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Subject: Arcane Fire SPOILER! rss

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Here's the spoiler for the 6th and final Battlepack in the Skavenblight Cycle, "Arcane Fire":


3x UNIT - Longbeards 4R, 2D - 3P, 4HP: "Warrior. Elite. Battlefield Only."

3x TACTIC - Hewn From the Mountain 2R, 1D: "ACTION: Each of your defending Units gains 2 Power until the end of the turn."

1x TACTIC - Rune of Hearth and Home 10R, 3D: "Epic Spell. Play during your turn. ACTION: Heal all damage to your capital."


1x UNIT - Helblaster Crew 4R, 2E - 2P, 2HP: "Engineer. ACTION: When this unit enters play, move one target Attachment from one unit to another unit in the same zone."

1x QUEST - Protect the Empire 0R, 2E: "Quest. Any unit questing on this card can defend any of your zones, when they are attacked."

1x TACTIC - Sigmar's Brilliance 10R, 3E: "Epic Spell. ACTION: Rearrange your units and support cards, moving any number of them into new zones."


3x TACTIC - Charge of the Silver Helms 1R, 2H: "ACTION: One of your target units gets -1 hit points and gains 3 power until the end of the turn."

3x UNIT - Ellyrian Reavers 3R, 1H - 1P, 3HP: "Warrior. Elite. FORCED: When this unit enters play, put the top card of your deck into your battlefield as a development."

1x TACTIC - Morvael's Legacy 10R, 3H: "Epic Spell. Play only during your turn. ACTION: Put into play all units in your discard pile. (You choose which zone each unit enters.)


3x TACTIC - Blessings of Tzeentch 3R, 1C: "Spell. ACTION: Sacrifice a unit. If you do, you may search the top 5 cards of your deck for any number of units and put one of them into play at random (you choose which zone). Then, shuffle the other cards back into your deck."

3x UNIT - Beast of Chaos 4R, 3C - 3P, 1HP: "Creature. Battlefield Only."

1x TACTIC - Cacophonic Scream 10R, 3C: "Epic Spell. Play at the beginning of your turn. ACTION: Deal 8 damage to one section of target capital (you choose which section).


3x SUPPORT - Witch Hag's Curse 1R, 2DE: "Attachment. Hex. Attach to a target unit. Treat attached unit as though its printed text box were blank (except for Traits).

1x UNIT - Slave Driver 2R, 2L - 1P, 1HP: "Warrior. Kingdom. ACTION: Spend 2 resources to choose one target unit with printed cost 2 or lower. That unit cannot attack or defend this turn."

1x TACTIC - Your Will Is Mine 10R, 3DE: "Epic Spell. Play only during your turn. ACTION: Choose a zone. Take control of each opponent's units in that zone. (Those units move to your corresponding zone.)


3x UNIT - Snotling Saboteurs 3R, 2O - 1P, 3HP: "Ranger. ACTION: Spend 2 resources and sacrifice this unit to destroy one target support card or development."

3x TACTIC - Easy Pickin's 2R, 1O: "ACTION: The unit in play with the lowest printed cost must be sacrificed. You choose which unit in case of a tie."

1x TACTIC - Da Brainbusta! 10R, 3O: "Epic Spell. Play at the beginning of your turn. ACTION: Destroy all opponent's units."


3x SUPPORT - Greyseer's Lair 4R, 2P: "Warpstone. Skaven. Destruction Only. Kingdom. Lower the cost of the first Skaven card you play each turn by 1."

1x UNIT - Plague Monk 2R - 1P, 2HP: "Skaven. Destruction Only. Kingdom. ACTION: Whenever you play a Spell, look at the top two cards of any player's deck. Discard any number of those cards and place the rest back on top of the deck in any order."


A quick couple of thoughts - congratulations to whoever it was on the FFG W:I Forums (I forget who said it) that predicted that the Skaven pictured on the cover of the 1st Battlepack (The Skavenblight Threat), was still unreleased as a unit/card. It's the Skaven pictured for the Plague Monk Skaven unit. Good guess!

Also from the FFG Forums, user Cyberfunk nearly guessed the Dark Elf Epic Tactic, so congrats to him. I almost perfectly guessed the Empire Epic Tactic so, "Yay, me!" And FFG user, Deashira PERFECTLY nailed the High Elf Epic Tactic so big congrats to his foresight!!

The only card that was underwhelming (imho, since we already stuff to do this) was the rather tepid Dwarf tactic that gives +2p for defending units. Meh.
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Spencer Taylor
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Spanish Fork
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I kinda' wish this had more neutral cards that were usable by order decks.
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