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Subject: About Blowing Up Castles rss

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Dan Poole
United States
North Carolina
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Udu Wudu
Udu Wudu
Castle Danger is a small game self-published by Matt Wordern Games. It's been out about 5 years, though it has not received a whole lot of attention here on BGG.

It is a 2 player game about trying to blow up your opponent's king with cannons. This is done by blowing away bits of your opponent's castle, while you struggle to reinforce your own by creating more builders.

-The Box: a VHS standard cassette box with a front and back label
-The Board: 3 rigid rectangular boards that are laid against one another to create the playing field.
-The commponents: a variety of wooden blocks with icons depicting cannons, wizards and builders. A number of wooden castle wall pieces
- About 10 Blue and red wooden cannon blast tokens
- 1 red and 1 blue wooden king pawn

About the Pieces:

- Wizards: each wizard on the board allots 3 movement points (MP's)
- Builders: They can build a castle wall in an empty adjacent square for 1 MP. You can also have them destroy one of your castle walls for 1 MP
- Cannons: each may fire once. Cannon fire goes in a straight line, costing 1 MP per space entered. It may pass over units but not walls. It destroys whatever piece present in the space in which it lands (wall or unit). A residual fire token is placed there, so the opposing player may not enter that space his next turn.
- King: He doesn't do anything except move around cowering behind walls, avoiding cannon fire.

The phases of a game turn:
1. Remove your residual cannon fire from your opponent's affected squares, if any.
2. Calculate your number of moves: 3 + (# of wizards x 3)
3. Place a new unit: If your one portal space is unoccupied, you may bring in a new builder, cannon or wizard onto that space.
4. Spend MP's: Any units can move 1 space/MP, cannons fired spend MP's (see above), builders speend MP's building castle walls.

Play continues until a player loses his king.

My overall Impressions

Theme: 7 I enjoy the idea of each player tearing their opponent's castles.

Mechanics: 7 Overall, this is a fairly abstract game. It can get tough trying to figure out which new pieces to bring into the game. The limited board space also makes everything crowded and congested, especially since pieces may not move through each other. There fore, careful placement of your walls and units is crucial

Strategy: 9 No luck involved

Rulebook: 9 A simple sheet. The rules are easy to follow without ambiguity

Components: 7.5 I really like the wooden pieces. The board is solid. I am not a huge fan of the VHS case, but everything does fit in there rather snugly.

Verisimilitude: 3 This isn't meant to be a bad rating, just a measure of being realistic (10) verses abstract (1)

Overall Fun Factor 7.5
I am not a huge fan of abstract strategy games, though I would not say this is a pure abstract strategy game; the cannons do fire and blow things up after all. In some ways I liken this to Hive in that it is a small game, relatively quick, and is all about careful maneuvering.

This is a very compact game which makes it ideal for travel. I would recomment this to anyone interested in:

- soley 2 player games
- games that take virtually no time to set up and can be played in 20-30 minutes
- games with a castle theme and destryoing your opponent's castle, wall by wall
- Hive fans, and/or fans of maneuvering games general.

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