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Subject: LEGSTRONG rss

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Xavier Salvador

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A "Leader 1 The legend of cycling" game variant by Sr. Ulé

The LEGSTRONG variant of "Leader 1" for stage races enables the management of one of the most dynamic (and media awakening) aspects of cycling.

You only need a regular 54-card deck and a dozen of card sleeves. Before play, each rider is given 4 cards and a card sleeve. The player must choose one of the cards as the rider Energy Level (EL) and put all 4 cards in the sleeve, with only the front side of the chosen card in display.

The card you choose determines the starting energy bonus or penality at the beginning of each stage:

Table 1: Energy Level (EL)
·A: +5 energy/stage
·2: -1 energy/stage
·3: -2 energy/stage
·4: -2 energy/stage
·5: -3 energy/stage
·6: -3 energy/stage
·7: -4 energy/stage
·8: -4 energy/stage
·9: -5 energy/stage
·10: -5 energy/stage
·J: No modification to EL
·Q: No modification to EL
·K: No modification to EL
·Joker: Cannot be chosen as EL

At the end of each stage, an anti-doping control is performed to to one or more of the riders, according to a event die roll:

Table 2: Anti doping controls
·1: Stage winner (only)
·2: Stage winner (only)
·3: Stage winner (only)
·4: Stage winner + Second place rider
·5: Stage winner + Second place rider
·6: Stage winner + Third place rider
·7: Stage winner + Third place rider
·8: Stage winner + Fourth place rider
·9: Second place rider + Third place rider
·10: Second place rider + Forth place rider
·11: One rider (only) choosen at random with (low) event die rolls (reroll in case of tie)
·12: Two riders (or more, in case of tie) choosen at random (don't reroll ties)

An anti-doping test is performed by the player with the Peloton leader token (except tests of this player riders, that are performed by the player at his left).

The test involves choosing at random one of the cards in the sleeve. All cards in the sleeve, including the card previously shown as EL, are shuffled face down and the test performer chooses one at random*. The result of tests depends on the comparison of the rider's EL with the EL of the choosen card.

Table 3: Test results
·The chosen card has the same or higher EL as the rider's EL:
The test is negative.
·The chosen card has the lower EL than the rider's EL:
The test is positive and the rider is disqualified (and he may not take part on next stages!)

EXCEPTION: When a player with Ace EL gets a K, Q, or J card choosen, the test result is negative!
The EL value of the Joker cards is considered to be the same as the rider EL, so when a Joker is chosen during a test, the test result is also negative

After a negative test result, the rider gets a saving roll before the next test. This saving roll is marked circling (instead of crossing) the risk squares of the energy table. The value of the saving rolls is given on Table 4:

Table 4: Saving rolls
·1 previous negative test: 5 or less
·2 previous negative tests: 8 or less
·3 or more previous negative tests: 11 or less

After a test, the cards are returned to the sleeve. The player can either choose to maintain the previous EL or choose a different card, as long as its EL is lower.

* Yes, there can be alliances of players to "alter" the results of the test (i.e. you can "randomly" choose the card signaled by your ally). This works better when used along with optional rules that allow keeping control of the peloton leader token!

LEGSTRONG tries to be a realist simulation of cycling.
•This variant takes into account differences in Natural capabilities (realist).
•These differences can be overcome by doping (realist).
•It is up to each player to decide whether he dopes or not (realist).
•The decision depends on the cards, but these are only known by the player (realist).
•Doping tests are not 100% correct (realist).
Hope you enjoy LEGSTRONG Leader 1.
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