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Subject: GameStorm 2010 Math Trade - Discussion Thread rss

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David Thompson
United States
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This Math Trade is intended for anyone attending GameStorm 12, March 25-28, 2010. You or your proxy need to be at GameStorm 12 in order to partcipate in this trade. If you are new to math trades, see the next post (below) for information on how to participate.


Trade GeekList:
Request GeekList:

Timeline: All times are Pacific

Open for Item Submissions: Friday, March 5th, Noon
Closed for Item Submissions/Open for Want Lists: Thursday, March 18th, 9:00 PM
Want Lists Closed: Sunday, March 21st, 2 PM
Results posted: Sunday March 21st, 3 PM


The submission period for games has ended. Want lists may now be submitted.

Software used:
Wantlists will be submitted via the Online Wantlist Generator (OLWLG).
The trade will be run on TradeMaximizer 1.4 with duplicate protection.

Below you will find:

* information for new traders
* a word about proxies
* the official summary of items
* the want lists
* the official results
* the rules and restrictions for the trade
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David Thompson
United States
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Information for new traders:

If you are new to math trades, check out the following links for a primer on how they work. Feel free to ask specific questions below after you have a sense of what they are about:

These two cover the same material, but in different learning styles:
The Math Trade wiki page
Math Trades for Dummies

You will also need to learn about the online wantlist generator (OLWLG):
The OLWLG wiki page
Steve's geeklist on How to use the OLWLG
Chris' geeklist on How to use Duplicate Protection with the OLWLG
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David Thompson
United States
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A word about proxies:

You do not need to be going to the convention to participate, although that is strongly encouraged. You can also participate if you can find someone in your area who is willing to be your proxy at the convention (i.e. someone who is willing to take your traded games to the convention and pick up your "winnings" for you).

Usually finding a proxy isn't that hard - we've had several no-ship events that have drawn participants from Seattle to Ashland, and those didn't even have the convention as a draw. Feel free to use the forum below to request proxies from your area.
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David Thompson
United States
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Official Summary

0001-AUTOS ==> "Autoscooter" (from themilkcrate)
0002-WOP ==> "Web of Power" (from themilkcrate)
0003-MARRA ==> "Marracash" (from themilkcrate)
0004-HTHYW ==> "Havoc: The Hundred Years War" (from themilkcrate)
0005-ELFEN ==> "Elfenland" (from themilkcrate)
0006-BATTL ==> "BattleLore" (from themilkcrate)
0007-GENPOO ==> "Gene Pool" (from themilkcrate)
0008-STRUG ==> "Struggle of Empires" (from themilkcrate)
0009-ANIW ==> "Alt Name: Item withdrawn" (from themilkcrate)
0010-INNESC ==> "Innsmouth Escape" (from themilkcrate)
0011-CALIF ==> "California" (from themilkcrate)
0012-MAGNA ==> "Caylus Magna Carta" (from themilkcrate)
0013-METRO ==> "Metro" (from themilkcrate)
0014-COF ==> "Children of Fire" (from themilkcrate)
0015-TERRA ==> "Terrace" (from themilkcrate)
0016-STBG ==> "StarCraft: The Board Game" (from tasajara)
0017-TOIDOTF ==> "Tide of Iron: Days of the Fox" (from nichol)
0018-TOIN ==> "Tide of Iron: Normandy" (from nichol)
0019-HMSSOTM ==> "Heroscape Master Set: Swarm of the Marro" (from nichol)
0020-ATC ==> "Alea Treasure Chest" (from nichol)
0021-CAVUM ==> "Cavum" (from nichol)
0022-KAIVAI ==> "Kaivai" (from nichol)
0023-INDON ==> "Indonesia" (from nichol)
0024-MCMUL ==> "McMulti" (from nichol)
0025-BROSE ==> "Mississippi Queen: The Black Rose" (from nichol)
0026-KEYHAR ==> "Key Harvest" (from nichol)
0027-ROADS ==> "Roads and Boats" (from nichol)
0028-NOSTR ==> "Mare Nostrum" (from nichol)
0029-CHINA ==> "China" (from nichol)
0030-1914-COPY1 ==> "1914" (from nichol) [copy 1 of 2]
0030-1914-COPY2 ==> "1914" (from nichol) [copy 2 of 2]
0031-CTESG ==> "Caledea: The Epic Strategy Game" (from nichol)
0032-HARPO ==> "Harpoon" (from nichol)
0033-SPQRI ==> "S.P.Q.RisiKo!" (from nichol)
0034-WTP ==> "We the People" (from nichol)
0035-WILDC ==> "Wildcatter" (from nichol)
0036-ZENDO ==> "Zendo" (from artfuldodge2)
0037-RISK2 ==> "Risk 2210 A.D." (from artfuldodge2)
0038-ABRAC ==> "Abracadabra" (from nichol)
0039-SUCCE ==> "Successors" (from nichol)
0040-FUNNY ==> "Funny Friends" (from artfuldodge2)
0041-TIERT ==> "Tier auf Tier" (from nichol)
0042-PGRID ==> "Power Grid" (from nichol)
0043-TE ==> "Tigris & Euphrates" (from nichol)
0044-LTAR1 ==> "Liberty: The American Revolution 1775-83" (from nichol)
0045-ATTRI ==> "Attribute" (from artfuldodge2)
0046-ALHAM ==> "Alhambra" (from nichol)
0047-DUNE ==> "Dune" (from nichol)
0048-RALLY ==> "RoboRally" (from artfuldodge2)
0049-DIPLO ==> "Diplomacy" (from artfuldodge2)
0050-SMS ==> "Sag's mit Symbolen" (from nichol)
0051-HC ==> "Heimlich & Co." (from artfuldodge2)
0052-ANCDT-COPY1 ==> "Alt Name: Cedar Dice Tower" (from nichol) [copy 1 of 2]
0052-ANCDT-COPY2 ==> "Alt Name: Cedar Dice Tower" (from nichol) [copy 2 of 2]
0053-BTRAY ==> "Betrayal at House on the Hill" (from HazMatt)
0054-FAAAVS ==> "Fire and Axe: A Viking Saga" (from HazMatt)
0055-TAS ==> "Total Attack!! Soccer" (from krazygit)
0056-TICHU ==> "Tichu" (from nichol)
0057-CATHE ==> "Cathedral" (from nichol)
0058-FURYD ==> "Fury of Dracula" (from krazygit)
0059-BTCRY ==> "Battle Cry" (from krazygit)
0060-TSURO ==> "Tsuro" (from krazygit)
0061-AOMTB ==> "Age of Mythology: The Boardgame" (from krazygit)
0062-GOLDB ==> "Goldbräu" (from krazygit)
0063-KTLG ==> "Khet: The Laser Game" (from krazygit)
0064-BATTL ==> "Battleball" (from krazygit)
0065-WOG ==> "Web of Gold" (from krazygit)
0066-BUFFY ==> "Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Game (US)" (from krazygit)
0067-TI3E ==> "Twilight Imperium (3rd Edition)" (from cuzzle)
0068-WOWTAG ==> "World of Warcraft: The Adventure Game" (from cuzzle)
0069-SPACE ==> "Space Dealer" (from cuzzle)
0070-PROPH ==> "Prophecy" (from Grudunza)
0071-LEODV ==> "Leonardo da Vinci" (from HazMatt)
0072-AIRFOR ==> "Air Force" (from HazMatt)
0073-AIRSUP ==> "Air Superiority" (from HazMatt)
0074-THUEDG ==> "Thunder's Edge" (from HazMatt)
0075-KINGD ==> "Kingdoms" (from TheCat)
0076-UNSWOR ==> "Unspeakable Words" (from TheCat)
0077-EVERG ==> "Evergreen" (from TheCat)
0078-BTMBG ==> "Beowulf: The Movie Board Game" (from TheCat)
0079-ETCG ==> "Euphrates & Tigris Card Game" (from TheCat)
0080-PME ==> "PitchCar Mini Extension" (from TheCat)
0081-BOBBUM ==> "Bobbin' Bumblebee" (from TheCat)
0082-CATHE ==> "Cathedral" (from artfuldodge2)
0083-AXISA ==> "Axis & Allies" (from TheCat)
0084-AXISA ==> "Axis & Allies" (from TheCat)
0085-BANG ==> "Bang!" (from TheCat)
0086-JUNTA-COPY1 ==> "Junta" (from kiffist) [copy 1 of 3]
0086-JUNTA-COPY2 ==> "Junta" (from kiffist) [copy 2 of 3]
0086-JUNTA-COPY3 ==> "Junta" (from kiffist) [copy 3 of 3]
0087-A2E ==> "Afrika (2nd Edition)" (from kiffist)
0088-AAAE ==> "Axis & Allies Anniversary Edition" (from kiffist)
0089-EBAYG ==> "eBay Electronic Talking Auction Game" (from kiffist)
0090-RSR ==> "Red Storm Rising" (from kiffist)
0091-HERAZ ==> "Hera and Zeus" (from kiffist)
0092-SH3E ==> "Space Hulk (3rd Edition)" (from kiffist)
0093-AGRIC ==> "Agricola" (from kiffist)
0094-FAAAVS ==> "Fire and Axe: A Viking Saga" (from kiffist)
0095-TANNH ==> "Tannhäuser" (from kiffist)
0096-CFACBOTARAFIW ==> "Clash for a Continent: Battles of the American Revolution and French & Indian War" (from kiffist)
0097-GRANA ==> "Granada: The Fall of Moslem Spain" (from kiffist)
0098-LNLADOH ==> "Lock 'n Load: A Day of Heroes" (from kiffist)
0099-UWUE ==> "Ultimate Werewolf: Ultimate Edition" (from kiffist)
0100-VAPGAM ==> "Vapor's Gambit" (from kiffist)
0101-VICCRO ==> "Victoria Cross" (from kiffist)
0102-DIPLO ==> "Diplomacy" (from kiffist)
0103-1TMOTP ==> "1960: The Making of the President" (from kiffist)
0104-EUREN ==> "Europe Engulfed" (from kiffist)
0105-MANOE ==> "Manoeuvre" (from kiffist)
0106-NEXUS ==> "Nexus Ops" (from kiffist)
0107-PANDE ==> "Pandemic" (from kiffist)
0108-PERIK ==> "Perikles" (from kiffist)
0109-PROPH ==> "Prophecy" (from kiffist)
0110-RA ==> "Ra" (from kiffist)
0111-POG ==> "Pursuit of Glory" (from kiffist)
0112-WRING ==> "War of the Ring" (from kiffist)
0113-BOLIDE ==> "Bolide" (from Shawn_Solo)
0114-WOW ==> "Way Out West" (from Shawn_Solo)
0115-THURN ==> "Thurn and Taxis" (from i7dealer)
0116-ILIUM ==> "Ilium" (from i7dealer)
0117-AUSTR ==> "Australia" (from i7dealer)
0118-EMIRA ==> "Emira" (from i7dealer)
0119-AFR188 ==> "Africa 1880" (from i7dealer)
0120-CONQU ==> "Conquest" (from HazMatt)
0121-JCS ==> "James Clavell's Shogun" (from HazMatt)
0122-NEXUS ==> "Nexus Ops" (from HazMatt)
0123-FDC11HZ ==> "Formula Dé Circuits 15 & 16 - Hockenheim & Zeltweg" (from HazMatt)
0124-FDC33BS ==> "Formula Dé Circuits 34 & 35 - Bahrain & Shanghai" (from HazMatt)
0125-REDNOV ==> "Red November" (from richtoosoon)
0126-CINEP ==> "Cineplexity" (from richtoosoon)
0127-LASTN ==> "Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game" (from shmitty)
0128-TANNH ==> "Tannhäuser" (from shmitty)
0129-OOTSAGTDOD ==> "Order of the Stick Adventure Game: The Dungeon of Dorukan" (from shmitty)
0130-PMBFCG ==> "Paranoia Mandatory Bonus Fun! Card Game" (from shmitty)
0131-RTURN ==> "Return of the Heroes" (from shmitty)
0132-RCAB ==> "RoboRally - Crash and Burn" (from shmitty)
0133-SPACE ==> "Space Dealer" (from shmitty)
0134-SORSLI ==> "Sorry! Sliders" (from artfuldodge2)
0135-WILDL ==> "WildLife" (from i7dealer)
0136-ARKAD ==> "Arkadia" (from i7dealer)
0137-ANIW ==> "Alt Name: Item withdrawn" (from i7dealer)
0138-MTTC ==> "Message to the Czar" (from i7dealer)
0139-OASIS ==> "Oasis" (from i7dealer)
0140-TIMSQU ==> "Times Square" (from i7dealer)
0141-ACOVE ==> "The Ark of the Covenant" (from i7dealer)
0142-DESBZ ==> "Desert Bazaar" (from i7dealer)
0143-STACT ==> "Soccer Tactics" (from i7dealer)
0144-KINGD ==> "Kingdoms" (from i7dealer)
0145-HISTW ==> "History of the World" (from i7dealer)
0146-HAMBU ==> "Hamburgum" (from i7dealer)
0147-BFG ==> "Battle for Germany" (from i7dealer)
0148-GDEST ==> "Galactic Destiny" (from i7dealer)
0149-MORDR ==> "Mordred" (from i7dealer)
0150-HFISH ==> "Hey! That's My Fish!" (from i7dealer)
0151-CITYS ==> "Cityscape" (from i7dealer)
0152-ILPRI ==> "Il Principe" (from i7dealer)
0153-TOTAN ==> "Tales of the Arabian Nights" (from i7dealer)
0154-CONQU ==> "Conquest of the Empire" (from i7dealer)
0155-CSSAS ==> "Cannes: Stars, Scripts and Screens" (from i7dealer)
0156-ANTIQ ==> "Antiquity" (from i7dealer)
0157-PROPH ==> "Prophecy" (from i7dealer)
0158-AOMTB ==> "Age of Mythology: The Boardgame" (from i7dealer)
0159-BFEUD ==> "Blood Feud In New York" (from i7dealer)
0160-SHOWM ==> "Showmanager" (from i7dealer)
0161-TUNEB ==> "Tunebaya" (from i7dealer)
0162-RAIRIV ==> "Railway Rivals" (from artfuldodge2)
0163-HANNI ==> "Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage" (from artfuldodge2)
0164-OGRE ==> "Ogre" (from HazMatt)
0165-MOTM ==> "Monkeys on the Moon" (from HazMatt)
0166-ALADD ==> "Aladdin's Dragons" (from jredd)
0167-CARCH ==> "Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers" (from jredd)
0168-FEUDO ==> "Feudo" (from jredd)
0169-HIBER ==> "Hibernia" (from jredd)
0170-LOSTC ==> "Lost Cities" (from jredd)
0171-OASIS ==> "Oasis" (from jredd)
0172-PGRID ==> "Power Grid" (from jredd)
0173-RFTG ==> "Race for the Galaxy" (from jredd)
0174-SAMUR ==> "Samurai" (from jredd)
0175-SAMUR ==> "Samurai" (from jredd)
0176-TWIST ==> "Twilight Struggle" (from jredd)
0177-VEGAS ==> "Vegas Showdown" (from jredd)
0178-TTAASOC ==> "Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization" (from kiffist)
0179-BATGAL ==> "Battlestar Galactica" (from rsmithx)
0180-ANASA ==> "Anasazi" (from rsmithx)
0181-WORSWE ==> "Word Sweep!" (from rsmithx)
0182-STEAM ==> "Age of Steam" (from richtoosoon)
0183-CBB1 ==> "Cranium Booster Box 1" (from rsmithx)
0184-ACQUI ==> "Acquire" (from noon)
0185-RISKL ==> "Risk: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Edition" (from rsmithx)
0186-CIVIL ==> "Civilization" (from i7dealer)
0187-HIS ==> "Here I Stand" (from i7dealer)
0188-BMOON ==> "Blue Moon" (from noon)
0189-AOMTB ==> "Age of Mythology: The Boardgame" (from noon)
0190-WYAEAR ==> "Wyatt Earp" (from noon)
0191-ANDRO ==> "Android" (from UvulaBob)
0192-WOWTB ==> "World of Warcraft: The Boardgame" (from UvulaBob)
0193-TWIST ==> "Twilight Struggle" (from UvulaBob)
0194-DYNAS ==> "Dynasties" (from UvulaBob)
0195-STOTHI ==> "Stop Thief" (from UvulaBob)
0196-18AL ==> "18AL" (from UvulaBob)
0197-DDWS ==> "Diceland: Deep White Sea" (from UvulaBob)
0198-ARCLEG ==> "Arcane Legions" (from UvulaBob)
0199-RUMIS ==> "Blokus 3D" (from UvulaBob)
0200-CARII ==> "Cartagena II" (from UvulaBob)
0201-FRESH ==> "Fresh Fish" (from HazMatt)
0202-TAS ==> "Total Attack!! Soccer" (from Chris Sjoholm)
0203-ORIEN ==> "Oriente" (from Chris Sjoholm)
0204-AN1CRB ==> "Alt Name: 10 Crown Royal bags" (from Chris Sjoholm)
0205-LCTBG ==> "Lost Cities: The Board Game" (from Rog.)
0206-RA ==> "Ra" (from Rog.)
0207-NEXUS ==> "Nexus Ops" (from Rog.)
0208-ANTIQ ==> "Antiquity" (from Rog.)
0209-FARGAM ==> "The Farming Game" (from Rog.)
0210-HARET ==> "Hare & Tortoise" (from Rog.)
0211-PP ==> "Pick & Pack" (from Rog.)
0212-W4AOBR ==> "Warhammer 40,000: Assault On Black Reach" (from Rog.)
0213-W45E ==> "Warhammer 40,000 5th Edition" (from Rog.)
0214-MRA ==> "Monsters Ravage America" (from Rog.)
0215-AVECA ==> "Ave Caesar" (from Rog.)
0216-LOTR ==> "Lord of the Rings" (from Rog.)
0217-BRAWL ==> "Brawl" (from Rog.)
0218-DTTLL ==> "Dungeoneer: Tomb of the Lich Lord" (from Rog.)
0219-ANDB ==> "Alt Name: Dice Boot" (from Rog.)
0220-BWORD ==> "BuyWord" (from Rog.)
0221-CCAV ==> "CAV: Combat Assault Vehicle" (from Rog.)
0222-POCCIV ==> "Pocket Civ" (from jredd)
0223-DOMIN ==> "Dominion" (from GamingEric)
0224-BARBA ==> "Barbarossa" (from Benjaminviking)
0225-WISHS ==> "If Wishes Were Fishes" (from GamingEric)
0226-MUNCTH ==> "Munchkin Cthulhu" (from GamingEric)
0227-BIACS ==> "Bull in a China Shop" (from GamingEric)
0228-A1503 ==> "Anno 1503" (from GamingEric)
0229-WITTRI ==> "Witch Trial" (from HazMatt)
0230-BATTL ==> "Battle-Cry" (from HazMatt)
0231-COSENC ==> "Cosmic Encounter" (from HazMatt)
0232-CHEGEE ==> "Chez Geek" (from HazMatt)
0233-VINCI ==> "Vinci" (from Game_Storm)
0234-LOWEN ==> "Löwenherz" (from Game_Storm)
0235-MEXICA ==> "Mexica" (from Game_Storm)
0236-HIGSOC ==> "High Society" (from Game_Storm)
0237-WILDL ==> "WildLife" (from Game_Storm)
0238-WKING ==> "Wizard Kings" (from Game_Storm)
0239-DUELA ==> "Duel of Ages Set 1: Worldspanner" (from Game_Storm)
0240-HERAZ ==> "Hera and Zeus" (from Game_Storm)
0241-SYARD ==> "Scotland Yard" (from Game_Storm)
0242-GREDAL ==> "The Great Dalmuti" (from Game_Storm)
0243-PP ==> "Plague & Pestilence" (from Benjaminviking)
0244-NOSTR ==> "Mare Nostrum" (from Emile)
0245-LOSTV ==> "Lost Valley" (from Emile)
0246-PC ==> "Pizarro & Co." (from Emile)
0247-6BILL ==> "6 Billion" (from Emile)
0248-PAXROM ==> "Pax Romana" (from Emile)
0249-VINCI ==> "Vinci" (from Emile)
0250-ARK ==> "Ark" (from BigDLishus)
0251-MAGNA ==> "Caylus Magna Carta" (from BigDLishus)
0252-CHINA ==> "China" (from BigDLishus)
0253-ANTISL ==> "Antler Island" (from jgeske)
0254-ASSYR ==> "Assyria" (from jgeske)
0255-ARCANA ==> "Arcana" (from jgeske)
0256-ATC ==> "Alea Treasure Chest" (from jgeske)
0257-GALEMP ==> "Galactic Emperor" (from cdefrisco)
0258-BARBA ==> "Barbarossa" (from jgeske)
0259-BASKE ==> "BasketBoss" (from jgeske)
0260-BDWDK ==> "Bushido: Der Weg des Kriegers" (from jgeske)
0261-OASIS ==> "Oasis" (from BigDLishus)
0262-PP ==> "Pick & Pack" (from BigDLishus)
0263-UNDER ==> "Under the Shadow of the Dragon" (from BigDLishus)
0264-GTR ==> "Glory to Rome" (from cdefrisco)
0265-BATAV ==> "Batavia" (from jgeske)
0266-BYZAN ==> "Byzantium" (from jgeske)
0267-PCOVE ==> "Pirate's Cove" (from BigDLishus)
0268-SAGA ==> "Saga" (from BigDLishus)
0269-CARCIT ==> "Carson City" (from jgeske)
0270-CAVUM ==> "Cavum" (from jgeske)
0271-CHINA ==> "Chinatown" (from jgeske)
0272-ATDG ==> "Alhambra: The Dice Game" (from cuzzle)
0273-STRAD ==> "La Strada" (from cuzzle)
0274-ANASA ==> "Anasazi" (from cuzzle)
0275-UNANI ==> "Unanimo" (from cdefrisco)
0276-PGFM ==> "Power Grid: Factory Manager" (from cuzzle)
0277-REDNOV-COPY1 ==> "Red November" (from cuzzle) [copy 1 of 5]
0277-REDNOV-COPY2 ==> "Red November" (from cuzzle) [copy 2 of 5]
0277-REDNOV-COPY3 ==> "Red November" (from cuzzle) [copy 3 of 5]
0277-REDNOV-COPY4 ==> "Red November" (from cuzzle) [copy 4 of 5]
0277-REDNOV-COPY5 ==> "Red November" (from cuzzle) [copy 5 of 5]
0278-TRABLO-COPY1 ==> "Travel Blokus" (from cuzzle) [copy 1 of 3]
0278-TRABLO-COPY2 ==> "Travel Blokus" (from cuzzle) [copy 2 of 3]
0278-TRABLO-COPY3 ==> "Travel Blokus" (from cuzzle) [copy 3 of 3]
0279-COSATT ==> "Cosmic Attack" (from cdefrisco)
0280-TRAAUS ==> "TrainSport: Austria" (from tweetlebeetle)
0281-PG-IF ==> "Power Grid - France/Italy" (from tweetlebeetle)
0282-PGC ==> "Power Grid - China/Korea" (from tweetlebeetle)
0283-CANYON ==> "Canyon" (from tweetlebeetle)
0284-IRODRA ==> "Iron Dragon" (from cdefrisco)
0285-EMERA ==> "Emerald" (from tweetlebeetle)
0286-INTER ==> "InterUrban" (from tweetlebeetle)
0287-10DAY ==> "10 Days in Europe" (from tweetlebeetle)
0288-CONFU ==> "Confucius" (from tweetlebeetle)
0289-THRON ==> "A Game of Thrones" (from tweetlebeetle)
0290-FURYD ==> "Fury of Dracula" (from tweetlebeetle)
0291-BFEUD ==> "Blood Feud In New York" (from tweetlebeetle)
0292-BLOX ==> "Blox" (from tweetlebeetle)
0293-HMTCB ==> "Heroscape Marvel: The Conflict Begins" (from tweetlebeetle)
0294-MUO ==> "Macht und Ohnmacht" (from tweetlebeetle)
0295-MDART ==> "Modern Art" (from tweetlebeetle)
0296-PIZZA ==> "Pizza Box Football" (from tweetlebeetle)
0297-STACT ==> "Soccer Tactics" (from tweetlebeetle)
0298-STICH ==> "Sticheln" (from tweetlebeetle)
0299-TAROT ==> "Tarot" (from cdefrisco)
0300-CEP ==> "Cuba: El Presidente" (from jgeske)
0301-DIXIT ==> "Dixit" (from jgeske)
0302-DN ==> "Day & Night" (from jgeske)
0303-DIACLU ==> "Diamonds Club" (from jgeske)
0304-ANIW ==> "Alt Name: Item withdrawn" (from jgeske)
0305-DSCHU ==> "Dschunke" (from jgeske)
0306-FFF ==> "Fische Fluppen Frikadellen" (from jgeske)
0307-DGS ==> "Die Goldene Stadt" (from jgeske)
0308-HABGUT ==> "Hab & Gut" (from jgeske)
0309-KREML ==> "Kremlin" (from jgeske)
0310-LOS ==> "League of Six" (from jgeske)
0311-LOSELR ==> "League of Six expansion - Loyal Retinue" (from jgeske)
0312-M ==> "M" (from jgeske)
0313-MAKBAN ==> "Maka Bana" (from jgeske)
0314-MEDINA ==> "Medina" (from jgeske)
0315-ANIW ==> "Alt Name: Item withdrawn" (from jgeske)
0316-MONLAB ==> "Monkey Lab" (from jgeske)
0317-MORISI ==> "Morisi" (from jgeske)
0318-MONBAY ==> "Montego Bay" (from jgeske)
0319-NHB ==> "Neuroshima Hex! - Babel13" (from jgeske)
0320-ANIW ==> "Alt Name: Item withdrawn" (from jgeske)
0321-SPAALE ==> "Space Alert" (from jgeske)
0322-BATKHA ==> "Batt'l Kha'os" (from cdefrisco)
0323-SIENA ==> "Siena" (from jgeske)
0324-STEROC ==> "Stephenson's Rocket" (from jgeske)
0325-TEMPUS ==> "Tempus" (from Windopaene)
0326-SUMER ==> "Sumeria" (from jgeske)
0327-SUNKN ==> "Sunken City" (from jgeske)
0328-TRIEXP ==> "Tribune Expansion" (from jgeske)
0329-VALDO ==> "Valdora" (from jgeske)
0330-WWE ==> "World Without End" (from jgeske)
0331-WAGER ==> "Wits & Wagers" (from cuzzle)
0332-ZOOEXO ==> "Zooloretto Exotic" (from jgeske)
0333-STEAM ==> "Age of Steam" (from i7dealer)
0334-AIE ==> "Alea Iacta Est" (from jgeske)
0335-SH2E ==> "Space Hulk (2nd Edition)" (from i7dealer)
0336-FEUDA ==> "Feudal" (from i7dealer)
0337-CUBA ==> "Cuba" (from i7dealer)
0338-GSR ==> "The Great Space Race" (from cdefrisco)
0339-THUROA ==> "Thunder Road" (from Benjaminviking)
0340-DIPLO ==> "Diplomacy" (from Benjaminviking)
0341-SIMCOS ==> "Simply Cosmic" (from Benjaminviking)
0342-BTCRY ==> "Battle Cry" (from Benjaminviking)
0343-AT43 ==> "AT-43" (from cdefrisco)
0344-KINGD ==> "Kingdoms" (from nichol)
0345-BABEL ==> "Babel" (from rgatti)
0346-BRIRAI ==> "British Rails" (from rgatti)
0347-CITAD ==> "Citadels" (from rgatti)
0348-COLOR ==> "Coloretto" (from rgatti)
0349-DSS ==> "Die Sieben Siegel" (from rgatti)
0350-HOLLY ==> "Dream Factory" (from rgatti)
0351-FACFUN ==> "Factory Fun" (from rgatti)
0352-AHKHE ==> "Arkham Horror: Kingsport Horror Expansion" (from Rog.)
0353-EENH ==> "Entdecker: Exploring New Horizons" (from rgatti)
0354-MARRA ==> "Marracash" (from rgatti)
0355-MEDINA ==> "Medina" (from rgatti)
0356-NEULA ==> "Neuland" (from rgatti)
0357-ESCAL ==> "Nuclear Escalation" (from rgatti)
0358-QUENEC ==> "Queen's Necklace" (from rgatti)
0359-SALAM ==> "Salamanca" (from rgatti)
0360-CLIMB ==> "The Climbers" (from WesSed)
0361-CHASE ==> "Chase" (from WesSed)
0362-INTHE ==> "In the Shadow of the Emperor" (from WesSed)
0363-MIDEV ==> "MidEvil" (from WesSed)
0364-ABBEY ==> "Mystery of the Abbey" (from WesSed)
0365-AOG ==> "Age of Gods" (from WesSed)
0366-AMYIT ==> "Amyitis" (from WesSed)
0367-BATTL ==> "Battletech" (from WesSed)
0368-SFR ==> "Struggle for Rome" (from WesSed)
0369-CAYLU ==> "Caylus" (from WesSed)
0370-KINGS ==> "Kingsburg" (from WesSed)
0371-MEM44 ==> "Memoir '44" (from WesSed)
0372-NEULA ==> "Neuland" (from WesSed)
0373-NWACG ==> "New World: A Carcassonne Game" (from WesSed)
0374-PILLA ==> "The Pillars of the Earth" (from WesSed)
0375-MAYA ==> "Maya" (from WesSed)
0376-ZENIX ==> "Zenix" (from WesSed)
0377-OREGON ==> "Oregon" (from WesSed)
0378-VALDOW ==> "Valvigi downs" (from Benjaminviking)
0379-WORTHI ==> "Word Thief" (from WesSed)
0380-SOZ ==> "The Settlers of Zarahemla" (from WesSed)
0381-SORSLI ==> "Sorry! Sliders" (from WesSed)
0382-ACQUI ==> "Acquire" (from Benjaminviking)
0383-TOI ==> "Tide of Iron" (from WesSed)
0384-ADDTG ==> "Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Trivia Game" (from Benjaminviking)
0385-SPB ==> "Statis Pro Baseball" (from Benjaminviking)
0386-ZOMFLU ==> "Zombie Fluxx" (from WesSed)
0387-SAFFSG ==> "Smugglers: A Family Friendly Strategy Game" (from Benjaminviking)
0388-STM ==> "Spank the Monkey" (from WesSed)
0389-0JBYOLT ==> "007 James Bond: You Only Live Twice" (from Benjaminviking)
0390-BABEL ==> "Tower of Babel" (from WesSed)
0391-CARCH ==> "Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers" (from WesSed)
0392-EMPBUI ==> "Empire Builder" (from WesSed)
0393-MUNCH ==> "Munchkin" (from WesSed)
0394-VDI ==> "Vampire: Dark Influences" (from WesSed)
0395-HONOR ==> "Honor of the Samurai" (from WesSed)
0396-STEAL ==> "Stealth Chess" (from WesSed)
0397-PGRID ==> "Power Grid" (from WesSed)
0398-CLEOP ==> "Cleopatra and the Society of Architects" (from WesSed)
0399-BALLO ==> "Balloon Cup" (from WesSed)
0400-BLAST ==> "Mag·Blast (Third Edition)" (from rgatti)
0401-MARCO ==> "San Marco" (from rgatti)
0402-BLOKU ==> "Blokus" (from Glad8r)
0403-RUMIS ==> "Blokus 3D" (from Glad8r)
0404-CARCH ==> "Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers" (from Glad8r)
0405-CWCVK ==> "Cold War: CIA vs. KGB" (from Glad8r)
0406-D3E ==> "Drakon (3rd Edition)" (from Glad8r)
0407-HERAZ ==> "Hera and Zeus" (from Glad8r)
0408-LIVIN ==> "Livingstone" (from Glad8r)
0409-MUNIC ==> "Municipium" (from Glad8r)
0410-DSVV ==> "Die Säulen von Venedig" (from rgatti)
0411-QUOVD ==> "Quo Vadis?" (from Glad8r)
0412-VILLA ==> "Villa Paletti" (from Glad8r)
0413-HIVE ==> "Hive" (from Glad8r)
0414-KNJAZ ==> "Knjaz'ja" (from Glad8r)
0415-TUTAN ==> "Tutankhamen" (from rgatti)
0416-GOLDB ==> "Goldbräu" (from rgatti)
0417-NAPWAR ==> "The Napoleonic Wars" (from pinbot)
0418-ELGRA ==> "El Grande" (from pinbot)
0419-TI2E ==> "Twilight Imperium (2nd Edition)" (from pinbot)
0420-TPDPC2 ==> "Trivial Pursuit: DVD Pop Culture 2" (from pinbot)
0421-INCGOL ==> "Incan Gold" (from pinbot)
0422-ELCAB ==> "El Caballero" (from artfuldodge2)
0423-ZOMBI ==> "Zombies!!!" (from pinbot)
0424-LOTRTC ==> "Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation" (from pinbot)
0425-WIZWAR ==> "Wiz-War" (from pinbot)
0426-INTHE ==> "In the Shadow of the Emperor" (from pinbot)
0427-KEESD ==> "Keesdrow" (from cdefrisco)
0428-AMULE ==> "Das Amulett" (from pinbot)
0429-THEBE ==> "Thebes" (from pinbot)
0430-INKOG ==> "Inkognito" (from pinbot)
0431-LANDS ==> "Landships" (from pinbot)
0432-AOG ==> "Alfreds Other Game" (from pinbot)
0433-HEROQ ==> "HeroQuest" (from pinbot)
0434-MEDIE ==> "Medieval" (from pinbot)
0435-NAPOL ==> "Age of Napoleon" (from pinbot)
0436-HOW ==> "HeroCard Orc Wars" (from pinbot)
0437-SHAZA ==> "Shazamm!" (from pinbot)
0438-HTP ==> "HellRail: Third Perdition" (from pinbot)
0439-RRHR ==> "Relic Raiders: Haunted Ruins" (from cdefrisco)
0440-BCTA ==> "BattleLore: Call to Arms" (from nichol)
0441-CONQU ==> "Conquest of the Empire" (from nichol)
0442-MACHE ==> "Die Macher" (from nichol)
0443-WOWFA ==> "Wings of War: Famous Aces" (from krazygit)
0444-SEASIM ==> "SeaSim" (from cdefrisco)
0445-PGRID ==> "Power Grid" (from richtoosoon)
0446-GALTRU ==> "Galaxy Trucker" (from richtoosoon)
0447-SMCTB ==> "Sid Meier's Civilization: The Boardgame" (from krazygit)
0448-QWIRK ==> "Qwirkle" (from krazygit)
0449-AGRIC ==> "Agricola" (from kiffist)
0450-MAGHIL ==> "Magic Hill" (from Benjaminviking)
0451-CARCA ==> "Carcassonne" (from Benjaminviking)
0452-BRASS ==> "Brass" (from rgatti)
0453-TEMPUS ==> "Tempus" (from rgatti)
0454-CAYLU ==> "Caylus" (from rgatti)
0455-GANG4 ==> "Gang of Four" (from rgatti)
0456-TOPGUN ==> "Top Gun" (from Benjaminviking)
0457-OKUDOS ==> "O'Kudos" (from rgatti)
0458-AIRBAR ==> "Air Baron" (from Benjaminviking)
0459-LIARS ==> "Liar's Dice" (from Benjaminviking)
0460-MHING ==> "Mhing" (from Benjaminviking)
0461-ANTIK ==> "Antike" (from Howitzer_120mm)
0462-DUNEXP-COPY1 ==> "Dune Express" (from Howitzer_120mm) [copy 1 of 3]
0462-DUNEXP-COPY2 ==> "Dune Express" (from Howitzer_120mm) [copy 2 of 3]
0462-DUNEXP-COPY3 ==> "Dune Express" (from Howitzer_120mm) [copy 3 of 3]
0463-POCCIV-COPY1 ==> "Pocket Civ" (from Howitzer_120mm) [copy 1 of 2]
0463-POCCIV-COPY2 ==> "Pocket Civ" (from Howitzer_120mm) [copy 2 of 2]
0464-ANRFNO-COPY1 ==> "Alt Name: Rubium for Nexus Ops" (from Howitzer_120mm) [copy 1 of 2]
0464-ANRFNO-COPY2 ==> "Alt Name: Rubium for Nexus Ops" (from Howitzer_120mm) [copy 2 of 2]
0465-400GG ==> "Alt Name: 400 Geekgold" (from Howitzer_120mm)
0466-200GG-COPY1 ==> "Alt Name: 200 Geekgold" (from Howitzer_120mm) [copy 1 of 2]
0466-200GG-COPY2 ==> "Alt Name: 200 Geekgold" (from Howitzer_120mm) [copy 2 of 2]
0467-POCCIV ==> "Pocket Civ" (from Howitzer_120mm)
0468-AN3SPAPPG-COPY1 ==> "Alt Name: 3 Solo Print and Play Pocket Games" (from Howitzer_120mm) [copy 1 of 2]
0468-AN3SPAPPG-COPY2 ==> "Alt Name: 3 Solo Print and Play Pocket Games" (from Howitzer_120mm) [copy 2 of 2]
0469-MICRO-COPY1 ==> "micropul" (from Howitzer_120mm) [copy 1 of 2]
0469-MICRO-COPY2 ==> "micropul" (from Howitzer_120mm) [copy 2 of 2]
0470-GOBSLA ==> "Goblin Slayer" (from Howitzer_120mm)
0471-ANR ==> "Alt Name: Removed" (from Howitzer_120mm)
0472-TSURO ==> "Tsuro" (from Howitzer_120mm)
0473-ANR ==> "Alt Name: Removed" (from Howitzer_120mm)
0474-VEGAS ==> "Vegas Showdown" (from Howitzer_120mm)
0475-ZOOLO ==> "Zooloretto" (from Howitzer_120mm)
0476-KEYTH ==> "Keythedral" (from rgatti)
0477-KEYHAR ==> "Key Harvest" (from rgatti)
0478-GENOA ==> "Genoa" (from rgatti)
0479-BMETP ==> "Blue Moon Expansion - The Pillar" (from rgatti)
0480-KEYLAR ==> "Key Largo" (from Windopaene)
0481-PUERT ==> "Puerto Rico" (from rsmithx)
0482-CWCVK ==> "Cold War: CIA vs. KGB" (from rsmithx)
0483-RISTRA ==> "Risk: Transformers" (from Silas1510)
0484-NINJA ==> "Ninja Galaxy" (from cdefrisco)
0485-CNG ==> "Ca$h 'n Gun$" (from richforpresident)
0486-CHINA ==> "Chinatown" (from richforpresident)
0487-CHACHE ==> "Chang Cheng" (from richforpresident)
0488-CASPAN ==> "Castle Panic" (from richforpresident)
0489-SOC ==> "Shadows over Camelot" (from rgatti)
0490-GUILL ==> "Guillotine" (from rgatti)
0491-TAMSK ==> "TAMSK" (from rgatti)
0492-ZERTZ ==> "ZÈRTZ" (from rgatti)
0493-TRACAR ==> "Travel Carcassonne" (from GamingEric)
0494-GWOC ==> "Great Wall of China" (from cdefrisco)
0495-AOSESBOSP12 ==> "Age of Steam Expansion: Secret Blueprints of Steam Plans 1 & 2" (from petegrey)
0496-ANDRO ==> "Andromeda" (from petegrey)
0497-ANTIK ==> "Antike" (from petegrey)
0498-AABOTB ==> "Axis & Allies: Battle of the Bulge" (from petegrey)
0499-BANG ==> "Bang!" (from petegrey)
0500-BWULF ==> "Beowulf: The Legend" (from petegrey)
0501-CARAST ==> "Carpe Astra" (from petegrey)
0502-CLEOP ==> "Cleopatra and the Society of Architects" (from petegrey)
0503-DOSRI ==> "Dos Rios" (from petegrey)
0504-CONDO ==> "Condottiere" (from petegrey)
0505-FEUDO ==> "Feudo" (from petegrey)
0506-GLOMUN ==> "Gloria Mundi" (from petegrey)
0507-HOTRE ==> "History of the Roman Empire" (from petegrey)
0508-LOWEN ==> "Löwenherz" (from petegrey)
0509-MAGGRE ==> "Magna Grecia" (from petegrey)
0510-MOA ==> "Merchants of Amsterdam" (from petegrey)
0511-MIDGA ==> "Midgard" (from petegrey)
0512-QUEEN ==> "Mississippi Queen" (from petegrey)
0513-NEULA ==> "Neuland" (from petegrey)
0514-OMB ==> "One More Barrel" (from petegrey)
0515-PGTBGODD ==> "Playing Gods: The Board Game of Divine Domination" (from petegrey)
0516-SAMAR ==> "Samarkand" (from petegrey)
0517-MARCO ==> "San Marco" (from petegrey)
0518-TOB ==> "The Thief of Baghdad" (from petegrey)
0519-BABEL ==> "Tower of Babel" (from petegrey)
0520-RHEIN ==> "Rheinländer" (from krazygit)
0521-UTOPIA ==> "Utopia" (from petegrey)
0522-VEGAS ==> "Vegas Showdown" (from petegrey)
0523-WYAEAR ==> "Wyatt Earp" (from petegrey)
0524-HANNI ==> "Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage" (from krazygit)
0525-LOOPL ==> "Loopin' Louie" (from krazygit)
0526-FACFUN ==> "Factory Fun" (from tweetlebeetle)
0527-DOMSEA ==> "Dominion: Seaside" (from WesSed)
0528-MAGHIL ==> "Magic Hill" (from cdefrisco)
0529-RICOC ==> "Ricochet Robots" (from WesSed)
0530-ELGRA ==> "El Grande" (from Jandoruss)
0531-MUNQUE ==> "Munchkin Quest" (from Jandoruss)
0532-DICTOW ==> "Dice Town" (from Jandoruss)
0533-NOTTI ==> "Nottingham" (from Jandoruss)
0534-REDNOV ==> "Red November" (from Jandoruss)
0535-CARCA ==> "Carcassonne" (from Jandoruss)
0536-RCT ==> "Roller Coaster Tycoon" (from figarojones)
0537-CHINA ==> "Chinatown" (from figarojones)
0538-CHACHE ==> "Chang Cheng" (from figarojones)
0539-NWACG ==> "New World: A Carcassonne Game" (from figarojones)
0540-JUNTA-COPY1 ==> "Junta" (from nichol) [copy 1 of 2]
0540-JUNTA-COPY2 ==> "Junta" (from nichol) [copy 2 of 2]
0541-MNME ==> "Mare Nostrum - Mythology Expansion" (from nichol)
0542-RISK ==> "Risk" (from nichol)
0543-CHIEXP ==> "Chicago Express" (from nichol)
0544-FAIRY ==> "Fairy Tale" (from treece keenes)
0545-CRONB ==> "Cronberg" (from treece keenes)
0546-TORRE ==> "Torres" (from treece keenes)
0547-DRAGO ==> "Dragonriders" (from treece keenes)
0548-STONE ==> "Stonehenge" (from treece keenes)
0549-THUND ==> "Thunderstone" (from treece keenes)
0550-ATTAC ==> "Attack!" (from treece keenes)
0551-ATTEXP ==> "Attack! Expansion" (from treece keenes)
0552-ELASU ==> "Elasund: The First City of Catan" (from treece keenes)
0553-BWULF ==> "Beowulf: The Legend" (from treece keenes)
0554-CLEOP ==> "Cleopatra and the Society of Architects" (from treece keenes)
0555-SEAFA ==> "Catan: Seafarers" (from treece keenes)
0556-GIGAN ==> "Giganten" (from rgatti)
0557-DIEDOL ==> "Die Dolmengötter" (from rgatti)
0558-ALHAM ==> "Alhambra" (from rgatti)
0559-DIEERB ==> "Die Erbraffer" (from Windopaene)
0560-THINK ==> "What Were You Thinking?" (from Windopaene)
0561-CMD ==> "Clue Master Detective" (from Windopaene)
0562-WCIRC ==> "Winner's Circle" (from Windopaene)
0563-MEDICI ==> "Medici" (from Windopaene)
0564-FISTD ==> "Fist of Dragonstones" (from treece keenes)
0565-FUNNY ==> "Funny Friends" (from treece keenes)
0566-CARCD ==> "Carcassonne: The Discovery" (from treece keenes)
0567-SAINT ==> "Saint Petersburg" (from Windopaene)
0568-CARIB ==> "Caribbean" (from treece keenes)
0569-HOLLY ==> "Dream Factory" (from Windopaene)
0570-SILVE ==> "Silverton" (from Windopaene)
0571-RISK ==> "Risk" (from Benjaminviking)
0572-AAP ==> "Axis & Allies: Pacific" (from noon)
0573-BTCRY ==> "Battle Cry" (from noon)
0574-DRUID ==> "Druidenwalzer" (from noon)
0575-TRAX ==> "Trax" (from noon)
0576-MMORE ==> "Mü & More" (from noon)
0577-TOI ==> "Tide of Iron" (from petegrey)
0578-TOIDOTF ==> "Tide of Iron: Days of the Fox" (from petegrey)
0579-YSPAH ==> "Yspahan" (from rgatti)
0580-KANAL ==> "Kanaloa" (from rgatti)
0581-POWER ==> "Powerboats" (from rgatti)
0582-FORMU ==> "Formula Dé" (from HazMatt)
0583-SHEAR ==> "Shear Panic" (from treece keenes)
0584-MRP ==> "Mission: Red Planet" (from treece keenes)
0585-AWFUL ==> "The Awful Green Things from Outer Space" (from treece keenes)
0586-DVOTF ==> "Dungeoneer: Vault of the Fiends" (from HazMatt)
0587-FAAAVS ==> "Fire and Axe: A Viking Saga" (from djfilms)
0588-ZOMBI ==> "Zombies!!!" (from stannius)
0589-KTLG ==> "Khet: The Laser Game" (from djfilms)
0590-FLIEG ==> "Der Fliegende Holländer" (from stannius)
0591-SOC ==> "Shadows over Camelot" (from stannius)
0592-DIPLO ==> "Diplomacy" (from stannius)
0593-FUNNY ==> "Funny Friends" (from djfilms)
0594-JUNTA ==> "Junta" (from djfilms)
0595-CAYLU ==> "Caylus" (from djfilms)
0596-SEAFA ==> "Catan: Seafarers" (from djfilms)
0597-FACFUN ==> "Factory Fun" (from djfilms)
0598-BURRAT ==> "Burn Rate" (from stannius)
0599-COSENC ==> "Cosmic Encounter" (from djfilms)
0600-ANIW ==> "Alt Name: Item withdrawn" (from UvulaBob)
0601-LOSTV ==> "Lost Valley" (from rgatti)
0602-AMUNRE ==> "Amun-Re" (from rgatti)
0603-DGA ==> "The Dutch Golden Age" (from WesSed)
0604-TOLEDO ==> "Toledo" (from WesSed)
0605-HACIE ==> "Hacienda" (from cabalzero)
0606-PERIK ==> "Perikles" (from cabalzero)
0607-SPECIR ==> "Speed Circuit" (from cabalzero)
0608-TTBINA1 ==> "Tobruk: Tank Battles in North Africa 1942" (from cabalzero)
0609-ILLUM ==> "Illuminati" (from cabalzero)
0610-LOOT ==> "Loot" (from WesSed)
0611-WARMA ==> "Warmachine" (from cabalzero)
0612-WIZQUE ==> "Wizard's Quest" (from HazMatt)
0613-ANAGAVB-COPY1 ==> "Alt Name: Agricola: Grain and Vegetable beads" (from themilkcrate) [copy 1 of 5]
0613-ANAGAVB-COPY2 ==> "Alt Name: Agricola: Grain and Vegetable beads" (from themilkcrate) [copy 2 of 5]
0613-ANAGAVB-COPY3 ==> "Alt Name: Agricola: Grain and Vegetable beads" (from themilkcrate) [copy 3 of 5]
0613-ANAGAVB-COPY4 ==> "Alt Name: Agricola: Grain and Vegetable beads" (from themilkcrate) [copy 4 of 5]
0613-ANAGAVB-COPY5 ==> "Alt Name: Agricola: Grain and Vegetable beads" (from themilkcrate) [copy 5 of 5]
0614-HOLLY ==> "Dream Factory" (from themilkcrate)
0615-ANCTB ==> "Alt Name: Carcassonne tile bag" (from themilkcrate)
0616-REDEM ==> "Redemption" (from themilkcrate)
0617-WWMID ==> "Midway: Turning Point in the Pacific" (from themilkcrate)
0618-CRYFAI ==> "Crystal Faire" (from themilkcrate)
0619-BYLOW ==> "Buy Low Sell High" (from themilkcrate)
0620-BOUNTY ==> "Bounty" (from themilkcrate)
0621-BLOKU ==> "Blokus" (from themilkcrate)
0622-DOOMB ==> "Doom: The Boardgame" (from themilkcrate)
0623-EMPBUI ==> "Empire Builder" (from themilkcrate)
0624-FOSSI ==> "Fossil" (from themilkcrate)
0625-GRAVE ==> "Gravediggers" (from themilkcrate)
0626-HOA ==> "Heart of Africa" (from themilkcrate)
0627-IDO ==> "Ido" (from themilkcrate)
0628-LITITA ==> "Little Italy" (from themilkcrate)
0629-LOTRS ==> "Lord of the Rings - Sauron" (from themilkcrate)
0630-MAMHUN ==> "Mammoth Hunters" (from themilkcrate)
0631-MAMOO ==> "Mamoonia" (from themilkcrate)
0632-MINOT ==> "Minotaur Lords" (from themilkcrate)
0633-MSWSE ==> "Monopoly: Star Wars Saga Edition" (from themilkcrate)
0634-NOTRE ==> "Notre Dame" (from themilkcrate)
0635-QUITS ==> "Quits" (from themilkcrate)
0636-RISK ==> "Risk" (from themilkcrate)
0637-SCARA ==> "Scarab Lords" (from themilkcrate)
0638-SMCTB ==> "Sid Meier's Civilization: The Boardgame" (from themilkcrate)
0639-STOAGE ==> "Stone Age" (from themilkcrate)
0640-SAS ==> "Sword and Skull" (from themilkcrate)
0641-JANTA ==> "Jantaris" (from richtoosoon)
0642-TTRTCG ==> "Ticket to Ride: The Card Game" (from FeelGoodND)
0643-SAS ==> "Sword and Skull" (from FeelGoodND)
0644-MCCMG ==> "Mutant Chronicles Collectible Miniatures Game" (from FeelGoodND)
0645-WTP ==> "We the People" (from FeelGoodND)
0646-STAMUN ==> "Star Munchkin" (from GamingEric)
0647-NIE ==> "Napoleon in Europe" (from FeelGoodND)
0648-AAEUR ==> "Axis & Allies: Europe" (from FeelGoodND)
0649-MOODS ==> "Moods" (from FeelGoodND)
0650-DIPLO ==> "Diplomacy" (from FeelGoodND)
0651-SYARD ==> "Scotland Yard" (from FeelGoodND)
0652-REGAT ==> "Regatta" (from FeelGoodND)
0653-WILGAM ==> "The Willow Game" (from FeelGoodND)
0654-HOBBIT ==> "The Hobbit" (from FeelGoodND)
0655-HFRO ==> "The Hunt for Red October" (from stannius)
0656-ZOMBI ==> "Zombies!!!" (from FeelGoodND)
0657-RBION ==> "Ripley's Believe It or Not!" (from stannius)
0658-FORTA ==> "Fortress America" (from Windopaene)
0659-INFCON ==> "Infernal Contraption" (from FeelGoodND)
0660-LUNRAI ==> "Lunar Rails" (from FeelGoodND)
0661-CONQU ==> "Conquest" (from Benjaminviking)
0662-HACTBRAG ==> "High Adventure Cliffhangers: The Buck Rogers Adventure Game" (from Benjaminviking)
0663-RISKL ==> "Risk: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Edition" (from Benjaminviking)
0664-TRIAS ==> "Trias" (from krazygit)
0665-FEF ==> "Fish Eat Fish" (from krazygit)
0666-THG ==> "This Hallowed Ground" (from Benjaminviking)
0667-MIDEV ==> "MidEvil" (from krazygit)
0668-SOC ==> "Shadows over Camelot" (from Grudunza)
0669-KACHI ==> "Ka-Ching!" (from krazygit)
0670-CASKEE ==> "Castle Keep" (from krazygit)
0671-STEAM ==> "Steam" (from jredd)
0672-GODPLA ==> "God's Playground" (from jredd)
0673-CITAD ==> "Citadels" (from jedediah)
0674-TE ==> "Tigris & Euphrates" (from jedediah)
0675-CHINA ==> "China" (from treece keenes)
0676-HOLLY ==> "Dream Factory" (from jedediah)
0677-AMUNRE ==> "Amun-Re" (from jedediah)
0678-STEAM ==> "Age of Steam" (from jedediah)
0679-SUDOKU ==> "Sudoku" (from treece keenes)
0680-WHEND ==> "When Darkness Comes" (from treece keenes)
0681-AZ ==> "Atlas & Zeus" (from treece keenes)
0682-PBSTC ==> "The Princess Bride: Storming the Castle" (from treece keenes)
0683-SCARA ==> "Scarab Lords" (from stannius)
0684-DUNGT ==> "Dungeon Twister" (from rgatti)
0685-BAAFOFCG ==> "Blazing Aces: A Fistful of Family Card Games" (from quozl)
0686-HOUSE ==> "A House Divided" (from cabalzero)
0687-DUNGT ==> "Dungeon Twister" (from treece keenes)
0688-LOTR ==> "Lord of the Rings" (from pinbot)
0689-WTCG ==> "WARS Trading Card Game" (from pinbot)
0690-MECCG ==> "Middle-earth CCG" (from pinbot)
0691-GNADE ==> "Gnadenlos!" (from quozl)
0692-ANIW ==> "Alt Name: Item withdrawn" (from quozl)
0693-STARF ==> "Starfarers of Catan" (from pinbot)
0694-THROU ==> "Through the Desert" (from pinbot)
0695-MATCG ==> "Modern Art: The Card Game" (from quozl)
0696-HAMBU ==> "Hamburgum" (from pinbot)
0697-RUMMY ==> "Mystery Rummy: Jack the Ripper" (from quozl)
0698-PECORD ==> "Pecking Order" (from quozl)
0699-TIMPIR ==> "Time Pirates" (from quozl)
0700-WHONEL ==> "Whoa Nellie" (from quozl)
0701-XBUGS ==> "X-Bugs" (from quozl)
0702-ROCKE ==> "Rocketmen: Axis of Evil" (from Howitzer_120mm)
0703-PAT ==> "Pirate and Traveler" (from pinbot)
0704-PROGAM ==> "The Propaganda Game" (from pinbot)
0705-SANTI ==> "Santiago" (from Emile)
0706-EOTMA ==> "Empires of the Middle Ages" (from Emile)
0707-WAGER ==> "Wits & Wagers" (from FeelGoodND)
0708-TRIUM ==> "Triumvirate" (from artfuldodge2)
0709-KEYHAR ==> "Key Harvest" (from tasajara)
0710-STBG ==> "StarCraft: The Board Game" (from tasajara)
0711-RD2 ==> "Railroad Dice 2" (from CaptainCaveman)
0712-BIGKIN ==> "Big Kini" (from CaptainCaveman)
0713-IBOSS ==> "I'm the Boss" (from CaptainCaveman)
0714-PCOVE ==> "Pirate's Cove" (from CaptainCaveman)
0715-SOCTE ==> "The Settlers of Catan: Travel Edition" (from CaptainCaveman)
0716-MANIL ==> "Manila" (from CaptainCaveman)
0717-CATAN ==> "The Settlers of Catan" (from CaptainCaveman)
0718-SFR ==> "Santa Fe Rails" (from CaptainCaveman)
0719-ATDG ==> "Alhambra: The Dice Game" (from CaptainCaveman)
0720-LOSTV ==> "Lost Valley" (from CaptainCaveman)
0721-STEAM ==> "Age of Steam" (from CaptainCaveman)
0722-MAGNA ==> "Caylus Magna Carta" (from UvulaBob)
0723-KOTE ==> "King of the Elves" (from UvulaBob)
0724-YSPAH ==> "Yspahan" (from UvulaBob)
0725-DIPLO ==> "Diplomacy" (from treece keenes)
0726-ARKHA ==> "Arkham Horror" (from UvulaBob)
0727-BARON ==> "Rail Baron" (from garygarison)
0728-EIA ==> "Empires in Arms" (from garygarison)
0729-NAVWAR ==> "Naval War" (from garygarison)
0730-AOEAD ==> "Age of Empires III: The Age of Discovery" (from YearoftheCat)
0731-GRS ==> "Gemblo Red Stone" (from cdefrisco)
0732-ANGSPC ==> "Alt Name: GEMBLO Solitaire Puzzle Cards" (from cdefrisco)
0733-WARINV ==> "Warhammer: Invasion" (from cuzzle)
0734-WAGER ==> "Wits & Wagers" (from UvulaBob)
0735-ALHAM ==> "Alhambra" (from HannibalUltor)
0736-CAYLU ==> "Caylus" (from HannibalUltor)
0737-DUNLOR ==> "Dungeon Lords" (from HannibalUltor)
0738-IMPER ==> "Imperial" (from HannibalUltor)
0739-KEYHAR ==> "Key Harvest" (from HannibalUltor)
0740-NEMWAR ==> "Nemo's War" (from HannibalUltor)
0741-PELOP ==> "Peloponnes" (from HannibalUltor)
0742-SHEAR ==> "Shear Panic" (from HannibalUltor)
0743-STCAR ==> "Streetcar" (from HannibalUltor)
0744-TRIDE ==> "Ticket to Ride" (from HannibalUltor)
0745-RROME ==> "The Republic of Rome" (from HannibalUltor)
0746-HOITY ==> "Hoity Toity" (from HannibalUltor)
0747-MUNCH ==> "Munchkin" (from Grudunza)
0748-CLEOP ==> "Cleopatra and the Society of Architects" (from Grudunza)
0749-ANR ==> "Alt Name: Relisted" (from Howitzer_120mm)
0750-LOOT ==> "Loot" (from Howitzer_120mm)
0751-BARON ==> "Rail Baron" (from Grudunza)
0752-GREQUE ==> "Greed Quest" (from Grudunza)
0753-BACBAN ==> "Bacchus' Banquet" (from Grudunza)
0754-SAGA ==> "Saga" (from rgatti)
0755-DUELA ==> "Duel of Ages Set 1: Worldspanner" (from rgatti)
0756-COMMC ==> "Commands & Colors: Ancients" (from regahj)
0757-CITAD ==> "Citadels" (from regahj)
0758-STADG ==> "Sold! The Antique Dealer's Game" (from regahj)
0759-HUNTP ==> "Hunting Party" (from regahj)
0760-ANP1EOR ==> "Alt Name: Paranoia (1st Edition) original RPG" (from tasajara)
0761-TTRS ==> "Ticket to Ride: Switzerland" (from regahj)
0762-OHPHA ==> "Oh Pharaoh" (from regahj)
0763-DELTA ==> "Dragon Delta" (from regahj)
0764-CARCD ==> "Carcassonne: The Discovery" (from regahj)
0765-LAWLE ==> "Lawless" (from regahj)
0766-FANBUS ==> "Fantasy Business" (from regahj)
0767-BANG ==> "Bang!" (from regahj)
0768-SCAPE ==> "HeroScape Master Set: Rise of the Valkyrie" (from regahj)
0769-KRAGM ==> "Kragmortha" (from Peter Sarrett)
0770-WILDL ==> "WildLife" (from Peter Sarrett)
0771-PIRAT ==> "Pirateer" (from Peter Sarrett)
0772-WONGAR ==> "Wongar" (from Peter Sarrett)
0773-TUTAN ==> "Tutankhamen" (from Peter Sarrett)
0774-VNM ==> "Venus Needs Men" (from Peter Sarrett)
0775-HEXAG ==> "Hexagony" (from Peter Sarrett)
0776-CAMER ==> "Castle Merchants" (from Peter Sarrett)
0777-RISKG ==> "Risk: Godstorm" (from Peter Sarrett)
0778-SAS ==> "Sword and Skull" (from Peter Sarrett)
0779-ABBEY ==> "Mystery of the Abbey" (from Peter Sarrett)
0780-NAPOL ==> "Age of Napoleon" (from HazMatt)
0781-HCOTPW ==> "Hellenes: Campaigns of the Peloponnesian War" (from HazMatt)
0782-PACTYP ==> "Pacific Typhoon" (from HazMatt)
0783-PIZZA ==> "Pizza Box Football" (from Windopaene)
0784-AQUDU ==> "Aquädukt" (from WesSed)
0785-MONMAY ==> "Monster Mayhem" (from WesSed)
0786-GLOMUN ==> "Gloria Mundi" (from WesSed)
0787-BWIND ==> "Before the Wind" (from WesSed)
0788-POLAR ==> "Polarity" (from WesSed)
0789-KINOIL ==> "King Oil" (from WesSed)
0790-KINGAT ==> "King's Gate" (from WesSed)
0791-SAINT ==> "Saint Petersburg" (from WesSed)
0792-ANTD ==> "Alt Name: TV DVD" (from WesSed)
0793-ANA2 ==> "Alt Name: Atari 2600" (from WesSed)
0794-RAC57 ==> "Raceway 57" (from regahj)
0795-FFFF ==> "Fast Flowing Forest Fellers" (from WesSed)
0796-BATLIN ==> "Battle Line" (from WesSed)
0797-ANWTSFSOA ==> "Alt Name: Wooden Token Set for Settlers or Agricola" (from themilkcrate)
0798-COSENC ==> "Cosmic Encounter" (from artfuldodge2)
0799-75GG ==> "Alt Name: 75 Geek Gold" (from rgatti)
0800-250GG ==> "Alt Name: 250 Geek Gold" (from rgatti)
0801-425GG ==> "Alt Name: 425 Geek Gold" (from rgatti)
0802-WSIM ==> "Wooden Ships & Iron Men" (from artfuldodge2)
0803-TUCHU ==> "Tuchulcha" (from Cristofore)
0804-MAKER ==> "Kingmaker" (from Cristofore)
0805-ITINE ==> "Itinerary" (from Cristofore)
0806-SHAUP ==> "Shaken Up" (from Howitzer_120mm)
0807-AIRLI ==> "Airlines" (from Cristofore)
0808-QFTDSE ==> "Quest for the DragonLords (Second Edition)" (from Cristofore)
0809-LIARS ==> "Liar's Dice" (from Cristofore)
0810-LUNMON ==> "Lunch Money" (from Cristofore)
0811-GRFOS ==> "Grave Robbers From Outer Space" (from Cristofore)
0812-SCARA ==> "Scarab Lords" (from Cristofore)
0813-MUNBOO ==> "Munchkin Booty" (from Cristofore)
0814-MUNBOB ==> "Munchkin Bobblehead" (from Cristofore)
0815-CLEOP ==> "Cleopatra and the Society of Architects" (from Cristofore)
0816-COTE ==> "Conquest of the Empire" (from Cristofore)
0817-CANAA ==> "The Settlers of Canaan" (from Cristofore)
0818-HOBBIT ==> "The Hobbit" (from Cristofore)
0819-RFE ==> "Runebound (First Edition)" (from Cristofore)
0820-MAGIN ==> "Maginor" (from Cristofore)
0821-NWACG ==> "New World: A Carcassonne Game" (from Cristofore)
0822-AN2GMAFA ==> "Alt Name: 2010 GameStorm membership aka free admission" (from TheCat)
0823-TE ==> "Tigris & Euphrates" (from the majestic moose)
0824-ALHAM ==> "Alhambra" (from the majestic moose)
0825-AUG152 ==> "Augsburg 1520" (from the majestic moose)
0826-ABALO ==> "Abalone" (from the majestic moose)
0827-AMYIT ==> "Amyitis" (from the majestic moose)
0828-ITYOTD ==> "In the Year of the Dragon" (from the majestic moose)
0829-MYKER ==> "Mykerinos" (from the majestic moose)
0830-SJUAN ==> "San Juan" (from the majestic moose)
0831-CITAD ==> "Citadels" (from the majestic moose)
0832-DCCG ==> "DaVinci's Challenge Card Game" (from the majestic moose)
0833-SYARD ==> "Scotland Yard" (from the majestic moose)
0834-KINGAT ==> "King's Gate" (from the majestic moose)
0835-TERRA-COPY1 ==> "Terrace" (from the majestic moose) [copy 1 of 2]
0835-TERRA-COPY2 ==> "Terrace" (from the majestic moose) [copy 2 of 2]
0836-TTRME ==> "Ticket to Ride: Märklin Edition" (from the majestic moose)
0837-QUART ==> "Quarto!" (from the majestic moose)
0838-CHEMON ==> "Cheeky Monkey" (from the majestic moose)
0839-LOTR ==> "Lord of the Rings" (from the majestic moose)
0840-PATRI ==> "Patrician" (from the majestic moose)
0841-CARCA ==> "Carcassonne" (from the majestic moose)
0842-CIC ==> "Carcassonne - Inns & Cathedrals" (from the majestic moose)
0843-OTSOB ==> "Outside the Scope of BGG" (from the majestic moose)
0844-SAGA ==> "Saga" (from the majestic moose)
0845-INDUS ==> "Indus" (from Peter Loop)
0846-NAPBAT ==> "Napoleon's Battles" (from Peter Loop)
0847-FLYCAR ==> "Flying Carpet" (from Peter Loop)
0848-PIRKIN ==> "Pirate King" (from Peter Loop)
0849-GIFTT ==> "GiftTRAP" (from Peter Loop)
0850-BYLOW ==> "Buy Low Sell High" (from Peter Loop)
0851-PENRES ==> "Penguin Rescue" (from Peter Loop)
0852-CHICK ==> "Chicken Cha Cha Cha" (from Peter Loop)
0853-PANDE ==> "Pandemic" (from Peter Loop)
0854-TWIST ==> "Twilight Struggle" (from Peter Loop)
0855-GDEST ==> "Galactic Destiny" (from Peter Loop)
0856-POCBFTO ==> "Prince of Chaos: Battle for Tae Orn" (from Peter Loop)
0857-RALLY ==> "RoboRally" (from Peter Loop)
0858-AAEUR ==> "Axis & Allies: Europe" (from Peter Loop)
0859-MOE ==> "Monopoly - Onyx Edition" (from Peter Loop)
0860-ATG ==> "Alexander the Great" (from Peter Loop)
0861-RICWAR ==> "Rice Wars" (from Peter Loop)
0862-KEYLAR ==> "Key Largo" (from Peter Loop)
0863-CALIF ==> "California" (from Peter Loop)
0864-NIAGA ==> "Niagara" (from Peter Loop)
0865-SIEGE ==> "SiegeStones" (from Peter Loop)
0866-BATTL ==> "Battlespace" (from Peter Loop)
0867-CLOUT ==> "Clout Fantasy" (from Peter Loop)
0868-TASFOR ==> "Task Force" (from Peter Loop)
0869-NAVBAT ==> "Naval Battles" (from Peter Loop)
0870-PTPG ==> "Paintcheck: The Paintball Game" (from Peter Loop)
0871-CLAWAR ==> "Clan War" (from Peter Loop)
0872-REDRUS ==> "Red Russia" (from Peter Loop)
0873-AOEAD ==> "Age of Empires III: The Age of Discovery" (from nichol)
0874-BASAR ==> "Basari" (from nichol)
0875-TRANS ==> "TransAmerica" (from nichol)
0876-LEODV ==> "Leonardo da Vinci" (from nichol)
0877-SKETC ==> "Sketchword" (from nichol)
0878-RUMIS ==> "Blokus 3D" (from WesSed)
0879-AQUDU ==> "Aquädukt" (from UvulaBob)
0880-BIKYMB ==> "Before I Kill You, Mr. Bond" (from UvulaBob)
0881-OTSOB ==> "Outside the Scope of BGG" (from treece keenes)
0882-ANLYFFOF ==> "Alt Name: Lucky You - Fickle Finger of Fate" (from cdefrisco)
0883-PLUND ==> "Plunder" (from cdefrisco)
0884-DOS ==> "Days of Steam" (from i7dealer)
0885-ARKAD ==> "Arkadia" (from captainjosh)
0886-CAHE ==> "Clue - Alfred Hitchcock Edition" (from kollin)
0887-LIARS ==> "Liar's Dice" (from cdefrisco)
0888-WADJET ==> "Wadjet" (from kollin)
0889-SOCCG ==> "The Settlers of Catan Card Game" (from captainjosh)
0890-VTBOW ==> "Victory: The Blocks of War" (from kollin)
0891-SAMUR ==> "Samurai" (from kollin)
0892-CARCP ==> "Carcassonne - The Princess & the Dragon" (from captainjosh)
0893-1TITE ==> "1914: Twilight in the East" (from kollin)
0894-STEAM ==> "Age of Steam" (from fargus9)
0895-AGRDEC ==> "Agricola Ö-Deck" (from fargus9)
0896-HOLLY ==> "Dream Factory" (from captainjosh)
0897-ATTAC ==> "Attack!" (from kollin)
0898-CAKOC ==> "Catan: Cities & Knights" (from fargus9)
0899-CALIF ==> "California" (from captainjosh)
0900-DRETEA ==> "Dream Team" (from fargus9)
0901-GLOMUN ==> "Gloria Mundi" (from fargus9)
0902-1TMOTP ==> "1960: The Making of the President" (from captainjosh)
0903-HARRY ==> "Harry Potter Trading Card Game" (from fargus9)
0904-INGEN ==> "Ingenious" (from fargus9)
0905-OLTRE ==> "Oltre Mare" (from fargus9)
0906-RISKG ==> "Risk: Godstorm" (from kollin)
0907-WALLE ==> "Wallenstein" (from rgatti)
0908-REDNOV ==> "Red November" (from fargus9)
0909-RSWOTE ==> "Risk: Star Wars Original Trilogy Edition" (from fargus9)
0910-ROMA ==> "Roma" (from fargus9)
0911-NYCCG ==> "The New Yorker - Cartoon Caption Game" (from fargus9)
0912-TRIAS ==> "Trias" (from fargus9)
0913-SCAND ==> "Scandaroon" (from rgatti)
0914-D3E ==> "Drakon (3rd Edition)" (from captainjosh)
0915-VINETA ==> "Vineta" (from fargus9)
0916-RISK2 ==> "Risk 2210 A.D." (from kollin)
0917-ZOMBI ==> "Zombies!!!" (from kollin)
0918-MENAC ==> "Monsters Menace America" (from kollin)
0919-SM ==> "Spite & Malice" (from kollin)
0920-CHEKIT ==> "Chekit" (from kollin)
0921-KUPCO ==> "Kupferkessel Co." (from rgatti)
0922-ELCAP ==> "El Capitán" (from rgatti)
0923-CHEKIT ==> "Chekit" (from kollin)
0924-CHEKIT ==> "Chekit" (from kollin)
0925-SID ==> "Scene It? Disney" (from kollin)
0926-OPERA ==> "Operation" (from kollin)
0927-FOIL ==> "Foil" (from kollin)
0928-AMBUS ==> "Ambush!" (from Windopaene)
0929-MPE ==> "Monopoly - Planet Earth" (from captainjosh)
0930-COBO ==> "C&O/B&O" (from Windopaene)
0931-DOMAI ==> "Domaine" (from rgatti)
0932-HERMA ==> "Hermagor" (from rgatti)
0933-MACHE ==> "Die Macher" (from rgatti)
0934-INTHE ==> "In the Shadow of the Emperor" (from rgatti)
0935-GARGON ==> "Gargon" (from rgatti)
0936-RAGE ==> "Rage" (from captainjosh)
0937-FATGKAG ==> "Franklin and the Green Knight Adventure Game" (from tasajara)
0938-FITE ==> "Fire in the East" (from HazMatt)
0939-PGTNPPC ==> "Power Grid - The New Power Plants Cards" (from rgatti)
0940-ARKHA ==> "Arkham Horror" (from captainjosh)
0941-CHEKIT ==> "Chekit" (from kollin)
0942-DOMAIN ==> "Domain" (from kollin)
0943-INKOG ==> "Inkognito" (from kollin)
0944-OUTSUR ==> "Outdoor Survival" (from kollin)
0945-CAS101 ==> "Cashflow 101" (from captainjosh)
0946-SOTT ==> "The Sinking of the Titanic" (from kollin)
0947-HOTELS ==> "Hotels" (from kollin)
0948-ISOLA ==> "Isolation" (from kollin)
0949-TWIXT ==> "Twixt" (from kollin)
0950-QUICK ==> "Quicksand" (from kollin)
0951-GO ==> "Go" (from kollin)
0952-DOMIN ==> "Dominoes" (from captainjosh)
0953-TER6X6 ==> "Terrace 6x6" (from kollin)
0954-YALI ==> "Yali" (from kollin)
0955-CMD ==> "Clue Master Detective" (from captainjosh)
0956-SPECT ==> "Spectrangle" (from kollin)
0957-FDC1SC ==> "Formula D Circuits 1 - Sebring & Chicago" (from captainjosh)
0958-SCOFOU ==> "Score Four" (from kollin)
0959-DOMIN ==> "Dominion" (from captainjosh)
0960-MASTE ==> "Mastermind" (from kollin)
0961-DAVIN ==> "DaVinci's Challenge" (from kollin)
0962-CHEKIT ==> "Chekit" (from kollin)
0963-RHEIN ==> "Starship Troopers" (from kollin)
0964-COF ==> "Cone Of Fire" (from kollin)
0965-TWIXT ==> "Twixt" (from krazygit)
0966-VPOTC ==> "Vampire: Prince of the City" (from krazygit)
0967-VILLA ==> "Villa Paletti" (from krazygit)
0968-AN5MTC ==> "Alt Name: 50 Mini Tupperware Containers" (from cdefrisco)
0969-COSENC ==> "Cosmic Encounter" (from krazygit)
0970-RISKC ==> "Risk: Star Wars; The Clone Wars Edition" (from krazygit)
0971-TERRA ==> "Terrace" (from krazygit)
0972-SPECT ==> "Spectrangle" (from the majestic moose)
0973-LIGSPE ==> "Light Speed" (from the majestic moose)
0974-CUBFAR ==> "Cube Farm" (from the majestic moose)
0975-VCPG ==> "The Very Clever Pipe Game" (from the majestic moose)
0976-WSSCGTE ==> "The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Card Game - Travel Edition" (from the majestic moose)
0977-FURYD ==> "Fury of Dracula" (from cuzzle)
0978-ROADS ==> "Roads and Boats" (from cuzzle)
0979-TANNH ==> "Tannhäuser" (from cuzzle)
0980-RESTA ==> "Restaurant" (from cdefrisco)
0981-RA ==> "Ra" (from AlanHansen)
0982-CSSAS ==> "Cannes: Stars, Scripts and Screens" (from AlanHansen)
0983-AOSMS ==> "Age of Steam Expansion: Mississippi Steamboats / Golden Spike" (from AlanHansen)
0984-LEXIO ==> "Lexio" (from cdefrisco)
0985-GLOMUN ==> "Gloria Mundi" (from AlanHansen)
0986-BABEL ==> "Tower of Babel" (from AlanHansen)
0987-CBOYS ==> "Cowboys: The Way of the Gun" (from richtoosoon)
0988-ELASU ==> "Elasund: The First City of Catan" (from richtoosoon)
0989-COLDIP ==> "Colonial Diplomacy" (from richtoosoon)
0990-COP ==> "Conquest of Pangea" (from richtoosoon)
0991-MAMHUN ==> "Mammoth Hunters" (from richtoosoon)
0992-POLAR ==> "Polarity" (from richtoosoon)
0993-WASABI ==> "Wasabi!" (from rgatti)
0994-DUNGT ==> "Dungeon Twister" (from i7dealer)
0995-GRAVE ==> "Graverobbers" (from i7dealer)
0996-THIBIG ==> "This Big!" (from cdefrisco)
0997-ANTIM ==> "Anti-Monopoly" (from i7dealer)
0998-SUNKN ==> "Sunken City" (from i7dealer)
0999-LINQ ==> "Linq" (from i7dealer)
1000-NINGO ==> "Nin-Gonost" (from i7dealer)
1001-FACFUN ==> "Factory Fun" (from rgatti)
1002-ANWCB ==> "Alt Name: Wooden Card Box" (from cdefrisco)
1003-EXPRE ==> "Express" (from i7dealer)
1004-SLUFUN ==> "Slush Fund" (from i7dealer)
1005-PYRAM ==> "Pyramidis" (from i7dealer)
1006-GARDN ==> "Garden Competition" (from i7dealer)
1007-WTD ==> "Walk the Dogs" (from i7dealer)
1008-BOB ==> "Battle of Britain" (from i7dealer)
1009-STP ==> "StarCraft: Typhon Promotion" (from i7dealer)
1010-RA ==> "Ra" (from themilkcrate)
1011-STOSTU ==> "Stocking Stuffers" (from i7dealer)
1012-AIRSH ==> "Airships" (from themilkcrate)
1013-YSPAH ==> "Yspahan" (from themilkcrate)
1014-GHOSTO ==> "Ghost Stories" (from themilkcrate)
1015-SOC ==> "Shadows over Camelot" (from themilkcrate)
1016-TRIDE ==> "Ticket to Ride" (from themilkcrate)
1017-SMAWOR ==> "Small World" (from themilkcrate)
1018-CRISKI ==> "Crimson Skies" (from i7dealer)
1019-SMG ==> "The Stock Market Game" (from cdefrisco)
1020-HIT ==> "Hang in There" (from autumnweave)
1021-NEXUS-COPY1 ==> "Nexus Ops" (from autumnweave) [copy 1 of 3]
1021-NEXUS-COPY2 ==> "Nexus Ops" (from autumnweave) [copy 2 of 3]
1021-NEXUS-COPY3 ==> "Nexus Ops" (from autumnweave) [copy 3 of 3]
1022-VEGAS-COPY1 ==> "Vegas Showdown" (from autumnweave) [copy 1 of 3]
1022-VEGAS-COPY2 ==> "Vegas Showdown" (from autumnweave) [copy 2 of 3]
1022-VEGAS-COPY3 ==> "Vegas Showdown" (from autumnweave) [copy 3 of 3]
1023-BOBBUM-COPY1 ==> "Bobbin' Bumblebee" (from autumnweave) [copy 1 of 2]
1023-BOBBUM-COPY2 ==> "Bobbin' Bumblebee" (from autumnweave) [copy 2 of 2]
1024-HMTCB-COPY1 ==> "Heroscape Marvel: The Conflict Begins" (from autumnweave) [copy 1 of 2]
1024-HMTCB-COPY2 ==> "Heroscape Marvel: The Conflict Begins" (from autumnweave) [copy 2 of 2]
1025-CALIF-COPY1 ==> "California" (from autumnweave) [copy 1 of 2]
1025-CALIF-COPY2 ==> "California" (from autumnweave) [copy 2 of 2]
1026-CATHE ==> "Cathedral" (from autumnweave)
1027-BAMBO ==> "Bamboleo" (from autumnweave)
1028-DIAMA ==> "Diamant" (from autumnweave)
1029-POWWOW-COPY1 ==> "Pow Wow" (from autumnweave) [copy 1 of 3]
1029-POWWOW-COPY2 ==> "Pow Wow" (from autumnweave) [copy 2 of 3]
1029-POWWOW-COPY3 ==> "Pow Wow" (from autumnweave) [copy 3 of 3]
1030-PECORD ==> "Pecking Order" (from autumnweave)
1031-PIZZA-COPY1 ==> "Pizza Box Football" (from autumnweave) [copy 1 of 2]
1031-PIZZA-COPY2 ==> "Pizza Box Football" (from autumnweave) [copy 2 of 2]
1032-SAGA ==> "Saga" (from autumnweave)
1033-KOC ==> "The Kids Of Catan" (from autumnweave)
1034-TONGI ==> "Tongiaki" (from autumnweave)
1035-RSWOTE-COPY1 ==> "Risk: Star Wars Original Trilogy Edition" (from autumnweave) [copy 1 of 2]
1035-RSWOTE-COPY2 ==> "Risk: Star Wars Original Trilogy Edition" (from autumnweave) [copy 2 of 2]
1036-IZDK ==> "Im Zeichen des Kreuzes" (from autumnweave)
1037-WALLE-COPY1 ==> "Wallenstein" (from autumnweave) [copy 1 of 2]
1037-WALLE-COPY2 ==> "Wallenstein" (from autumnweave) [copy 2 of 2]
1038-BTMBG ==> "Beowulf: The Movie Board Game" (from autumnweave)
1039-SHANG ==> "The Bridges of Shangri-La" (from autumnweave)
1040-FPCB ==> "Front Porch Classics Baseball" (from autumnweave)
1041-KTLG ==> "Khet: The Laser Game" (from autumnweave)
1042-SCAPE ==> "HeroScape Master Set: Rise of the Valkyrie" (from autumnweave)
1043-HOLLY-COPY1 ==> "Dream Factory" (from autumnweave) [copy 1 of 2]
1043-HOLLY-COPY2 ==> "Dream Factory" (from autumnweave) [copy 2 of 2]
1044-RISK2 ==> "Risk 2210 A.D." (from autumnweave)
1045-ARKAD ==> "Arkadia" (from autumnweave)
1046-WOWYB ==> "Wings of War: Watch Your Back!" (from autumnweave)
1047-TI3E ==> "Twilight Imperium (3rd Edition)" (from allumbra)
1048-CRACHI ==> "Crazy Chicken" (from autumnweave)
1049-TRANS ==> "TransEuropa" (from autumnweave)
1050-GALEMP ==> "Galactic Emperor" (from allumbra)
1051-PERIK-COPY1 ==> "Perikles" (from autumnweave) [copy 1 of 2]
1051-PERIK-COPY2 ==> "Perikles" (from autumnweave) [copy 2 of 2]
1052-FITSTGPW1 ==> "Fire in the Sky: The Great Pacific War 1941-1945" (from autumnweave)
1053-TTAASOC ==> "Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization" (from allumbra)
1054-EDELS ==> "Edel, Stein & Reich" (from autumnweave)
1055-NEULA ==> "Neuland" (from allumbra)
1056-BWULF ==> "Beowulf: The Legend" (from autumnweave)
1057-SUNKN ==> "Sunken City" (from autumnweave)
1058-RRTYC ==> "Railroad Tycoon" (from allumbra)
1059-CAPIT ==> "Capitol" (from autumnweave)
1060-CLUEM ==> "Clue: The Great Museum Caper" (from autumnweave)
1061-AUTOM ==> "Automobile" (from jgeske)
1062-ATGOL ==> "At the Gates of Loyang" (from jgeske)
1063-KTLG ==> "Khet: The Laser Game" (from autumnweave)
1064-BATTL-COPY1 ==> "Battleball" (from autumnweave) [copy 1 of 2]
1064-BATTL-COPY2 ==> "Battleball" (from autumnweave) [copy 2 of 2]
1065-SCHSTI ==> "Schrille Stille" (from jgeske)
1066-ELCAP ==> "El Capitán" (from autumnweave)
1067-SCAPE-COPY1 ==> "Heroscape Expansion Set: Fortress of the Archkyrie" (from autumnweave) [copy 1 of 2]
1067-SCAPE-COPY2 ==> "Heroscape Expansion Set: Fortress of the Archkyrie" (from autumnweave) [copy 2 of 2]
1068-AQUDU-COPY1 ==> "Aquädukt" (from autumnweave) [copy 1 of 2]
1068-AQUDU-COPY2 ==> "Aquädukt" (from autumnweave) [copy 2 of 2]
1069-HOS ==> "Heads of State" (from jgeske)
1070-STEAM ==> "Age of Steam" (from autumnweave)
1071-PERIK ==> "Perikles" (from deivida)
1072-UNION ==> "Union Pacific" (from jgeske)
1073-MIDGA ==> "Midgard" (from deivida)
1074-HABGUT ==> "Hab & Gut" (from deivida)
1075-HOLLY ==> "Dream Factory" (from autumnweave)
1076-CAMER ==> "Castle Merchants" (from deivida)
1077-MUNQUE ==> "Munchkin Quest" (from deivida)
1078-SUNKN ==> "Sunken City" (from deivida)
1079-AOEAD ==> "Age of Empires III: The Age of Discovery" (from deivida)
1080-BMC ==> "Blue Moon City" (from deivida)
1081-SIITRC ==> "Succession: Intrigue in the Royal Court" (from deivida)
1082-POCBFTO ==> "Prince of Chaos: Battle for Tae Orn" (from deivida)
1083-BOOTL ==> "Bootleggers" (from deivida)
1084-BAO ==> "Baltimore and Ohio" (from autumnweave)
1085-FIRISL ==> "Fireball Island" (from autumnweave)
1086-AGBOH ==> "Alesia: Great Battles of History" (from autumnweave)
1087-DELSPQ ==> "Deluxe SPQR" (from autumnweave)
1088-JERIC ==> "Jericho" (from themilkcrate)
1089-CATAN ==> "The Settlers of Catan" (from autumnweave)
1090-SAGA-COPY1 ==> "Saga" (from jredd) [copy 1 of 2]
1090-SAGA-COPY2 ==> "Saga" (from jredd) [copy 2 of 2]
1091-GIFTT ==> "GiftTRAP" (from autumnweave)
1092-SAGA-COPY1 ==> "Saga" (from autumnweave) [copy 1 of 4]
1092-SAGA-COPY2 ==> "Saga" (from autumnweave) [copy 2 of 4]
1092-SAGA-COPY3 ==> "Saga" (from autumnweave) [copy 3 of 4]
1092-SAGA-COPY4 ==> "Saga" (from autumnweave) [copy 4 of 4]
1093-HANSA-COPY1 ==> "Hansa" (from autumnweave) [copy 1 of 2]
1093-HANSA-COPY2 ==> "Hansa" (from autumnweave) [copy 2 of 2]
1094-PIRAT ==> "Piraten-Pitt" (from autumnweave)
1095-CANAA ==> "The Settlers of Canaan" (from autumnweave)
1096-FRISC ==> "Frischfleisch" (from autumnweave)
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David Thompson
United States
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Want Lists

Want lists are available here.
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David Thompson
United States
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Official Results

Results are available in easy to read format or as the original TradeMaximizer output.
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David Thompson
United States
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Rules and Restrictions:

* You must accurately describe your game's condition, language, edition, etc.

* You should choose a photo that best represents the game you are trading (language, edition, and the like). If there are none suitable in the database, pick the one that's closest and make a note in your item listing.

* Duplicate games are allowed, even from the same user. If you own multiple copies of the same game and would like to trade them all, add the following to your item description:

Copies: 2

Where "2" is the exact number of items you have. Then you and everyone else can treat it as a single item through the OLWLG.

* You may only post three non-game listings. These items should be posted with the gameid for Outside the Scope of BGG or Miscellaneous Game Accessory. Items that count toward the three item limit include GeekGold or other BGG goodies (microbadge coupons, etc.), mystery boxes (even those that include only games), as well as DVDs, computer/video games, etc.

* Gift certificates are not allowed in this trade.

* Game sweeteners must be listed using either the GAMEID formatting (for example: gameid=1 inside square brackets[ ] yields Die Macher) or you may alternately use a link to the game's page (like Including images is also helpful.

* You must submit a want list for each game you are offering. If you don't want to trade, submit a blank list. Please do not delete items from the geeklist. If you no longer wish to trade an item, edit the item to say so and submit a blank want list.


* This is a local trade, with no shipping. Again, anyone can participate as long as you're willing to swap games at GameStorm 12.

* I reserve the right to remove games from the list for whatever reason. If you are on the bad traders list, your games will most likely be removed.

* By posting an entry on this list, you agree to abide both by the general math trade guidelines and by those specific to this math trade.

* Only errors by the moderator will invalidate the results. You are responsible for checking your want lists through the OLWLG.

* GameStorm is not affiliated with this trade and is not responsible for the results of the trade or the exchange of games at the convention.

* Use this forum thread for questions and discussions of this math trade (however, for questions on individual items, please leave comments under the item itself, on the geeklist).

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David Thompson
United States
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Game Exchange

There will be a scheduled exchange time on Saturday morning from 10am-10:30am at the convention at a table near the game library. In addition, the coordinators of GameStorm have generously offered to hold trade games in the game library on Saturday.

This means that traders can drop their games off Saturday (preferably in the morning) if they are not able to make the game exchange, and can then pick up their games any time on Saturday before 10 pm. All games must be picked up by that time.

Traders are, of course, welcome to make other arrangements for getting their games to the recipients at the convention (via proxy, etc.).

As stated above, GameStorm accepts no responsibility for the results of the trade, the condition of games, or the exchange of games at the convention.
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Andrew Tullsen
United States
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48 hour turnaround time for Prototypes!
Thanks for running this David!
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Christopher DeFrisco
United States
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Ah, negative. I am a meat popsicle.
Go David!
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True Blue Jon
United States
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Awesome! Just wondering: how soon would you all like to see the requests list go live? For me, the sooner the better!
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United States
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May I pass along my congratulations for your great interdimensional breakthrough. I am sure, in the miserable annals of the Earth, you will be duly enshrined. -- Lord John Whorfin
Another grateful math trader - thanks David!

Yes - request list right away!
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David Thompson
United States
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The request list is now live:
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Iken Owens
United States
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YAY!!!!! I'm in. I'll also be able to transport some games down and back for people not attending. Depending on how many games I trade of course.
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Wes Sedlacek
United States
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Loopin' Louie Tokens
Say, do any of you happen to have two extra Loopin' Louie tokens from the original MB version? They're not quite enough to request as a trade item in the math trade, but I'd love to work something out for them - just even paying a couple bucks or something.

And my thanks to you as well, David! cool
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I had a plan...
United States
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The die is cast.
You say OCD like it's a bad thing.
WesSed wrote:
Say, do any of you happen to have two extra Loopin' Louie tokens from the original MB version? They're not quite enough to request as a trade item in the math trade, but I'd love to work something out for them - just even paying a couple bucks or something.

And my thanks to you as well, David! cool
Wes, you know the secret of using buttons right? Everyone always needs the tokens
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I had a plan...
United States
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The die is cast.
You say OCD like it's a bad thing.
krazygit wrote:
YAY!!!!! I'm in. I'll also be able to transport some games down and back for people not attending. Depending on how many games I trade of course.
You and your U-Haul trailer right? It'll be great to see your collection of games for trade again. Oh yeah, and you too of course.

Thanks for running this David. I really appreciate the opportunity for a no-ship math trade.
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Wes Sedlacek
United States
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autumnweave wrote:

Wes, you know the secret of using buttons right? Everyone always needs the tokens
No - guess I should look there first....

Unfortunately though, I'm a completist and my game will never be GREAT until I have the pieces that are supposed to be there!
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Iken Owens
United States
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autumnweave wrote:
krazygit wrote:
YAY!!!!! I'm in. I'll also be able to transport some games down and back for people not attending. Depending on how many games I trade of course.
You and your U-Haul trailer right? It'll be great to see your collection of games for trade again. Oh yeah, and you too of course.

Thanks for running this David. I really appreciate the opportunity for a no-ship math trade.
That's why I bought a roof rack storage bag this year for my luggage.
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I had a plan...
United States
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The die is cast.
You say OCD like it's a bad thing.
krazygit wrote:
autumnweave wrote:
krazygit wrote:
YAY!!!!! I'm in. I'll also be able to transport some games down and back for people not attending. Depending on how many games I trade of course.
You and your U-Haul trailer right? It'll be great to see your collection of games for trade again. Oh yeah, and you too of course.

Thanks for running this David. I really appreciate the opportunity for a no-ship math trade.
That's why I bought a roof rack storage bag this year for my luggage.
I bow down in awe. You are THE MAN!.
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I had a plan...
United States
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The die is cast.
You say OCD like it's a bad thing.
For those of you who want to give games a try:

What do you want to play at Gamestorm

Might be helpful if you're curious and want to try a game, but not ready to pay for a new copy.
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Ryan Smith
United States
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I'm coming down from Seattle, this is my first time to Gamestorm, and my first Board Game Convention of any kind... so excited!
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Matt Riley
United States
Lake Oswego
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Another thank you to David for organizing and running this.

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David Thompson
United States
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I just opened the trade list. We only need another 950 or so games to break last year's record!
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Chris Brooks
United States
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themilkcrate wrote:
I just opened the trade list. We only need another 950 or so games to break last year's record!
I'm building my trade stack right now. David, thanks for running this again.
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