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Subject: One amazing round rss

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Brian Bankler
United States
San Antonio
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"Keep Summer Safe!"
Five player game, I'm Adama. To my left is Boomer, Pres Rosalyn, Chief Tyrol, and Gaius Baltar. I start off a Cylon, but really have nothing to do unless I want to reveal. I decide to lay low and wait for a crisis. But none is forthcoming. I do some scouting and generally lay low, as I'm pretty sure I'm the only Cylon. Right before the second jump boomer gets thrown into the brig, so everyone wants me to just activate the sleeper phase. I don't draw a '1' card, so I 'graciously' go with the flow and jump to range 4 (instead of past it). Unforantely I have the first turn in the sleeper phase. I could reveal (and send someone to sickbay) but I may hit a Cylon. I decide to risk one round of staying hidden.

Rosalyn instantly executive orders Baltar who scans me and declares me a Cylon. I quietly call him a traitor. Now it gets interesting. The crisis lets us force the Admiral (me) to discard a few cards, but we lose a morale. Baltar starts screaming that we have plenty of morale and should nuke my hand. I argue that morale is more important. We succeed the crisis, but it's obvious that Baltar has tried to make us fail and I haven't. We're close to jumping again. The chief isn't sure enough of the position to brig either of us (I've jumped in the way everyone demanded, and while I've made a few close decisions, Baltar could easily have been a cylon the whole time and also laying low), and generally plays it safe. The crisis lets us advance the jump drive an extra time, so we oould jump again. Interesting. I'd still get to control the next jump if that happened. Baltar realizes it and starts arguing that we should fail (and take whatever hit), and I point out that's ludicrous. We succeed. Sadly, I get two '2' cards that aren't bad, I play the riskier one but succeed at the die roll. Oops. Now we're at six, and the fleet is pretty good.

Baltar finally gets a turn and tries to Brig me. I drop a fair number of cards to stay out, Boomer plays a card, everyone else plays 2-3 cards and then Baltar plays a fair number. I stay out.

But the fleet is already savely at six. I reveal, send Baltar (and the rest of his cards) to sickbay. With my supercrisis things are winnable (Boarders). But now something strange happens.

Boomer stays in the Brig and doesn't reveal but scoutn. (Boomer is a new player), I'm begging the other cylon to reveal so that we can use the boarders supercrisis (in my hand) and take over the ship. The other humans are all wary. Was Baltar actually a cylon? (Baltar has done that same tactic of outing the other werewolf in a game, to instantly make sure that his word is golden for the rest of the gmae). Is it the chief? The only player everyone can agree is safe is the President (who has done absolutely nothing questionable). We play two more round and the Cylon edge keeps slipping away before Baltar says "I wonder if we shuffled in both cylons." I grab the box and find three Cylon cards! Gah!

Still, my poor early luck (or play) had some phenomenal luck in the midgame (and Baltar's questionable arguments) that kept everyone genuinely guessing. Quite fun.
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