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Subject: Choose Your Own Adventure review of Ca$h 'n Gun$: les Yakuzas rss

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Daniel McCollum
United States
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This is an expansion to Ca$h 'n Guns$ that adds three new Yakuza characters to the mix. The game is split into 3 teams, with 2 of the teams being trios of the original gangsters. The Yakuza characters can deal out a touch more damage, but can be hurt by backing down more than once and can hit the wrong target. I won't go into too many details, as this info is available elsewhere.

#1 You walk into your local game store and see a copy of Ca$h 'n Gun$ - les Yakuzas on the shelf. You stop and ponder how many people you play the base game with.
a) "I usually have 4-6 players, and rarely more than that." Go to #3
b) "There is always a crowd, with several more itching to get into the game." Go to #2
c) "I can rarely get more than 4 to play the base game, if anyone wants to play it at all." Go to #7

#2 You begin to ponder how many orange foam weapons you can own.
a) "I like the base game a fair amount, but I don't know if I want to complicate it." Go to #6
b) "I stay up at night dreaming of orange foam swithblades, axes, and samurai swords." Go to #5
c) "Meh. It seems like a gimmick to me." Go to #7

#3 You check the back of the box and see the inclusion of throwing stars, tantos, and a shotgun.
a) "Must... have... foam... weapons......" Go to #5
b) "Um, I'll take the regular game. Blade weapons and a throwing star really don't seem to belong here." Go to #7
c) "I dunno. This could be fun, but I'm not sold." Go to #4

#4 You pull out your wallet and take a look inside.
a) You see cash overflowing your wallet. Go to #5.
b) Not much money, but you spot a credit card not quite maxed out! Go to #6.
c) A moth flies away as you open your wallet, and you curse yourself for spending all your money on a Munchkin #11- Unnecessary Luck. Go to #7.

#5 If you have at least 6 people that you play the base game with and you enjoy it, this is a must buy to me. It allows up to 9 to play, and is a blast to play. I don't take the base game anywhere without this game coming along with it.

#6 Could go either way. It handles the chaos of a 9 person game surprisingly well, but the game is a little clunkier with 9 than 6. It doesn't change too many things from the base game, so I view it more as a way to include extra people than a way to truly expand the game. The new cards and abilities mix things up a bit, but they don't change the basis of the game.

#7 Walk on by, nothing to see here! If you didn't like the base or don't have at least 6 players to play this with, this won't have anything to offer you. I wouldn't want to play this with 4 or 5, and the game is very similar to the original.

I really enjoy this expansion. It is blast with the right people, but it has all of the same issues as the original. My advice is to play the base game several times and see how much you enjoy it after a few plays before jumping to the expansion. It isn't perfectly balanced, as it seems the Yakuzas invariably lose to the mobsters. This does sour the deal slightly, but the game is wonderful nonetheless. A solid pick in my opinion.
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Very funny review.
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Rick Fleuren
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I would like to add another option at #4:
d) You see the box is on sale at Spiel for € 2,50! Go to #6

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