from CinMel)
0931-China ==> "China" (from CinMel)
0932-Calif ==> "California" (from CinMel)
0933-Vegas ==> "Vegas Showdown" (from Wargamer777)
0934-Sfire ==> "Starfire 3rd Edition" (from Wargamer777)
0935-Runeb ==> "Runebound Second Edition" (from Wargamer777)
0936-rummy ==> "Mystery Rummy: Jack the Ripper" (from tuttleboy)
0937-China ==> "China" (from tuttleboy)
0938-GG125 ==> 125 Geekgold (from tuttleboy)
0939-Lowen ==> "Löwenherz" (from adamdynris)
0940-GG050 ==> 50 Geekgold (from dyfrgi)
0941-Gheos ==> "Gheos" (from dcorban)
0942-inthe ==> "In the Shadow of the Emperor" (from dcorban)
0943-Kingm ==> "King Me!" (from dcorban)
0944-Lifeb ==> "Lifeboats" (from dcorban)
0945-MdArt ==> "Modern Art" (from dcorban)
0946-NwEng ==> "New England" (from dcorban)
0947-Oasis ==> "Oasis" (from dcorban)
0948-Silkr ==> "Silk Road" (from dcorban)
0949-babel ==> "Tower of Babel" (from dcorban)
0950-Caylu ==> "Caylus" (from dcorban)
0951-Ys--- ==> "Ys" (from dcorban)
0952-NoTha ==> "No Thanks!" (from dcorban)
0953-Samur ==> "Samurai" (from dcorban)
0954-Himal ==> "Himalaya" (from D Erasmus)
0955-Notti ==> "Nottingham" (from D Erasmus)
0956-Rturn ==> "Return of the Heroes" (from D Erasmus)
0957-under ==> "Under the Shadow of the Dragon" (from D Erasmus)
0958-shebo ==> "Creature That Ate Sheboygan, The" (from D Erasmus)
0959-magic ==> "Magic: The Gathering CCG" (from D Erasmus)
0960-AoEad ==> "Age of Empires III: The Age of Discovery" (from D Erasmus)
0961-Throu ==> "Through the Desert" (from dcorban)
0962-Battl ==> "Battleball" (from DCosby)
0963-NwEng ==> "New England" (from alcazar84)
0964-Cafei ==> "Café International" (from DCosby)
0965-Close ==> "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" (from DCosby)
0966-OhWah ==> "Oh-Wah-Ree" (from DCosby)
0967-Tbond ==> "Tribond" (from alcazar84)
0968-Mtrap ==> "MindTrap" (from alcazar84)
0969-Tower ==> "Tower Siege" (from alcazar84)
0970-StLeg ==> "Stratego: Legends" (from DCosby)
0971-Merln ==> "Merlin" (from alcazar84)
0972-Early ==> "Early American Chrononauts" (from alcazar84)
0973-carcm ==> "Carcassonne - The Mini Expansion" (from alcazar84)
0974-Hexch ==> "Hexchess" (from alcazar84)
0975-deuce ==> "Golden Deuce" (from alcazar84)
0976-Lifeb ==> "Lifeboats" (from Ardneh42)
0977-LoopL ==> "Loopin' Louie" (from Ardneh42)
0978-magic ==> "Magic: The Gathering CCG" (from alcazar84)
0979-STact ==> "Soccer Tactics World" (from Ardneh42)
0980-thron ==> "Game of Thrones, A" (from Ardneh42)
0981-Ingen ==> "Ingenious" (from Ardneh42)
0982-BGCCG ==> "Battlestar Galactica Collectible Card Game" (from Ardneh42)
0983-Attik ==> "Attika" (from jayjonbeach)
0984-Saint ==> "Saint Petersburg" (from jayjonbeach)
0985-Twili ==> "Twilight Imperium: Armada" (from Ryhesling)
0986-Khron ==> "Khronos" (from Ryhesling)
0987-Senat ==> "Senator" (from Ryhesling)
0988-Siest ==> "Siesta" (from Ryhesling)
0989-Caylu ==> "Caylus" (from Ryhesling)
0990-Space ==> "Space Dealer" (from Ryhesling)
0991-Reefe ==> "Reef Encounter" (from Ryhesling)
0992-bites ==> "Munchkin Bites!" (from Ryhesling)
0993-Carct ==> "Carcassonne - The Tower" (from Ryhesling)
0994-Frag- ==> "Frag" (from Ryhesling)
0995-Virus ==> "Virus & Co" (from Ryhesling)
0996-WoWFA ==> "Wings of War - Famous Aces" (from Ryhesling)
0997-Seafa ==> "Seafarers of Catan, The" (from Ryhesling)
0998-Ddice ==> "Dragon Dice" (from Ryhesling)
0999-Vampe ==> "Vampire: The Eternal Struggle" (from Ryhesling)
1000-Armad ==> "Armada" (from Ryhesling)
1001-Mechw ==> "Mechwarrior: Dark Age" (from Ryhesling)
1002-Smess ==> "Smess: The Ninny's Chess" (from Ryhesling)
1003-Campa ==> "Campaign" (from Ryhesling)
1004-RAEj- ==> "RAEj" (from Ryhesling)
1005-CaK5P ==> "Cities and Knights of Catan, The - 5-6 Player Expansion" (from Ryhesling)
1006-Maya- ==> "Maya" (from jayjonbeach)
1007-Princ ==> "Princes of Florence, The" (from jayjonbeach)
1008-LotRT ==> "Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game" (from jayjonbeach)
1009-Sword ==> "Samurai Swords" (from bluedionysius)
1010-SoCTE ==> "Settlers of Catan, The - Travel Edition" (from bluedionysius)
1011-Risk4 ==> "Risk - 40th Anniversary Collector's Edition" (from bluedionysius)
1012-BtCry ==> "Battle Cry" (from bluedionysius)
1013-Attac ==> "Attack!" (from bluedionysius)
1014-Zero! ==> "Zero!" (from bluedionysius)
1015-HESMP ==> "HeroScape Expansion Set: Malliddon's Prophecy " (from bluedionysius)
1016-Huntp ==> "Hunting Party" (from bluedionysius)
1017-Seque ==> "Sequence" (from bluedionysius)
1018-StIll ==> "Street Illegal" (from bluedionysius)
1019-GG045 ==> 45 Geekgold (from aksosa)
1020-GG090 ==> 90 Geekgold (from aksosa)
1021-GG135 ==> 135 Geekgold (from aksosa)
1022-BQotS ==> "B-17: Queen of the Skies" (from aksosa)
1023-Cardf ==> "Card Football" (from aksosa)
1024-DiskW ==> "Disk Wars" (from aksosa)
1025-Dtexp ==> "Dungeon Twister 3-4 players expansion" (from aksosa)
1026-Heraz ==> "Hera and Zeus" (from aksosa)
1027-Heros ==> "Heroes Incorporated" (from aksosa)
1028-HoWPE ==> "History of War - Pacific Edition" (from aksosa)
1029-House ==> "House Divided, A" (from aksosa)
1030-LotFR ==> "Legend of the Five Rings" (from aksosa)
1031-Marvl ==> "Marvel Heroes" (from aksosa)
1032-Munch ==> "Munchkin" (from aksosa)
1033-raven ==> "Odin's Ravens" (from aksosa)
1034-BtCry ==> "Battle Cry" (from FlyingArrow)
1035-Riskg ==> "Risk: Godstorm" (from aksosa)
1036-Sword ==> "Samurai Swords" (from aksosa)
1037-ryans ==> "Princess Ryan's Star Marines" (from aksosa)
1038-WoWCG ==> "World of Warcraft Trading Card Game" (from aksosa)
1039-TtREu ==> "Ticket to Ride: Europe" (from OtisBFilthy)
1040-Torre ==> "Torres" (from OtisBFilthy)
1041-PueRt ==> "Puerto Rico" (from OtisBFilthy)
1042-Trias ==> "Trias" (from OtisBFilthy)
1043-Attac ==> "Attack!" (from Spart02)
1044-Ideol ==> "Ideology: The War of Ideas" (from Nick Danger)
1045-catan ==> "Settlers of Catan, The" (from Spart02)
1046-Basar ==> "Basari" (from dyfrgi)
1047-Cluzz ==> "Cluzzle" (from dyfrgi)
1048-MOVIE ==> DVD MOVIES For the action packed gamer (from Umpire)
1049-rally ==> "RoboRally" (from W0tever)
1050-Rhein ==> "Rheinländer" (from W0tever)
1051-order ==> "Law & Order Game" (from W0tever)
1052-Lunch ==> "Lunch Money" (from scfishman)
1053-Cluzz ==> "Cluzzle" (from scfishman)
1054-ItADD ==> "Introduction to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons" (from scfishman)
1055-Quizz ==> "Quizzard" (from scfishman)
1056-Risk2 ==> "Risk 2210 A.D." (from Jezztek)
1057-Bootl ==> "Bootleggers" (from evilone)
1058-nostr ==> "Mare Nostrum" (from evilone)
1059-TP2AE ==> "Trivial Pursuit - 20th Anniversary Edition" (from evilone)
1060-Bang! ==> "Bang!" (from evilone)
1061-Domai ==> "Domaine" (from evilone)
1062-Shake ==> "ShakeDown" (from evilone)
1063-Blast ==> FAMILY GUY - DVD BLAST (from evilone)
1064-Kings ==> "Kings & Things" (from AlexBrown)
1065-MeCCG ==> "Middle-Earth CCG" (from evilone)
1066-Malaw ==> "Malawi" (from AlexBrown)
1067-kings ==> "Soldier Kings" (from AlexBrown)
1068-Hansa ==> "Hansa" (from AlexBrown)
1069-GG127 ==> 127 Geekgold (from Dan Manfredini)
1070-GG053 ==> 53 Geekgold (from Dan Manfredini)
1071-EGKno ==> "Einfach Genial Knobelspass" (from jtakagi)
1072-Nibel ==> "Nibelungen" (from wogget)
1073-Beast ==> "Beastlord, The" (from wogget)
1074-SMCTB ==> "Sid Meier's Civilization: The Boardgame" (from tweetlebeetle)
1075-duela ==> "Duel of Ages Set 1 - Worldspanner" (from sos1)
1076-BFeud ==> "Blood Feud In New York" (from tweetlebeetle)
1077-duela ==> "Duel of Ages Set 1 - Worldspanner" (from sos1)
1078-Mword ==> "My Word!" (from wogget)
1079-Battl ==> "Battlestations" (from Bankler)
1080-Brita ==> "Britannia" (from Bankler)
1081-Diplo ==> "Diplomacy" (from Bankler)
1082-napol ==> "Age of Napoleon" (from Bankler)
1083-CCLEO ==> "Caesar and Cleopatra" (from Bankler)
1084-Attil ==> "Attila" (from Dustin Miller)
1085-Shogi ==> "Shogi" (from Bankler)
1086-AAEur ==> "Axis & Allies: Europe" (from tomlynch)
1087-Feuda ==> "Feudal" (from tomlynch)
1088-LKill ==> "Let's Kill" (from tomlynch)
1089-Steal ==> "Stealth Chess" (from tomlynch)
1090-SoC5P ==> "Settlers of Catan, The - 5-6 Player Expansion" (from tomlynch)
1091-Menac ==> "Monsters Menace America" (from tomlynch)
1092-Dungt ==> "Dungeon Twister" (from tomlynch)
1093-Romml ==> "Rommel in the Desert" (from tomlynch)
1094-Zombi ==> "Zombies!!!" (from tomlynch)
1095-nanza ==> "Bohnanza" (from tomlynch)
1096-Floor ==> "Fearsome Floors" (from Dustin Miller)
1097-Hackr ==> "Hacker: Deluxe Edition" (from itjoe)
1098-SoCCG ==> "Settlers of Catan Card Game, The" (from itjoe)
1099-nifty ==> "Get Nifty" (from itjoe)
1100-Girlg ==> "Girl Genius: The Works" (from itjoe)
1101-Power ==> "Power Barons" (from Sabot)
1102-ville ==> "Dungeonville" (from Sabot)
1103-Nexus ==> "Nexus Ops" (from Sabot)
1104-Ricoc ==> "Ricochet Robots" (from Sabot)
1105-Forte ==> "Fortress Europa" (from fezzwick)
1106-rider ==> "Breakaway Rider" (from Bankler)
1107-1835- ==> "1835" (from Bankler)
1108-Water ==> "Waterloo" (from Merkles Boner)
1109-Ccows ==> "Cosmic Cows" (from Merkles Boner)
1110-Ploy- ==> "Ploy" (from Dougmazur)
1111-Squan ==> "Squander" (from Merkles Boner)
1112-Hfish ==> "Hey! That's My Fish!" (from Merkles Boner)
1113-tight ==> "Relationship Tightrope" (from Merkles Boner)
1114-Tpost ==> "They're at the Post" (from artfuldodge2)
1115-dirty ==> "Dirty Minds - The Game of Naughty Clues" (from Dougmazur)
1116-Gang4 ==> "Gang of Four" (from Dougmazur)
1117-Diplo ==> "Diplomacy" (from Dougmazur)
1118-7thSe ==> "7th Sea" (from Aljovin)
1119-Darke ==> "Dark Emperor" (from Dougmazur)
1120-Vegas ==> "Vegas Showdown" (from Merkles Boner)
1121-Nauti ==> "Nautilus" (from Dougmazur)
1122-catan ==> "Settlers of Catan, The" (from Merkles Boner)
1123-nanex ==> "Bohnanza - Erweiterungs Set" (from Merkles Boner)
1124-Alibi ==> "Alibi" (from Merkles Boner)
1125-Acqui ==> "Acquire" (from Dougmazur)
1126-Hclix ==> "HeroClix" (from Dougmazur)
1127-ExDec ==> "Executive Decision" (from Dougmazur)
1128-Illum ==> "Illuminati: Deluxe Edition" (from Dougmazur)
1129-Battl ==> "BattleLore" (from enricodandolo)
1130-Racer ==> "Racer Knights of Falconus" (from Dspitzle)
1131-onthe ==> "On the Edge" (from Dspitzle)
1132-LotRM ==> "Lord of the Rings - Tradeable Miniatures Game" (from subhan)
1133-onthe ==> "On the Edge" (from Dspitzle)
1134-Lingu ==> "Lingua" (from subhan)
1135-Amule ==> "Amulett, das" (from jtakagi)
1136-apple ==> "Apples to Apples" (from Merkles Boner)
1137-Gang4 ==> "Gang of Four" (from subhan)
1138-Ra--- ==> "Ra" (from Merkles Boner)
1139-KotDT ==> "Knights of the Dinner Table : HACK!" (from subhan)
1140-LotFR ==> "Legend of the Five Rings" (from Dspitzle)
1141-Princ ==> "Princes of Florence, The" (from rickkeuler)
1142-Axisa ==> "Axis and Allies" (from Dspitzle)
1143-Cranb ==> "Cranium Booster Box 2" (from Dspitzle)
1144-Napol ==> "Napoleon" (from Merkles Boner)
1145-13DED ==> "13 Dead End Drive" (from Dspitzle)
1146-Nexus ==> "Nexus Ops" (from Dspitzle)
1147-Yello ==> "Yellowstone" (from Dspitzle)
1148-adogs ==> "Dog's Life, A" (from pdclose)
1149-Simpl ==> "Simply Catan" (from scottredracecar)
1150-WoWYB ==> "Wings of War - Watch Your Back!" (from EvanMinn)
1151-Malef ==> "Malefiz" (from teachersears)
1152-Squat ==> "Squatter" (from teachersears)
1153-Falli ==> "Falling" (from Twinge)
1154-Smoke ==> "Smokejumpers" (from fractaloon)
1155-Monol ==> "Monopoly - Looney Tunes" (from Twinge)
1156-Break ==> "Break the Safe" (from fractaloon)
1157-Consp ==> "Conspiracy" (from fractaloon)
1158-Huntp ==> "Hunting Party" (from YellowLab)
1159-DeaDl ==> "Deadlands: Doomtown" (from Wargamer777)
1160-Diplo ==> "Diplomacy" (from dennpars)
1161-Pgrid ==> "Power Grid" (from dennpars)
1162-Liars ==> "Liar's Dice" (from wjohnston)
1163-shang ==> "Bridges of Shangri-La, The" (from kevinwho)
1164-nostr ==> "Mare Nostrum" (from cuzzle)
1165-Chezd ==> "Chez Dork" (from kevinwho)
1166-Hostm ==> "How to Host a Mystery: Star Trek: The Next Generation" (from kevinwho)
1167-Puzzl ==> two 3-D jigsaw puzzles (from Dspitzle)
1168-earth ==> "BattleLore: Earth Elemental" (from Ninjabob)
1169-Carib ==> "Caribbean" (from Mndwrm)
1170-marco ==> "San Marco" (from mean mr)
1171-Manga ==> "Manga Manga" (from Mndwrm)
1172-Samur ==> "Samurai" (from Aljovin)
1173-Edels ==> "Edel, Stein & Reich" (from mean mr)
1174-HAotM ==> "Heroscape: Arrival of the Master" (from Mndwrm)
1175-Verrt ==> "Verräter" (from mean mr)
1176-WoWRP ==> "Wings of War - Recon Patrol Booster Pack" (from Ninjabob)
1177-carck ==> "Carcassonne - Die Katharer" (from mean mr)
1178-Clout ==> "Clout Fantasy" (from Mndwrm)
1179-Igloo ==> "Igloo Pop" (from Cavedog_pdx)
1180-Wlord ==> "WARLORDS - China in Disarray, 1916 - 1950" (from Cavedog_pdx)
1181-MLBSC ==> "MLB SportsClix" (from Ninjabob)
1182-GrPBb ==> "Great Play Baseball" (from Ninjabob)
1183-peace ==> "War and Peace" (from Cavedog_pdx)
1184-Mason ==> "Masons" (from gamegrl2)
1185-Peace ==> "PeaceBowl" (from gamegrl2)
1186-Santy ==> "Santy Anno" (from gamegrl2)
1187-Manil ==> "Manila" (from Ninjabob)
1188-Schat ==> "Schatzsuche - Das Erbe des Seewolfes" (from gamegrl2)
1189-Batai ==> "Bataille de la Moscowa, La" (from Cavedog_pdx)
1190-Mlotr ==> "Monopoly - Lord of the Rings Trilogy" (from jayjonbeach)
1191-Saint ==> "Saint Petersburg" (from jayjonbeach)
1192-Night ==> "Nightmare" (from jayjonbeach)
1193-GG030 ==> 30 Geekgold (from davido)
1194-Civil ==> "Civilization" (from DrFlanagan)
1195-Calif ==> "California" (from jonjacobmoon)
1196-Vegas ==> "Vegas Showdown" (from jonjacobmoon)
1197-Coda- ==> "Coda" (from jonjacobmoon)
1198-Kensi ==> "Kensington" (from jonjacobmoon)
1199-Forex ==> "Foreign Exchange" (from jonjacobmoon)
1200-Godfa ==> "Godfather Game, The" (from jonjacobmoon)
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Re: Oktoberfest Math TRade
Summary part IV - Items 1201 to 1583

1201-Stock ==> "Stock Market Game" (from jonjacobmoon)
1202-Twixt ==> "Twixt" (from jonjacobmoon)
1203-Quint ==> "Quinto" (from crappyjacks)
1204-1313d ==> "1313 Dead End Drive" (from crappyjacks)
1205-HoiTy ==> "Hoity Toity" (from crappyjacks)
1206-Captn ==> "Capt'n Clever" (from crappyjacks)
1207-Saga- ==> "Saga" (from crappyjacks)
1208-Formu ==> "Formula Dé" (from gashlycrumb)
1209-Imper ==> "Imperial" (from bharath)
1210-Zooex ==> "Zooloretto - Erweiterung" (from Tatsu)
1211-Pico2 ==> "Pico 2" (from huber)
1212-OhPha ==> "Oh Pharaoh" (from huber)
1213-Foil- ==> "Foil" (from huber)
1214-Phlou ==> "Phlounder" (from huber)
1215-Stock ==> "Stocks & Bonds" (from huber)
1216-Facts ==> "Facts in Five" (from huber)
1217-apple ==> "Apples to Apples" (from edosan)
1218-Bazar ==> "Bazaar" (from edosan)
1219-Black ==> "Black Box" (from edosan)
1220-25WoL ==> "25 Words or Less" (from mike86)
1221-Canda ==> "Candamir: The First Settlers" (from edosan)
1222-LotR- ==> "Lord of the Rings" (from edosan)
1223-GG100 ==> 100 Geekgold (from edosan)
1224-ebayg ==> "eBay Electronic Talking Auction Game" (from mike86)
1225-Dungt ==> "Dungeon Twister" (from mike86)
1226-Arcol ==> "Arcola, the Battle for Italy, 1796" (from Chops)
1227-Java- ==> "Java" (from snoweel)
1228-Apple ==> "Apples to Apples Kids" (from mike86)
1229-HareT ==> "Hare and Tortoise" (from disclamer)
1230-Elfen ==> "Elfenland" (from disclamer)
1231-Sabot ==> "Saboteur" (from mike86)
1232-Ninja ==> "Ninja Burger" (from mike86)
1233-Tsuro ==> "Tsuro" (from mike86)
1234-Assau ==> "Assault" (from disclamer)
1235-RaDtr ==> "Rise and Decline of the Third Reich" (from disclamer)
1236-Trump ==> "Trump: the Game" (from disclamer)
1237-Illum ==> "Illuminati: Crime Lords" (from mike86)
1238-Const ==> "Construction Game, The" (from disclamer)
1239-Cluzz ==> "Cluzzle" (from disclamer)
1240-Quart ==> "Quarto!" (from disclamer)
1241-Kungf ==> "Kung Fu Fighting" (from mike86)
1242-Octik ==> "Octi for Kids" (from disclamer)
1243-House ==> "House Divided, A" (from disclamer)
1244-Hexag ==> "Hexagony" (from disclamer)
1245-Mille ==> "Mille Bornes" (from laiernie)
1246-bites ==> "Munchkin Bites!" (from laiernie)
1247-labyr ==> "Master Labyrinth" (from laiernie)
1248-Liber ==> "Liberté" (from jostrand)
1249-BlCCG ==> "Battlelords CCG" (from laiernie)
1250-Highs ==> "High Stakes Drifter" (from laiernie)
1251-Rhein ==> "Rheinländer" (from laiernie)
1252-rally ==> "RoboRally" (from laiernie)
1253-duela ==> "Duel of Ages Set 1 - Worldspanner" (from laiernie)
1254-GG250 ==> 250 Geekgold (from laiernie)
1255-GG150 ==> 150 Geekgold (from laiernie)
1256-GG050 ==> 50 Geekgold (from laiernie)
1257-GG050 ==> 50 Geekgold (from laiernie)
1258-Ediso ==> "Edison & Co." (from seanp)
1259-DSBag ==> One fully lined tile drawing bag (from pdclose)
1260-Pente ==> "Pente" (from artfuldodge2)
1261-Organ ==> "Organized Crime" (from robcannonsoftware)
1262-Carcc ==> "Carcassonne: The Castle" (from robcannonsoftware)
1263-Captn ==> "Capt'n Clever" (from robcannonsoftware)
1264-Dueld ==> "Duel in the Dark" (from metalchorus)
1265-GG075 ==> 75 Geekgold (from mike86)
1266-Cboys ==> "Cowboys: The Way of the Gun" (from bkindt)
1267-Walle ==> "Wallenstein" (from bkindt)
1268-Colos ==> "Colosseum" (from bkindt)
1269-StWSW ==> "Star Wars: Star Warriors" (from bkindt)
1270-Perpl ==> Perplexcity Puzzle Cards (from seanp)
1271-Myths ==> "Mythos" (from robcannonsoftware)
1272-Chick ==> "Chicken Cha Cha Cha" (from citizen k)
1273-Hella ==> "Hellas" (from citizen k)
1274-chase ==> "New York Chase" (from citizen k)
1275-Orien ==> "Oriente" (from citizen k)
1276-Tales ==> "Tales of the Arabian Nights" (from ejamer)
1277-AAMin ==> "Axis & Allies Miniatures" (from mcross)
1278-MPBiI ==> "Maharaja: Palace Building in India" (from ZiggyZambo)
1279-Kings ==> "King's Breakfast" (from mcross)
1280-Honey ==> "Honeypot" (from majcher)
1281-kutsc ==> "Die Kutschfahrt zur Teufelsburg" (from majcher)
1282-zavan ==> "Scepter of Zavandor, The" (from ZiggyZambo)
1283-elasu ==> "Elasund: The First City of Catan" (from ZiggyZambo)
1284-SWMin ==> "Star Wars Miniatures" (from mcross)
1285-RHein ==> "Robert Heinlein's Starship Troopers" (from ZiggyZambo)
1286-ArkHa ==> "Arkham Horror" (from W0tever)
1287-grose ==> "Das große Fressen" (from sos1)
1288-Final ==> "Final Frontier: Man's Expansion into the Solar System, The" (from sos1)
1289-Bootl ==> "Bootleggers" (from sos1)
1290-goall ==> "Goal Line Stand" (from sos1)
1291-Civil ==> "Civilization" (from Regai)
1292-CCalc ==> complete set of Combat Calculators (from sos1)
1293-lemio ==> "O Zoo le Mio" (from Regai)
1294-BtCoF ==> "Battle Cry of Freedom" (from sos1)
1295-river ==> "Settlers of Catan - The Great River" (from Regai)
1296-Dhunt ==> "Dino Hunt" (from sos1)
1297-SWMin ==> "Star Wars Miniatures" (from Aljovin)
1298-Crani ==> "Cranium" (from rptgeek)
1299-Carca ==> "Carcassonne" (from EvilTimmy)
1300-Aqudu ==> "Aquädukt" (from rptgeek)
1301-Gulog ==> "Gulo Gulo" (from LankyEngineer)
1302-Sword ==> "Samurai Swords" (from LankyEngineer)
1303-Scatt ==> "Scattergories" (from LankyEngineer)
1304-Xiang ==> "XiangQi" (from LankyEngineer)
1305-curse ==> "This Accursed Civil War" (from BeatPosse)
1306-sword ==> "Sword of Rome, The: Conquest of Italy, 362-272 BC" (from BeatPosse)
1307-Crant ==> "Cranium Turbo Edition" (from LankyEngineer)
1308-Gdest ==> "Galactic Destiny" (from Waylander1)
1309-Civil ==> "Civilization" (from disclamer)
1310-Battl ==> "BattleLore" (from itsmarty)
1311-GG050 ==> 50 Geekgold (from sviney)
1312-GG070 ==> 70 Geekgold (from sviney)
1313-GG105 ==> 105 Geekgold (from sviney)
1314-GG175 ==> 175 Geekgold (from sviney)
1315-marco ==> "San Marco" (from sviney)
1316-Carca ==> "Carcassonne" (from itsmarty)
1317-Ingen ==> "Ingenious" (from wjohnston)
1318-Huntp ==> "Hunting Party" (from cokasaki)
1319-Wh40k ==> "Warhammer 40,000" (from Apparatus)
1320-Wreck ==> "Wreck The Nation: The Game of Political Misbehavior" (from artfuldodge2)
1321-Giraf ==> "Go-Go-Giraffe!" (from cokasaki)
1322-WordS ==> "WordSpot" (from cokasaki)
1323-MrJac ==> "Mr. Jack" (from cokasaki)
1324-Marco ==> "Marco Polo Expedition" (from cokasaki)
1325-Fjord ==> "Fjords" (from cokasaki)
1326-TTChe ==> "Tic Tac Chec" (from cokasaki)
1327-Truec ==> "True Colors" (from kevinwho)
1328-Rumis ==> "Rumis" (from DCosby)
1329-GG033 ==> 33 Geekgold (from RoamDog)
1330-Netru ==> "Netrunner" (from krazygit)
1331-GG033 ==> 33 Geekgold (from RoamDog)
1332-GG033 ==> 33 Geekgold (from RoamDog)
1333-GG033 ==> 33 Geekgold (from RoamDog)
1334-GG033 ==> 33 Geekgold (from RoamDog)
1335-GG077 ==> 77 Geekgold (from RoamDog)
1336-AAMin ==> "Axis & Allies Miniatures" (from Mndwrm)
1337-Chops ==> "Chopstick Dexterity MegaChallenge 3000" (from ixnay66)
1338-Bylow ==> "Buy Low Sell High" (from ixnay66)
1339-GG177 ==> 177 Geekgold (from RoamDog)
1340-Tsuro ==> "Tsuro" (from ixnay66)
1341-GG212 ==> 212 Geekgold (from RoamDog)
1342-GG255 ==> 255 Geekgold (from RoamDog)
1343-WasSt ==> "Was Sticht?" (from ixnay66)
1344-Syard ==> "Scotland Yard" (from krazygit)
1345-HoiTy ==> "Hoity Toity" (from Morganza)
1346-HoiTy ==> "Hoity Toity" (from Morganza)
1347-mache ==> "Die Macher" (from Morganza)
1348-Comic ==> 2 Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight comics (from starspangledgirl)
1349-Mem44 ==> "Memoir '44" (from starspangledgirl)
1350-Bucca ==> "Buccaneer" (from DCosby)
1351-BgMan ==> "Big Manitou" (from bharath)
1352-Mouse ==> "Mouse Trap" (from bharath)
1353-Racer ==> "Racer Knights of Falconus" (from ZiggyZambo)
1354-Farfa ==> "Farfalia" (from ZiggyZambo)
1355-Cluzz ==> "Cluzzle" (from rudolfrassen)
1356-Cluzz ==> "Cluzzle" (from rudolfrassen)
1357-Gloom ==> "Gloom" (from robcannonsoftware)
1358-Lastn ==> "Last Night on Earth, The Zombie Game" (from lordunborn)
1359-troll ==> "Cave Troll" (from herbal_cheeze)
1360-Hansa ==> "Hansa" (from herbal_cheeze)
1361-Sunkn ==> "Sunken City" (from herbal_cheeze)
1362-Frenz ==> "Frenzy" (from lordunborn)
1363-seven ==> "Lucky Seven" (from Apparatus)
1364-Ido-- ==> "Ido" (from edroz)
1365-Whend ==> "When Darkness Comes" (from edroz)
1366-Liars ==> "Liar's Dice" (from dreadpirate)
1367-3DLab ==> "3-D Labyrinth" (from edroz)
1368-GG090 ==> 90 Geekgold (from Azzarc)
1369-LotRD ==> "Lord of the Rings - The Duel" (from seanp)
1370-Terra ==> "Terrace" (from edroz)
1371-Simpl ==> "Simply Catan" (from ixnay66)
1372-EurEn ==> "Europe Engulfed" (from Kwebec)
1373-CommC ==> "Commands & Colors: Ancients" (from FerrumEtBombyx)
1374-GG025 ==> 25 Geekgold (from FerrumEtBombyx)
1375-GG100 ==> 100 Geekgold (from jmw23)
1376-GG100 ==> 100 Geekgold (from jmw23)
1377-GG075 ==> 75 Geekgold (from jmw23)
1378-Twist ==> "Twilight Struggle" (from Sky Knight X)
1379-Senat ==> "Senator" (from herbal_cheeze)
1380-Maels ==> "Maelstrom: The Coming of Chaos" (from sos1)
1381-GG042 ==> 42 Geekgold (from Isamoor)
1382-Nexus ==> "Nexus Ops" (from jostrand)
1383-magic ==> "Magic: The Gathering CCG" (from alcazar84)
1384-SWMin ==> "Star Wars Miniatures" (from crappyjacks)
1385-DSBag ==> One prototype Egyptian-themed tile-drawing bag (from pdclose)
1386-UNOSt ==> "UNO Stacko" (from dreadpirate)
1387-Torre ==> "Torres" (from Noah Kolman)
1388-BQotS ==> "B-17: Queen of the Skies" (from Noah Kolman)
1389-Court ==> "To Court the King" (from Noah Kolman)
1390-SeafX ==> "Seafarers of Catan, The - 5-6 Player Expansion" (from Merkles Boner)
1391-HeroQ ==> "HeroQuest" (from Waylander1)
1392-Young ==> "Young Jedi CCG" (from mcross)
1393-Dream ==> "Dreamblade" (from mcross)
1394-magic ==> "Magic: The Gathering CCG" (from crappyjacks)
1395-Axisa ==> "Axis and Allies" (from citizen k)
1396-Tigri ==> "Tigris & Euphrates" (from Lothartvni)
1397-Junta ==> "Junta" (from Lothartvni)
1398-rally ==> "RoboRally" (from Lothartvni)
1399-Hansa ==> "Hansa" (from Lothartvni)
1400-Indus ==> "Industria" (from Lothartvni)
1401-Herma ==> "Hermagor" (from Glamorous Mucus)
1402-TtREu ==> "Ticket to Ride: Europe" (from Glamorous Mucus)
1403-Nexus ==> "Nexus Ops" (from Lothartvni)
1404-Vegas ==> "Vegas Showdown" (from Lothartvni)
1405-Inkog ==> "Inkognito" (from Glamorous Mucus)
1406-Maest ==> "Maestro" (from Glamorous Mucus)
1407-Dosri ==> "Dos Rios" (from Glamorous Mucus)
1408-Goods ==> "Get the Goods" (from Glamorous Mucus)
1409-MotM ==> "Monkeys on the Moon" (from Regai)
1410-earth ==> "BattleLore: Earth Elemental" (from Regai)
1411-Everg ==> "Evergreen" (from tweetlebeetle)
1412-BucKe ==> "Bucket King, The" (from tweetlebeetle)
1413-Cargo ==> "Cargo" (from cokasaki)
1414-Charl ==> "Knights of Charlemagne" (from cokasaki)
1415-PWMag ==> A set of "Paper Wars" magazines from 1995-1998, #21-24, 26-27 (from hoop)
1416-FMMag ==> A complete set of Fire & Movement magazines from 1991-1992 (from hoop)
1417-Alexa ==> "Alexandros" (from cokasaki)
1418-Battl ==> "Battlestations" (from hoop)
1419-Bolid ==> "Bolide" (from cokasaki)
1420-Press ==> Avalanche Press Gold Club "Free" Countersheet (from moly19)
1421-LotRT ==> "Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game" (from hoop)
1422-Poker ==> "Poker" (from dreadpirate)
1423-GG070 ==> 70 Geekgold (from dreadpirate)
1424-Tapes ==> box of approximately 90 cassette tapes (from Dspitzle)
1425-rally ==> "RoboRally" (from FlyingArrow)
1426-Whfan ==> "Warhammer Fantasy Battle" (from dreadpirate)
1427-rally ==> "RoboRally" (from Ryan L)
1428-Iboss ==> "I'm the Boss" (from Ryan L)
1429-Niaga ==> "Niagara" (from Ryan L)
1430-WildL ==> "WildLife" (from Ryan L)
1431-Tongi ==> "Tongiaki" (from Ryan L)
1432-Battl ==> "Battletech" (from alcazar84)
1433-Bcity ==> "Big City" (from tejasm)
1434-PiraT ==> "Pirate's Treasure" (from alcazar84)
1435-Dschu ==> "Dschunke" (from tejasm)
1436-pompe ==> "Downfall of Pompeii, The" (from tejasm)
1437-Caylu ==> "Caylus" (from tejasm)
1438-NwEng ==> "New England" (from tejasm)
1439-Attik ==> "Attika" (from tejasm)
1440-Iliad ==> "Iliade" (from tejasm)
1441-Stich ==> "Sticheln" (from tejasm)
1442-Arena ==> "Colossal Arena" (from tejasm)
1443-Heraz ==> "Hera and Zeus" (from tejasm)
1444-MHill ==> "Magic Hill" (from tejasm)
1445-Samur ==> "Samurai" (from tejasm)
1446-Meute ==> "Meuterer" (from tejasm)
1447-Arena ==> "Arena Maximus" (from tejasm)
1448-Revol ==> "Revolution: The Dutch Revolt 1568-1648" (from caesarmom)
1449-Sherl ==> "Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective" (from caesarmom)
1450-Trend ==> "Trendy" (from tejasm)
1451-Antik ==> "Antike" (from tejasm)
1452-Metro ==> "Metromania" (from caesarmom)
1453-KingC ==> "King of Chicago" (from caesarmom)
1454-AveCa ==> "Ave Caesar" (from tejasm)
1455-M---- ==> "M" (from tejasm)
1456-WWCSG ==> "Weapons & Warriors - Castle Siege Game" (from artfuldodge2)
1457-Fairy ==> "Fairy Tale" (from tejasm)
1458-Torre ==> "Torres" (from tejasm)
1459-Union ==> "Union Pacific" (from tejasm)
1460-Webof ==> "Web of Power" (from tejasm)
1461-KingA ==> "King Arthur - Das Kartenspiel" (from aksosa)
1462-TeamY ==> "Team Yankee" (from artfuldodge2)
1463-MSOff ==> Microsoft Office XP Developer (from ForbiddenDonuts)
1464-Bloku ==> "Blokus" (from tejasm)
1465-Citys ==> "Cityscape" (from tejasm)
1466-AoS30 ==> "Age of Steam Expansion - 1830's Pennsylvania / Northern California" (from hrdkor)
1467-Tumbl ==> "Tumblin-Dice" (from aksosa)
1468-ChiWy ==> "Chicago Way, The" (from disclamer)
1469-marco ==> "San Marco" (from tejasm)
1470-4Sale ==> "For Sale" (from Lou-Dawg)
1471-Vegas ==> "Vegas Showdown" (from Lou-Dawg)
1472-Vegas ==> "Vegas Showdown" (from Lou-Dawg)
1473-Sunkn ==> "Sunken City" (from Lou-Dawg)
1474-TtRME ==> "Ticket to Ride: Märklin Edition" (from Lou-Dawg)
1475-Pgrid ==> "Power Grid" (from Lou-Dawg)
1476-Medin ==> "Medina" (from tejasm)
1477-Rum&P ==> "Rum & Pirates" (from tejasm)
1478-Const ==> "Construction Game, The" (from artfuldodge2)
1479-Holly ==> "Hollywood Blockbuster" (from tejasm)
1480-WasSt ==> "Was Sticht?" (from tejasm)
1481-Inkog ==> "Inkognito" (from silvers211games)
1482-AufAc ==> "Auf Achse" (from tejasm)
1483-Camel ==> "Camelot" (from disclamer)
1484-Acqui ==> "Acquire" (from artfuldodge2)
1485-Giant ==> "BattleLore: Hill Giant" (from silvers211games)
1486-Fcape ==> "From Cape to Cairo" (from silvers211games)
1487-DandD ==> ORIGINAL Dungeons and Dragons Boxed Set (from them)
1488-DandD ==> ORIGINAL Dungeons and Dragons Greyhawk: Supplement I (from them)
1489-DandD ==> ORIGINAL Dungeons and Dragons Blackmoor: Supplement II (from them)
1490-DandD ==> ORIGINAL Dungeons and Dragons Eldritch Wizardry: Supplement III (from them)
1491-DandD ==> ORIGINAL Dungeons and Dragons Gods, Demi-Gods, & Heroes: Supplement IV (from them)
1492-Attik ==> "Attika" (from Verkisto)
1493-Harpo ==> "Harpoon" (from Wargamer777)
1494-Musta ==> "Mustangs" (from Wargamer777)
1495-GAlha ==> "Gardens of Alhambra, The" (from Verkisto)
1496-GG210 ==> 210 Geekgold (from vearles)
1497-elasu ==> "Elasund: The First City of Catan" (from LemonyFresh)
1498-Expre ==> "Express" (from Wargamer777)
1499-Mogul ==> "Mogul" (from Verkisto)
1500-GG100 ==> "100 GeekGold" (from JeffyJeff)
1501-Strat ==> "Stratego" (from aksosa)
1502-GG100 ==> "100 GeekGold" (from JeffyJeff)
1503-Vegas ==> "Vegas Showdown" (from Lou-Dawg)
1504-SupSc ==> "Super Scrabble" (from Verkisto)
1505-Lostv ==> "Lost Valley" (from LemonyFresh)
1506-Bride ==> "DVD-Movie: The Princess Bride" (from JeffyJeff)
1507-Walha ==> "Walhalla" (from LemonyFresh)
1508-LiDiv ==> "Light Division" (from Azzarc)
1509-earth ==> "BattleLore: Earth Elemental" (from lordunborn)
1510-Parth ==> "Parthenon: Rise of the Aegean" (from Azzarc)
1511-GG111 ==> 111 Geekgold (from Ninjabob)
1512-kutsc ==> "Die Kutschfahrt zur Teufelsburg" (from Sprydle)
1513-Notre ==> "Notre Dame" (from cmpterman2)
1514-Ingen ==> "Ingenious" (from cmpterman2)
1515-Attik ==> "Attika" (from cmpterman2)
1516-Wager ==> "Wits & Wagers" (from silvers211games)
1517-magna ==> "Caylus Magna Carta" (from cmpterman2)
1518-magna ==> "Caylus Magna Carta" (from tgbruiser)
1519-MdArt ==> "Modern Art" (from cmpterman2)
1520-magna ==> "Caylus Magna Carta" (from tgbruiser)
1521-Fairy ==> "Fairy Tale" (from cmpterman2)
1522-Cronb ==> "Cronberg" (from tgbruiser)
1523-Citad ==> "Citadels" (from cmpterman2)
1524-4Sale ==> "For Sale" (from cmpterman2)
1525-Tichu ==> "Tichu" (from cmpterman2)
1526-7thFl ==> "7th Fleet" (from Rabid Wookie)
1527-nanza ==> "Bohnanza" (from cmpterman2)
1528-Fifth ==> "Fifth Avenue" (from tgbruiser)
1529-MMehr ==> "Mü und Mehr" (from cmpterman2)
1530-Geist ==> "Geisterwäldchen" (from tgbruiser)
1531-Jense ==> "Jenseits von Theben" (from tgbruiser)
1532-Bang! ==> "Bang!" (from cmpterman2)
1533-Java- ==> "Java" (from tgbruiser)
1534-Cribw ==> "Crib Wars" (from cmpterman2)
1535-Battl ==> "Battleball" (from cmpterman2)
1536-Logis ==> "Logistico" (from tgbruiser)
1537-Tride ==> "Ticket to Ride" (from cmpterman2)
1538-LoopL ==> "Loopin' Louie" (from tgbruiser)
1539-Maya- ==> "Maya" (from tgbruiser)
1540-CommC ==> "Commands & Colors: Ancients" (from cmpterman2)
1541-Pilla ==> "Pillars of the Earth, The" (from tgbruiser)
1542-PueRt ==> "Puerto Rico" (from kensheffield)
1543-zavan ==> "Scepter of Zavandor, The" (from Rabid Wookie)
1544-Stcar ==> "Streetcar" (from tgbruiser)
1545-Quart ==> "Quarto!" (from chindent)
1546-marco ==> "San Marco" (from tgbruiser)
1547-Medvs ==> "Medici vs Strozzi" (from tgbruiser)
1548-Dune- ==> "Dune" (from kensheffield)
1549-Carct ==> "Carcassonne - Traders & Builders" (from kensheffield)
1550-Color ==> "Coloretto" (from tgbruiser)
1551-BgTop ==> "Big Top" (from tgbruiser)
1552-Steph ==> "Stephenson's Rocket" (from kensheffield)
1553-Vecto ==> "Attack Vector: Tactical" (from Ward)
1554-Proph ==> "Prophecy" (from kvn299)
1555-MeCCG ==> "Middle-Earth CCG" (from kensheffield)
1556-Touch ==> "Touché" (from chindent)
1557-E&TCG ==> "Euphrates & Tigris Card Game" (from kvn299)
1558-HareT ==> "Hare and Tortoise" (from kensheffield)
1559-4Sale ==> "For Sale" (from ElZappo)
1560-duela ==> "Duel of Ages Set 1 - Worldspanner" (from kensheffield)
1561-catan ==> "Settlers of Catan, The" (from Rabid Wookie)
1562-LastC ==> "Last Crusade, The" (from Wargamer777)
1563-Dixie ==> "Dixie - Bull Run" (from chindent)
1564-Bloku ==> "Blokus" (from Rabid Wookie)
1565-bardg ==> "Shakespeare: The Bard Game" (from Genre_Fad)
1566-Hclix ==> "HeroClix" (from ElZappo)
1567-DBall ==> "Dragonball Z - Fusion Saga Battle Boardgame" (from chindent)
1568-BBowl ==> "Blood Bowl - Second Edition" (from kensheffield)
1569-troll ==> "Cave Troll" (from ElZappo)
1570-STCoN ==> "Stratego: The Chronicles of Narnia" (from davidchujr)
1571-TPBLE ==> "Trivial Pursuit - Book Lover's Edition" (from davidchujr)
1572-AoMTB ==> "Age of Mythology: The Boardgame" (from davidchujr)
1573-Wassr ==> "Wasser des Lebens, Das" (from kensheffield)
1574-SpCru ==> "Space Crusade" (from artfuldodge2)
1575-Mages ==> "Magestones" (from chindent)
1576-NFLPO ==> "NFL Playoff" (from Genre_Fad)
1577-WoWTB ==> "World of Warcraft: The Boardgame" (from ElZappo)
1578-Myker ==> "Mykerinos" (from FlyingArrow)
1579-Spoil ==> "Spoils, The" (from Mndwrm)
1580-Twist ==> "Twilight Struggle" (from craniac)
1581-Tongi ==> "Tongiaki" (from Genre_Fad)
1582-Terra ==> "Terrace" (from Genre_Fad)
1583-Elfen ==> "Elfengold" (from kensheffield)
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Jeff Bakalchuck
United States
North Carolina
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Re: Oktoberfest Math TRade
Offical Results at:

Formatted version at:
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Jeff Bakalchuck
United States
North Carolina
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Re: Oktoberfest Math TRade
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Ron G
United States
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Re: Oktoberfest Math Trade
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Rik Van Horn
United States
New York
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Re: Oktoberfest Math Trade
Ho ho ho, merry Christmas. I remember someone saying they'd love to see Roads & Boats just once in a math trade. And now they can.

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Ron G
United States
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Re: Oktoberfest Math Trade
Well that was a quick three pages of items put up. Thanks for moderating yet another math trade Boomer. I was itchin' for another
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Dave Wilson
United States
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Re: Oktoberfest Math Trade
Question to all: If the schedule were such that someone (hypothetically, of course ) couldn't actually ship for a week after the results were to be posted, what would be your opinion of that someone entering the trade?
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Rik Van Horn
United States
New York
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Re: Oktoberfest Math Trade
daw65 wrote:
Question to all: If the schedule were such that someone (hypothetically, of course ) couldn't actually ship for a week after the results were to be posted, what would be your opinion of that someone entering the trade?

A week is a reasonable amount of time. Even 10 days. Two weeks is about the limit for procrastination though.
I do have to admit, the people who think you have to rearrange your life to mail their game, I find to be unreasonable and annoying.
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Lo Ma
United States
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Re: Oktoberfest Math Trade
daw65 wrote:
Question to all: If the schedule were such that someone (hypothetically, of course ) couldn't actually ship for a week after the results were to be posted, what would be your opinion of that someone entering the trade?

Shouldn't be a problem if you put a note on each of your game entries saying that you won't be able to ship until the week of xxxx. That will alert anyone who's considering adding your item to their want list.
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Rick B
United States
Santa Clara
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Re: Oktoberfest Math Trade
LoMa wrote:
daw65 wrote:
Question to all: If the schedule were such that someone (hypothetically, of course ) couldn't actually ship for a week after the results were to be posted, what would be your opinion of that someone entering the trade?

Shouldn't be a problem if you put a note on each of your game entries saying that you won't be able to ship until the week of xxxx. That will alert anyone who's considering adding your item to their want list.

I agree. As long as it appears as part of the shipping agreement in your listing, it doesn't really matter that much.
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Ron G
United States
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Re: Oktoberfest Math Trade
daw65 wrote:
Question to all: If the schedule were such that someone (hypothetically, of course ) couldn't actually ship for a week after the results were to be posted, what would be your opinion of that someone entering the trade?

Fine by me. Like Rokkr said, I don't expect you to change you flights to get a game off. Just let folks know when you anticipate shipping off and all should be good. If you can't hit that date for some reason, let your trading partner know. Being left out of the loop is what seems to get most people riled up over shipping delays, not the delay itself.
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Jeff Bakalchuck
United States
North Carolina
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Re: Oktoberfest Math Trade
daw65 wrote:
Question to all: If the schedule were such that someone (hypothetically, of course ) couldn't actually ship for a week after the results were to be posted, what would be your opinion of that someone entering the trade?

We usually get 1 or 2 people that do just that in most math trades, so it's no big deal.

Just state the shipping delay in your item listings and it's fine.
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Joe Huber

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Re: Oktoberfest Math Trade
Boomer wrote:
We will be using, for the first time, TradeMaximizer's prioritization.

Actually, Jeff, it's the second time. The European Math Trade used them.
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Jeff Bakalchuck
United States
North Carolina
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Re: Oktoberfest Math Trade
huber wrote:
Boomer wrote:
We will be using, for the first time, TradeMaximizer's prioritization.

Actually, Jeff, it's the second time. The European Math Trade used them.

Thanks for the correction.
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Carol Carpenter
United States
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Re: Oktoberfest Math Trade
I have a suggestion that probably won't be used for this math trade, but hopefully for future ones: a standard abbreviation system for games. Ideally, you could look it up in the game entry. For example, for Puerto Rico, right under GameID: 3076 you would see MathID: PUERTO.

The benefits are these:
1. Right now, I have to go through the list to make my wants, and then go back again when the summary is posted with the numbers and abbreviations. It would GREATLY reduce my time if I already knew the abbreviation.
2. The math trade moderator does not have to type out and create an abbreviation by hand for every game.
3. Reduction of spelling mistakes by moderator and participants.
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Jeff Bakalchuck
United States
North Carolina
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Re: Oktoberfest Math Trade
starspangledgirl wrote:
I have a suggestion that probably won't be used for this math trade, but hopefully for future ones: a standard abbreviation system for games. Ideally, you could look it up in the game entry. For example, for Puerto Rico, right under GameID: 3076 you would see MathID: PUERTO.

The benefits are these:
1. Right now, I have to go through the list to make my wants, and then go back again when the summary is posted with the numbers and abbreviations. It would GREATLY reduce my time if I already knew the abbreviation.
2. The math trade moderator does not have to type out and create an abbreviation by hand for every game.
3. Reduction of spelling mistakes by moderator and participants.


That's an excellent suggestion. I plan on using the same game abbreviations that I used on the last math trade, so that might help you.

The summary from that math trade is online at:
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United States
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Re: Oktoberfest Math Trade
So how does "linear prioritization" work?
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Jeff Bakalchuck
United States
North Carolina
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Re: Oktoberfest Math Trade
cbrua wrote:
So how does "linear prioritization" work?

The prioritization is used to break ties in selecting the final result set. Trademax still tries to find a result with the most possible trades.

With Linear Prioritization, each item in your want list is assigned a value equal to it's position in your want list. Then the result set with the lowest total value will be selected. This way items as the begining of your want list will be more likely to get selected.

You can artifically raise the value(thus lowering the chance to getting it) of an item by placing semi-colons in the you want list, they will raise the value by 10 for each semi-colon used.

An example:

(Boomer) 0001-ALHAM : 0009-METRO 0022-TSURO ; 0064-FACES

In that example Metro is given a value of 1, Tsuro a value of 2 and Faces a value of 12. If I left off the semi-colon, faces would have a value of 3.

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Mischa D. Krilov
United States
New Orleans
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When *is* BGG Con 20XX registration, anyway?
This space intentionally left blank. :)
Re: Oktoberfest Math Trade

I suggest that you order the request Geeklist by name, to make it a bit easier to search. People who want duplicates can comment and say "Me too!"

Also, I'm going to shamelessly borrow from your rules for the BGG.Con trade.

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Snooze Fest
United States
North Carolina
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We love our pups!! Misu, RIP 28 Nov 2010. Tikka, RIP 11 Aug 2011.
Re: Oktoberfest Math Trade
huber wrote:
Boomer wrote:
We will be using, for the first time, TradeMaximizer's prioritization.

Actually, Jeff, it's the second time. The European Math Trade used them.

Or maybe the third -- we just used it last week at TBGT.
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Nathan Trimmer
United States
West Jefferson
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First time trader question
I've never been involved in any trades before and wanted to get some advice before making any submissions to the Oktoberfest list. So far I've considered adding a board game, some CCG cards (Jyhad), and a few smaller card games. When trading, is it best to group together card games? Should OOP status be taken into account when deciding when and what to bundle? Also, with collectable cards is it a good idea to have a card list available to anyone interested?



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