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Subject: BoB; losses and OB's rss

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Rob Veenenberg
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Losses and production.

According to Christer Bergström the Germans lost about 1408 aircraft in the air over Britain to AA and fighters of FC and the RAF about 1350 of which the British could repair 289 and the Germans about 50. The RAF lost an additional 500 bombers and coastal aircraft in the air. RAF lost an additional 400 aircraft on the ground in the numerous raids on airfields and aircraft factories.
Production 1940: Bombers: 3488 Brit versus 2852 German (1816 Ju88's) excluding Stuka's; Fighters: 4283 British versus 3106 German (156 Me109's + 102 Me110's p.mth). In 1940 Germans produced 1882 Me 109's: 222 E1's; 1246 E3 + E4's and 414 "long range" octane 96 E7's.

Order of Battles

In Juli at start of the Battle FC had 48 squadrons but ended up in October with 64 squadrons(19 with Spitfires) of which 18 were into the North for the defence, recovering and training there, cycling them back to the South to replace them. Reinforcements were 1 RCAN, 302 ad 303 Polish and 310 and 312 Czech squadrons (all Hurricanes)

The Germans deployed their bombers Flieger KORPS: LF2: I, II; LF3: IV, V, VIII and LF5: X and 2 Jagdführer groups. Luftwaffe deployed in the 4 months of the battle exactly 100 Bomber and Fighter Gruppen of which 1 defended Berlin and 1 Norway and 3 were Nightfighter Gruppen also defending the Reich. The Condors of I/KG40 did not take part in bombing like the units of Kgr 106 & 506 (He115), while all the other 4 anti-shipping units later did take part in the bombing offensive: Kgr 126 (He111 H4), Kgr606 (Do17)and Kgr806 (Ju88).

The real battle of Britain lasted about 10 weeks: from the 10th of July until 18th September, when Seelöwe was cancelled.

OB of the Luftwaffe medio August was:

(J=Junkers 88, H=Heinkel 111, D= Dornier 17).

Stuka's: II/StG1,I/StG3,IV/LG1(withdrawn from battle after August 18).
Me110: ZG26(3),II/ZG76,Erp.Gr210(2 x Staffel) with the Me110 C-4/B.
Me109: JG3(3);JG26(3),JG51(3),JG52(2);JG54(3);I+II/LG2;E.Gr210(3rd St).
(I/LG2 was equiped with the Me109 E-7; II/LG2 and 3.St.Erp.Gr. were both equiped with the Me109 E-4/B).

Notes: III/JG52 was on August 13 recovering in Germany. KG77 was training the Ju88 and not ready before September 15th.

I/KG40 (Fw200).
Stuka's: StG1(2),StG2(3),StG77(3).
Me110: V/LG1,ZG2(2),III/ZG76.

Notes: II/STG2 was transferred to LF2; all other Stuka Gruppen were withdrawn after August 18. JG27(3) + II/III/JG53 transferred to LF2 at the end of August.

KG26(2H),KG30(3J). II/KG30 was not up to strengh.
Kgr 506 and 1 Staffel Kgr106: He115 (mines & torpedo's)
Me110 I/ZG76 with the Me110 D-0 Dackelbauch.

Notes: KG26 & KG30 transferred to LF2 at the end of August; III/KG26 not returning to the battle and was training for a pathfinder role.

Me109: III/JG52, I/III/JG77. I/JG77 and III/JG52 transferred to LF2 at the end of August.

The 112 Luftwaffe cards in the game represent 95 front line units with 96 cards and 16 cards are meant as replacecements: 1 card per week.
As we can see the game doesn't portray the historical compositions nor the historical types of replacements (dominantly Me109's, Me110's and Junkers 88's).

Historical allocation of the Luftwaffe cards:

LF2(49): Me109: 19; Me110: 5; Ju87: 3; Do17: 8; He111: 9; Ju88: 5
LF3(40): Me109: 9; Me110: 5; Ju87: 8; Do17: 1; He111: 8; Ju88: 9
LF5(7): Me109: 0; Me110: 1+1; Ju87: 0; Do17: 0; He111: 2; Ju88: 3

German aircraft types in LF2, 3 and 5 during the 4 months of the battle:

Me109: E-1 (40%);E-3 (12%);E-4 (40%);E-4B (4%);E-7(4%).
Me110: C-1,C-2,C-3, C-4,C-4B, C-7, D-0,D-1 and D-3.
Ju87: B-1,B-2 and R-1
Ju88: A-1 and A-5 (the powerful A-4 came after October 1940!).
Do17; Z-2 and Z-3
He111: P2,P-4,H-1,H-2,H-3 and "fast" H-4.

Range and bomb loads per type and units:

Ranges means distance to a target and max bomb loads are:

Me109 E1-E4 (25 Gruppen): 410 miles.
Me109 E4/B (1 Gruppe: II/LG2) and 3.Staffel Erpr.Gr 210 (250 kg)
Me109 E7 (1 Gruppe: I/LG2): 820 miles

Ju87 B1-B2 (9 Gruppen) loaden (750 kg): 370 miles.
Ju87 R1 (I/StG1, II/Stg2) loaden (500 kg): 650 miles

Me110 C1-C4 (6 Gruppen: I/ZG2, ZG26, II+III/ZG76): 482 miles
Me110 C4/B (1 Gruppe: Erpr.Gr.210) loaden (1000 kg): 482 miles.
Me110 D0 (4 Gruppen: Erpr.Gr.210, I/ZG76, II/ZG2, V/LG1): 1050 miles

Do 17 Z2-Z3 (9 Gruppen) loaden (1000 kg): 745 miles

He 111 P2-P4, H1-H4 (19 Gruppen) loaden (2000-2500 kg): 1200 miles.

Note: only Kgr.126 and KG26 flew the H4 type with speed: 270 mph.

Ju 88 A1 & A5 (17 Gruppen) loaden (2000-2500 kg): 1550 miles.

Important notes:

1). Me109's barely came to north of London, Me110 D's could reach Scotland!
2). Stuka's never bombed targets in Sector 12!!
3). Me110 Erpr.Gr. did bomb targets in sector 12. Like Castle Bromwich
4).Dorniers, Heinkels and Junkers without or less bomb load could fly at longer ranges. F.e. A Dornier 17 with 500 kg could fly up to 1000 miles!
5). Some Ju87's could drop 1000 Kg bombs but then had no rear gunner!!

Rob Veenenberg, april 2019
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