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2 - MUSEUM SECURITY (faculty) - unit - CC - 3 skill -

2 - INTERVENTION (encounter) - event - If opponent has put character into play due to card effect this turn , reduce the cost of play Intervention by 2. ACTION: Put Intervention into play as Investigator character witch 3 skil,Willpower, and CCI. At the end of phase , sacrifice Intervention

4 - PRIEST OF TWO FAITHS(independent) unit - AA - 4 skil - Response : After PRIEST OF TWO FAITHS comits to a story, choose an opponent's non-Ancient One character commited to the same story. That character does not count its icons until the end of the phase.


2 - Labirinth of a Dead City(environment.attachment) - support - Attach to a story card. Characters witch printed skill 3 or lower cannot commit to this story.

1 - Stygian Idol (attachment.artifact) - support - Attach to a Serpent character. Attached character gains TT. Action: Exhaust Stygian Idol to lower the cost of the next Serpent character you play this phase by 1 ( to a minimum of 1)


6 - Hastur (unique)(ancient one) - unit - TTTTA + 7 skill - Villainos. toughness +3. Action: Pay 2 to have all of your opponent's characters lose Willpower and all T icons until the end of phase.

1 - The Yellow Sign (madness.spell) - event - Action: chose a character. That character gains TTTA until the end of phase.

3 - Swooping Byakhee (servitor) - unit - TTA - 2 sill - Fast - Forced Response: After Swooping Byakhee enters play, each opponent must chose and discard 1 card from his hand.

Miskatonic University

0 UU - Broken Glasses(attachment.item) - support - Attach to a character. Attached character loses II

1 - under the Microscope - event - Play before committing characters to stories during your story phase. Action:During all I struggles this turn , the player who wins this struggle may choose and ready a character committed to the story for each I icon he won the struggle by.

2 - M.U. Chem Lab (location) - support - Action : pay 1 to have all STUDENT characters gain I until the end of the phase.

no faction

0 - The Guardian of the Key (conspiracy) - each of your characters commited to his story gains C

1 - Drunken Hallucinations - event - Action: Drive a character you control insane to put into play from your hand a MONSTER character witch printed cost 3 or less. Sacrifice that MONSTER character at the end of phase.


2 - Mi-Go Laboratory ( location) - support - Action: Exhaust Mi-Go Laboratory and sacrifice a non Mi-Go character to give all Mi-Go characters =2 skill and A until the end of the phase.

3 - Mi-Go Guard (Mi-Go) - unit - C - 2 skill - Mi-Go Guard gains C for each Mi-Go character in play.

2 - Mi-Go Scalpel(attachment.item) - support - Attach to a Mi-Go character. Action: Exhaust Mi+Go Scalpel to have attached character gain an icon of your choice for each of your Mi Go characters in play until the end of the phase.

The Syndicate

1 - Bound and Gagged ( attachmnet.condition ) - support - Attach to a character witch skill 2 or less. Attached character is considered to have a blank text box and cannot commit to stories.

2 - Bootlegging Operation (attachment) Attach Bootlegging Operation to a LOCATION support card. Action- Exhaust attached LOCATION card to draw 1 card from the bottom of zour deck.


4 - Flying Polyps (monster.independent) - unit - TCA - 3 skill - Fast.Invulnerability

2 - All are One (ritual) Action- Reveal the top 3 cards of your deck. Place one revealed card in the discard pile,add one revealed card to your hand, and place one revealed card on the top of your deck.
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