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Subject: Battle at the ruins of Tel'far rss

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Really? REALLY?!
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Ah, Brikwars. A game as complicated or as simple as the players desire. Now that some of my Brikwar's buddies are starting to move back to the area, it seems like a good time to get a couple practice rounds in.

This season report is for my 8 year old son's first game. I wish I had taken some photos for visual appeal. Next time hopefully

A little about Brikwars
For this session we used the 2005 PDF rules set in it's simplest form. The rules can be found here:

Inish is rolled on a d6, loser moves first and the winner shots first.

The Board:

The board consisted of a fairly flat terrain broken by a mountain at the bottom, raised terrain at the ruins and several trees and boulders scattered around the board.

My son set up on the side marked 1 and I took side number 2. Yes, I had a disadvantage, but there where allot of trees and boulders not visible on my little map above

The Setting:
Two strike teams meet in a minor boarder clash at the ruins of Tel'far. (Setting created by my son)

The Strike Teams:
For simplicity we went with five man teams using basic weapon types.
Each team was made up of 1 hero, 1 medic and 3 regulars.

A Standard Lego person or "mini fig" has a skill of 1d6 that he uses to accomplish actions such as firing a gun, climbing, jumping, tumbling, etc. They have an armor rating of 4 and a move of 5"

Heroes are a little better. Having a skill of 1d10, 2d6 armor and a move of 7". Heroes also have powers which are pre-selected and allow the hero to do any number of things. Also Heroes can "Red shirt" (for you star trek fans out there) a lesser unit to take a deadly blow for them instead of taking the hit themselves.

My son selected 3 storm troopers, Vader(Hero), and a Jedi(medic). Here after known as the "Imperials"
I took 3 Chinese villagers, 1 ninja, and a "special" villager(medic). Here after known as the "Peasantries"

Heavy blaster and rifles (1d6+1 dmg) where given to the regulars and medics. The heroes where given dual katanas/lightsabers (1d6+2 dmg). All damage codes where equal for simplicity.
The hero powers where likewise comparable. Dodge bullets, acrobatics and dual wielding. Use of 1 power per turn once per turn.

The initial staging:

We quickly ran through the first two phases until our units where in range. The Imperials pushed all their units as far and as fast as they could, quickly gaining the high ground in the ruins. My Peasantries team stuck together to defend their leader.

Vader steps out into view at the top of the ruins laughing at the forces standing against him. As a retort three of my units open fire (the forth failing a climb check to climb a boulder is laying on his back recovering at this point). All three shots hit home. Vader dodged the first, was unharmed by the second, and torn in half by the third.

A mighty cheer is heard from the Peasantries forces.

The Imperial army is rarely so easily beaten however. Some imaginative moves and impressive rolls get the storm troopers and the medic into the ruins in record time. My forces take up defensive positions around some boulders on our side of the ruins and wait.

The Battle is Joined
Inish becomes paramount at this point, and I keep losing it.
My forces continue to hide and wait. His forces (except his medic) then jump to the brim and open fire. One of my regulars fall. We return fire also taking down a single unit.

The next round I am unable to get my medic to the injured unit in a single turn, and with the guns lining up on me I vote to keep him well hidden. My Hero swings wide towards the mountain in an attempt to come in behind. The Imperial medic heals the downed storm trooper and they take a little more cover before attacking again. Another of my units fall. I return fire to no avail.

Lost inish again. I decide to move, I was losing ground in my current position. The medic brings back the downed Peasantries and they swing along the front of the ruins using the cliff side for cover, my leader moves to join them. My other unit swings along the back edge. The Imperial forces focus their attention on the approaching leader. They move towards the front edge and open fire, but are unable to harm him.

Still losing inish, my hero ninja's his way up the cliff and lands next to a storm trooper. My other troops are all part way up the stairs at the rear and front of the ruins. The Imperial medic jumps from the cliff and, making some lucky rolls, survives and revives Vader. The other storm troopers spread out and open fire. One of my standards falls. I return fire killing a storm trooper and my hero cuts another one down.

The dual
Thing are close. I outnumber him on the ruins 3-2, but he still has more units on the board. I, of course, lose inish again. My Hero moves in to take on another storm trooper. My medic moves to heal my downed trooper, but he is more then 1 turn away. My remaining unit provides cover. The Imperials move in. Vader jumps up the cliff and engaged my ninja. The Imperial medic (continuing to roll well) scales the cliff side, using up his movement. The Imperials attack first. Vader strikes with his sabers. The first is dodged, the second cuts down the ninja. Vader then tosses his broken body down the stairs knocking another of my units off the cliff edge. A poor roll later he lands with a broken neck Only my Medic remains standing. He takes a shot at Vader to no avail.

The End
I lose inish again, sigh. My medic runs to the standard unit who he was trying to help last turn (the only guy in range) but fails to heal him. Vader makes sort work of the poor medic and the battle is won.


My son had a great time. He didn't get to upset when his Hero fell early and he played a surprisingly strategic game keeping his medic out of harms way on the high ground so he could easily heal the forward units without danger. I was not so lucky.

We both made some risky maneuvers with our units (his medic jumping up and down the cliffs) but we only failed on non-lethal moves (climbing boulders or ruble).
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Simon K
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It would be cool to see more brikwar session recaps here. Sounds like you had a smooth but exciting session!
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