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Subject: Temple - A game to play with Nestortiles rss

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Martin Windischer
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This is a game for 2 players. You need 1 set of Nestortiles.

Each player chooses 5 colours and takes the corresponding tiles.
One player begins by placing a tile valued 1 on to the table. Then the players continue alternately.

On his turn a player puts 1 to 3 (dependent on the move type) tiles onto the table. There are 6 possibilities to extend the building:

(Floor tiles are tiles directly on the table, wall tiles are vertical tiles and top tiles are horizontal tiles not touching the table)


A tile directly on the table touching at least one other tile.

Corner Wall

Two adjacent vertical tiles with an inbetween angle of 90°, both touching a floor tile.

Single Wall

A vertical tile touching at least one other wall tile. It also has to touch a floor or top tile.


The top tile has to touch exactly one wall tile, and may additionally touch one or more top tiles. On the opposite side of the touching wall side another wall is placed.

Single Top

A top tile touching at least 2 wall tiles.

Corner Top

A top tile touching at least 2 other top tiles but no wall tile. EDIT: It may touch wall tiles. On every side not touching another tile a wall tile is added.

There are some additional restrictions for the moves:

The players have to use the tiles colour by colour. Only if the first used colour is completely placed on the table, the next colour may be used. So if there is only one tile remaining in a colour the player can only place one tile in his next turn. EDIT: If there is only one tile left in a colour the player is also allowed to play more than one tile; he simply continues with the next colour. The order of the tiles played within a single turn is freely chosen by the player.

Each tile has to touch at least one tile with the same or a smaller value at the moment of its placement.

A player wins if he places all 30 tiles on the table.
A player loses if he has no legal move (Beware of tiles with small value).

EDIT: Clarifications:

-The colour by colour rule is meant to be for the tiles of one player. Example: Player A starts with a yellow tile. Player B continues with two green tiles. Now player A has to continue with yellow until all yellow is used. Only then player A may choose his next colour. (Same for player B with green)

-The dots of the top tiles always must be on the top side. So it is not possible to have a top directly above a floor.

EDIT: I changed some rules to allow a smoother gameplay
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Néstor Romeral Andrés
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Thank you, Martin!

You can add it here, if you wish:


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