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Subject: A Games Overboard Video Review rss

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Brian Stevenson
United States
Castle Rock
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This is a supplemental written review accompanying the video done by:

Ah the smell of nature in the morning, the cool dew on the leaves, the forest all around, and the smell of........Wet Moose?!?!

That's right, wet moose. Nothing gets the nostrils awakened quite like the fragrant aroma of a large, antlered beast.

You may ask what a wet moose has to do with a game called Elkfest. I mean, the game is called ELK-fest, not moose fest. Well, to clear that up right off the bat, we'll refer to the rulebook which informs us that the original, German, name for the game was ELCHFEST; which translates to moosefest. They wanted the game name to be similar in the translation so they left it. Anyways, who besides some beer-drinking Celine Dion listening Canadians really know the difference between an Elk and Moose*

*Games Overboard would like to state they the love the Canadian peoples. Barenaked Ladies (the band), John Candy, Alanis Morisette, and that mountie guy from the old TV show Due South are some of our favorites. If any Canadians were offended by the previous statement we apologize and politely ask that you go and eat some poutine, eh?

So back to the game. your lonely moose are looking for greener pastures on the other side of the river, and need your help. Beside the banks of the river are three gray rocks that they need you to position in front of them to give them stepping stones. I like to imagine that the body of water is Frozen, and that you are pushing the stones in a curling type manner to get them in front of the moose.

(On a semi-related tangent about curling, if you've not yet seen the movie Men With Brooms, I highly recommend it as the premiere curling movie available.)

You may flick any stone on the playing field as long as there is not a moose currently standing on it. This allows you to not only place stones in front of your own moose, but to "clear" the stones away from your opponent.

Each player takes two flicks a turn and may move their moose any time that they like onto stones that are close enough. Moose may occupy the same stones, but it is rare and fairly difficult to fit two moose on one stone.

This is all routine until a moose falls in the water. If for any reason you knock a moose off of it's rock (yours OR your opponent's) you immediately stop play, replace the moose and stones back to their original positions (as closely as possible without being annoyingly anal retentive) and the other player then gets Three (3) shots during his next turn. This is what's known as a "wet moose"

The same situation also happens should a player shoot "over the falls" Over the falls means off of the table. If this happens the rock is replaced back to the start position next to the island and the other player gets three shots.

Game ends when one player successfully has their moose reach the other island.

That's it. It's a simple game. I love that it scales to the surface you play on (much like Carcassonne and Wings of War). I've played long games on a table with the leaves pulled out and a really short game on a small table.

It's easy to transport. Literally, everything in the game can be put in a Ziplock bag and taken with you.

That's about it. I hope you enjoy the video, and we hope you stop by our site and watch some more videos.
Twitter: @gamesoverboard
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Gordon Adams
United Kingdom
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Yep, it is easier to transport mini draught pieces and a couple of meeples and use two playing cards for your islands. Cheapskate version


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