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Subject: Expansion characters strategy guide rss

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David Grabiner
United States
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This guide is inspired by Revelade's strategy guides for the main game, with some comments from elsewhere, and edited with additional strategy tips as I discover them. (If you post tips of your own on this thread, I may edit them into the first post.)

As a general note, it is more dangerous for Shadows to reveal early with the expansion. Ellen will reveal to cancel a Shadow's power, and Fu-Ka will take a lightly wounded Shadow to 7 HP.

Your goal is to find out your neighbors' goals, pick one side, and then join. It doesn't matter if you die in the process, as long as you are on the right side when you die. It's better to go with the player on your right, because you don't need to reveal mid-game and pick up some enemies, risk dying and being unable to switch, or risk your left-hand neighbor winning before you get a chance to switch. You'll probably be peaceful until you know both neighbors, although you might attack a known Shadow if you know you have a Hunter on your right, and it would certainly be fun to kill Catherine or Daniel on your right if you get to see the card. If you get an early green card, don't give it to a neighbor you can't attack if there is someone else you can attack, as this will identify you as Agnes and may endanger both you and your neighbor. Later on, you may want to reveal to help a Neutral neighbor; let Catherine know she should kill you, or let Bob, Charles, or David know that they can kill you easily (and Bob or David can take the spoils). You may also want to reveal so that your right-hand neighbor doesn't kill you, particularly if he knows you are Neutral. In a seven-player game, reveal yourself for a Shadow neighbor if you are the last Neutral, as you will probably be an easier kill than the remaining Hunters.

Best equipment: Axe/Chainsaw/Knife (+1 damage when attacking); you'll want to kill someone and you don't care as much about defending yourself.
Best deck: Green until you know both neighbors, then Black (attack buffs)
Reveal: when you need to declare for your left neighbor, when revealing will be helpful to your right-hand neighbor, or when killing you will help a neighbor win

Your primary goal is to kill the high-HP characters, and you need to increase your damage so that you can kill when you do attack, without making too many enemies since you are easy to kill. Since the V and W Shadows have high HP, and the Unknown (if in play) will probably lie and claim not to be a Shadow, you might attack players who claim to be Shadows when given green cards, to soften them up. If you can induce a V or W to reveal, you know your target. (The Hunters know as well, but this may help you; if the Werewolf reveals against you, then you can let the Hunters take some counterattacks before you finish him off.) It is also reasonably safe to attack a player who is known to have at least 12 HP from a green card; four of the five letters with at least 12 HP have 13 or more. Later, you need the Mystic Compass, as you can get to the Altar twice as often. On the Altar, you can risk attacking unrevealed characters, as you'll win if their death ends the game before your next turn. Your frequent trips to the Altar may cause other players to think you are Bob or David, particularly if you take useless equipment; if Bob or David would be threating to win, reveal yourself so that you won't get attacked.

Best equipment: Mystic Compass (roll dice twice when moving)
Best deck: Black (attack buffs)
Reveal: when you don't want to be attacked by players who think you are Bob or David

You want to die first, and have an easier time dying than Daniel; you can even reveal yourself voluntarily so that Allie, Agnes (as your neighbor), or Bryan (on the Erstwhile Altar) can kill you and share the win. Like Daniel, you may want to make some enemies; attacking the Shadows may get you dead. But if you don't die, you have a hard time; you need to kill the other Neutrals while staying alive yourself, and keep the balance of power until it gets down to you, one Shadow and one Hunter. Your power doesn't do much, particularly with a lot of players in the game, and any other Neutrals and whichever side is ahead will attack you if you reveal.

Best equipment: Holy Robe (reduce damage by 1 HP whether you attack or defend)
Best deck: Black if nobody is dead (you can damage yourself as well as others), White later (defensive cards, and Concealed Knowledge gives you an extra HP and an extra turn)
Reveal: when only a few players are left, particularly if you are the last Neutral

Your strategy is simple: get the white cards you need, or steal them from other players. Don't steal the Spear of Longinus if you have a choice (except from a revealed Hunter), as if you steal it and don't use it when you could steal something useful, everyone knows who you are. You don't benefit from attacking anyone unless you can steal useful equipment or get rid of another Neutral who might win first or attack you.

Best equipment (other than the winning conditions): Mystic Compass (roll dice twice when moving)
Best deck: White (all four of your cards are there)
Reveal: when you can win

You don't have an offensive power, but you can nullify a Shadow. If you use the power against an unrevealed Shadow, you reveal one Hunter and one Shadow, and you also weaken the Shadows, so that is usually good. If you use the power against a revealed Shadow, you need a good benefit from revealing yourself, so you want to do it when the Shadow has a lot of health. If a Shadow reveals early (or uses the Diabolic Ritual to heal), he is your target. If the Hermit identifies a Shadow for you, that Shadow is probably not the Unknown (who would lie), so he could be an immediate target. And the best use of your ability is against an unrevealed Wight once a player or two is dead. You would have to be pretty desperate to use your power on a Neutral, although you might use it to get Agnes back on your side after she joins the Shadows, or to stop Charles from winning.

Best equipment: Spear of Longinus (+2 damage if you do damage)
Best deck: White (Chocolate and Advent both heal you)
Reveal: when you can seriously hurt a Shadow's power

Your main ability as a nurse is to maim, not to heal; you can do 7 damage at the right time. If a Shadow reveals early, punish him; if not, wait for the Diabolic Ritual (or Ultra Soul or Unknown eating the Chocolate), and then offer your first aid. You have no need to make early attacks unless you know what you are doing, as you can do 7 with that first attack; you might even refuse to attack a known Shadow on the first round, knowing you will do 7 next round and discouraging the Shadow from attacking you. Don't heal anyone unless you are about to die, or it looks like you can swing more HP by healing than by hurting.

Best equipment: Spear of Longinus (+2 damage if you do damage)
Best deck: White (Advent heals you)
Reveal: when you have a healthy Shadow to damage, or you or a high-HP friend is about to die

You have a one-round breather, and the key is to use it at the right time. If you have two known or likely enemies, or if there are two dead characters and it looks like the Wight is about to rampage, or if you are badly wounded and Bryan is threatening, or if you are sitting at the Underworld Gate and Ultra Soul is out there, put up your ghostly barrier. If you are the last Hunter, the barrier is particularly valuable, because it will protect the whole Hunter side from damage for a round; the Weird Woods and "damage any player" cards will be either wasted or directed to non-Hunters. On your protected round, protective cards will be useless, so you should prefer black items, despite the spear and Advent in the white deck.

Best equipment: Spear of Longinus (+2 damage if you do damage)
Best deck: Black (avoid defensive equipment until after you have used your power)
Reveal: when you are likely to get badly hurt or killed next round

Ultra Soul:
You have a powerful special ability, as the Underworld Gate is the most commonly encountered location. To use your ray effectively, you need to find the Hunters. In addition, if you play with only one character per letter, you know that your hermit cards are true, so you can safely attack anyone who claims to be a Hunter. What you do not have is HP; you need to stay alive. (And stay away from Ellen, who will steal your undead soul.) You want defensive cards, as you will do less of your damage by attacking than other characters.

Best equipment: Holy Robe (reduce damage by 1 when you attack or defend)
Best deck: Green early (identify Hunters), White late (protective equipment, and Chocolate heals you)
Reveal: when you can damage a Hunter, preferably if another Shadow is already revealed or you know Ellen isn't in play

You are probably the weakest Shadow, as your weapon that never misses doesn't do much extra damage. At least it increases the power of all the buffs, as the +1 buffs are always +1 for you. Revealing early will make you a target with little benefit, and adds Bryan as a potential enemy. Wait until later.

Best equipment: Axe/Chainsaw/Knife (+1 damage if you do damage, and you won't miss)
Best deck: Black (Diabolic Ritual heals you, as well as the buffs)
Reveal: when you have buffs, or expect you can kill a Hunter

Multiplication is the right name for your special ability, as its power is the product of the number of dead characters and your ability to do damage. You need to build both factors; kill Hunters and Neutrals (watch out for Catherine and Daniel first), and get attack buffs. When you have a powerful attack and two or three characters are dead, you can go on a killing spree. If there are several dead characters and two known Hunters still alive in different regions, it is probably better not to wait for one Hunter to die; waiting will get you one more turn but give you less chance of being able to attack Hunters. Ignore the Diabolic Ritual unless you are badly wounded, Ellen is either known not to be in the game or has used her power, or you are planning to multiply immediately; otherwise, you risk revealing and having Ellen nullify your power before you use it.

Best equipment: Machine Gun with many players (attack everyone in your region), Handgun with fewer players (attack only people not in your region).
Best deck: Black (all the attack buffs)
Reveal: when you are set up for a powerful rampage
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