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Subject: Vlaada, Oh Vlaada, Where Are Thou Headed? rss

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Manuel Pasi
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Out of all game-designers not called Uwe, probably noone has generated as much buzz in the Kingdom of Geek as the Czech wunderkind Vlaada Chvatil.

Not only has he given us the Civ game to end all Civ games - Through the Ages -, he is also responsible for these wonderful games with great themes and terrific rulebooks: Dungeon Lords, Galaxy Trucker and Space Alert have all sprung out of his imagination.

And now he went and made a party game! With cuddly animal pictures no less! During which we serious gamers are asked to make a monkey's ass out of ourselves! Was this necessary?

Well if you're too lazy to scroll down:

Spoiler (click to reveal)
yes, YES, YES!!!

Overview:We find ourselves in a deep forest, being bunnies and/or moose. Which exactly is not always quite that clearcut and can actually change. Say what?!
Anyway, there is a hunter on the loose and he is looking for one kind of said creatures and our job is to convince him, that we are not them...
Hey, at least we don't have to ship spices to someplace to get vict...sorry prestige points

Components: This is what we get:

Image by toob

Some tiles depicting a pathway through the woods (aka scoring track), a whole bunch of cards, Bunneeples and Mooseeples in the players' colours and a with 2 poems, one on each side.

Image by nunyabisnas

All components are of good quality and if you're into cutesy cuddlies the artwork is quite something to behold.

Rulebook: While this rulebook is most definitely not a masterpiece in the vein of the ones found in Galaxy Trucker or Space Alert, it is still an above-average affair.
There are many examples included to answer any potential questions and the rules are laid out in a clearcut fashion.
To top the whole thing off, a couple of variants are offered to vary the level of difficulty.

Image by kreten

Gameplay: If you are interested in a more detailed view of the rules check out English rules or the Vasel's [Video Review] Bunny Bunny Moose Moose. I will provide you with just a quick overview.

In each round one of the player gets his turn as being the reader; he sits opposite to the rest of the group.
He the starts reading the poem (6 lines for easy gameplay; 8 lines to make things harder). Whenever he reaches the last word of the line, he flips over a card from the draw pile and lays it down in front of him, in a way that the other players can easily see the picture.

At the end of the poem, 6 cards (or 8 in the hard game) are being laid out and the reader starts with his recitals from the top. Now, whenever he reaches the end of the line, he covers up a card from his last read-through with the new one (so you'll always have the same number of cards on the table).
Most cards depict either a bunny or a moose with their ears/antlers in a distinct position (e.g. floppy ears/straight ears; ears on the side of the head/on the top of the head etc). Next to those pictures you'll find a value (positive or negative number).
The players use their hands to shape ears/antlers in a fashion that will ensure them to a) look silly and b)get points according to the cards. Basically, they try to enact the animal that will score them the highest.
This might look something like this:

Image by Ryno8

With each new card the situation changes and players have to constantly re-adjust their hands.

At any given point, you are only allowed to have either ears (and be a bunny) or antlers (and therefor be a moose), should you mix them up, you'll be considered being a shrub which will look funny but give you no points at all.
Sooner or later a hunter card appears, at which point the reader is obliged to shout "BANG!" and all the players need to hold their current position while the reader tallies up the points for each player.

So you will have to hold a position like this for the better part of two minutes:

Image by CellarDoor

Obviously you have to be able to laugh at yourself in order to enjoy BunnyBunny MooseMoose. Nevertheless this is a party game that has quite a bit of rules and special cards, exceptions and a scoring system that forces you to strategize to a certain degree.
So it is the rarest of creatures, a party game for gamers. And there lies the game's biggest problem: will you find enough serious gamers to pay an enormously silly game.
If you do, you will be guaranteed a extremely funny evening.

For, whatever reservations I might have had, Vlaada once again delivers.
Bunny Bunny Moose Moose is a unique game-experience, a unique theme and just good, plain fun.

Conclusion: This party game is neither for those who have only experience playing Cranium nor will it please the AgeofSteamers amongst you.
It is, however, a wonderful way to spend an evening with friends and one of the few moments in life when you get to be a moose. And who can honestly say to never have dreamed of doing jus that?!
Before buying, I definitely recommend to try it out once, to see if you can handle the level of foolishness.
For your own sake, I really hope you do

And don't tell me you wouldn't enjoy this:

Image by AnnuverScotinExile
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Mike Banks
United States
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It is, however, a wonderful way to spend an evening with friends and one of the few moments in life when you get to be a moose. And who can honestly say to never have dreamed of doing jus that?!

I cannot tell you how many times I've wished to be a moose.

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