Katie Czarnecki
United States
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Ninja Burger is Munchkin Fu improved. Improved in components and mechanics.

What I like about the components:

1. Unlike Munchkin Fu it is not completely cards. It includes tokens, characters, and money.

2. The characters have different benefits. some have really high rolls and then one extrememly low one. Some are the opposite. How you do in the game is affected by the character you select.

3. Having the honor tokens and money pieces adds a bit more of a board game feel to what otherwise would be a card game.

4. The box is a bit overboard. You only have to fit a small pile of tokens and money pieces, a pair of dice, and three decks of card in a space that could be comfortably smaller.

Game Play

Unlike Munchkin Fu Ninja burger has several different way for the game to end.

1. Everyone's total honor is more than 10 times the number of players, your manager is promoted and the person with the highest honor takes his place.

2. If everyone's total honor is less than 3 (or is it four) times the number of players, the manager has to apologize to his ancestors (sadly, to do that he must join them) and the person with the highest honor takes his unlucky place.

3. If one person has at least five more than everone else, that person earns the promotion and takes their branch manager's place.

Someone can lose all their honor and apologize to their ancestors. when this happens they are dealt 3 character cards just like at the beginning and start over from the beginning, with 6 honor and no money.

Each round, whoever has the most honor starts the round. They deal the money, and grab their mission first. Everyone decides if they wish to go to the staff meeting where they receive one fortune card, however if you have the lowest honor, someone may force an errand card on you. If you don't go to the staff meeting, you recieve a free reroll on any failed roll. if you are the only one to go to the staff meeting you get a fortune card and get a free reroll on your mission.

Because their are three ways to end the game, Ninja Burger does not go on as long as Munchkin Fu can. I enjoy this game, if you do martial arts, you'll get a double kick out of it.

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\m/ Stoner Rock \m/ (((Joe)))
United States
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Raised by Wolves wrote:
...if you do martial arts, you'll get a double kick out of it.

I see what you did there.
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