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I would like to review this game from my perspective as a teacher, trying to instill fun and wonder in my classes. This review will have a slightly different take on it, since often times I need to tweak the rules a bit to maximize playability with time limits and class size. However, there are many other great reviews out there to see if it fits your own unique play style.

General Review:

If you are looking for a light, simple and straight forward game that also teaches a bit of geography and logistics, look no further.

10 Days in Europe is a geographic linking game playable for 2-4 people in about 30-60 minutes. Your goal is to create a 10 day travel schedule by picking cards with (in this case) European countries or various transportation styles on them and linking them together in a logical order. The first person to do this wins.

General Class Review:

Obviously, this is a great game for any geography class, but since I teach ESL, I try to find games that I can do (at least) two things at once and this one nicely fits the bill.

I teach children and adults and both groups like the easy learning curve, the fast pace and the practical information learned here (practical meaning: geographic relations, pronunciation and conversation practice, not to mention logical strategy). Many look forward to playing again and it is fun to watch the people within the teams communicate (argue) about what their schedule should look like.

Classroom Tweaks:

Many teachers use games and activities in classes, but in doing so, we have to tweak many of the rules and set up to facilitate playability for larger groups or for more controlled times. Below are some ways that I have tweaked 10 Days in Europe for a classroom setting.

Usually, since my classes are small - from 6 to 12 people - I arrange people into groups that have to work together as a unit. Thus, we set up teams and they have to agree as to the cards they want. This is great since the team has to agree on the card they pick and where to place it.

The most people I have played with is with 12 kids, split up into 4 teams of 3 each. For this, when it was one team's turn, all three people picked a card and then decided which one to keep. The others were placed back into the pile. This is good since they have to speak up and convince the others of their group to keep it or discard it.

I also have to blow up the size of the map at times so that everyone can see the board (but that is what school copiers are for).

As with most of my classes, the students have to work for their goal (which is learning English), so I make them use as much English as possible. In this game, it is very easy to be quiet, but I push them to say complete sentences with the proper pronunciation of the countries they have.

When ever someone has won a game, we stop and I ask them to then explain their trip to the class in the past tense. The other students are then encouraged to ask them questions on what they did while they were in those particular countries (or anything else). This is a great wrap up for the students as well.

Hope this encourages you to tell more teachers to get this game for their classes!

Happy Playing and Learning,

Tr. Artspar


I am a ESL teacher from the States currently living and working in Taichung, Taiwan. I try my best to add excitement and some flair to my classes by 'board game geekifying' them as much as possible (is that a verb?). Board games are rare here and I feel it is my geek duty to let them experience as many as my paycheck can afford. Plus, it is not a small added benefit that many games I have introduced are great at communication and English conversation and the students (both young and old) forget that they are indeed learning many vital skills.

My general philosophy is that if they forget they are in class, I am happy. If they have actually learned something, I have succeeded. If they want to play again, I have 'geeked' them!

Also, I have read many reviews by the community here and want to thank you for offering your knowledge and passion. Your insight is extremely helpful and I only hope to add to this site as well.

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Great review. I am also a ESL teacher so I could really relate to this.
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