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Subject: Some random rules questions rss

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Per Sylvan
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Fairly experienced player, still I have questions from time to time.. Here are some of them!

Question 1: Siege & Combat

Situation: Hannibal + 10 CUs sits in Capua. Longus +1 CU sits in Rome.
Hannibal plays a card, and moves into Rome.
If Longus elects to fight (and loses), may Hannibal siege Rome, immediately after the battle?

I assume 'no, but can't find this in 2nd ed rules. Can someone point me out where this is clarified?

Question 2: Adriatic Pirates

Hannibal sits with 4 CUs in Bruttium.
Marcellus sits with 10 CUs in Heraclea.

Hannibal plays Adriatic Pirates, to move into Croton, and then further, by boat, out of Italy.

Now, may Hannibal move 4 CUs to Croton, leave one CU there, and then move with 3 CUs, by Naval Movement...?

The Adriatic Pirate card says: "If you use this card as an OC for SeaMovement and carry no more than 3CUs plus a General, you do not have to roll on the Naval Combat Table , if you embark/debark at either Brundusium/Croton or Tarentum"

It says that you cant CARRY more than 3CUs + a general, but perhaps you can move a 1st step of your movement (before seamovent) with more than 3 CUs?

A bit of rules lawyering of course

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Aaron Cappocchi
United States
Los Angeles
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Arkham Horror, Amun Re, R-ECO, Ora Et Labora, Napoleonic Wars
Question 1: You are correct in thinking that the answer is "No." I had the same wondering here: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/article/1998936

And a nice clear answer spelled it out with rule section cites:

casadeisogniburritts wrote:
10.2 spells it out clearly.

7. The Army can now conduct one of the following: either a siege/subjugation or a battle however an Army may never conduct a battle and then a siege or subjugation on the play of a single Strategy Card.

10.11 then talks about how 2 Generals can do so using a Campaign card.

Question 2: The move seems fine to me, as you are not carrying more that 3 on the Sea Movement leg of the move. Don't know if anyone would disagree, or if there is an official ruling.
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Volker Hirscher
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Aaron is absolutely correct.
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