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Subject: An abstract game with a theme. Wait, what? rss

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Andrew Tullsen
United States
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Castle Danger

Castle Danger is currently being sold on TheGameCrafter.

The Game Crafter page gives you nice overview of what you get, but a picture always helps.
Apparently this game has gone through a lot of editions, and the edition offered on TheGameCrafter is the 4th Edition.
TheGameCrafter ships all their games in heavy white boxes. These double as storage boxes.

*Note: I received this game as a review game.
The games also include a GameCrafter Logo sticker and a B+W small sticker for the game. Not very pretty, but functional.

So, on to the contents. There is a full component list on TheGameCrafter

You get a board, a player reference sheet, the rules, and a number of bags of different pawns. The Boards are printed on the same material as GameCrafter's cards, so they are about the thickness of playing card.
Besides the plastic pawns, you get some glass stones, and some wood octagonal pieces.

See them in their full glory below:

On to Game Play.
Castle Danger is an abstract game with the faint theme of building walls and shooting each other's walls down. There is no luck in this game.
Each square on the map can hold one piece, no more.
Each piece has a special ability.
The map has a river running down the middle. You cannot cross it, so you have to use your cannons to shoot over it.

Units and their abilities:
King - You have one king. If he dies, then you lose.

Wizard - Each wizard you have gives you +3 moves per turn. So if you have 2 wizards, you have 9 moves (Base of 3, plus 3*(2 wizards))

Cannon - Each canon can shoot once per turn at the opposing side.

Builder - The builders build walls which protect against the cannons.

What can I do in my turn?

Each turn you count up how many wizards you have and see how many moves you can make. Moving a piece counts as 1 move and building a wall counts as a move. The cost to fire a cannon is the number of spaces between him and his target. Cannons can shoot over units, but not walls. The target is taken off the board and replaced with a fire marker, which doesn't go away for a turn (and prevents anyone else from entering that square).

And one more important thing - you can only bring one more unit onto the board each turn.

What do I think of this game?
First of all, I'm not big on abstracts, but this one looked interesting. I like how you can have increase your moves by having more pieces. The board gets crowded fast, as you are trying to protect your king and wizards, trying to build more walls, trying to hurt your opponent by shooting him with cannons....
Often the person that has more cannons can stay in the lead by shooting any other cannons the other person can field.
Once you get to midgame, and both players have filled thier side up with walls and wizards, it takes a while to resolve. It's basically a stalemate, as each player shoots and hides behind walls. Walls are really easy to build (in terms of moves) and cannons take a lot of moves to shoot.
I can't really tell why a person won a game - did they build the most walls, or the least? Or have the most cannons or the most wizards?
I'm not sure if this is in it's favor, or not.

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