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Subject: Concise and coherent rules IMHO rss

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Henrik Johansson
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I have the 2009 release rules in swedish, and I find them clear and coherent, not at all ambiguous. The answers to questions put so far in this forum are all there. I have quoted all of them and can assert that these are the official rules, gathered from the swedish text, presumably in all other languages as well.

DoctorJ wrote:

Once a player has made a circuit of the board (we assume – the rules are not clear on whether you have to land back on the entrance space with an exact roll), the second phase of the game begins.

You can always move less than the dice shows. (Two laps is not prohibited, only a waste of racing time.)
woodnoggin wrote:
Rancemeister wrote:
So, at the start of the game the players move around the pyramid, on the brown spaces to collect crystals.
The rules state "players move their adventurers in a clockwise direction once around the pyramid on the brown movement spaces. When a player's adventurer returns to the entrance, he stops there".
They then go on to say that on their next turn the player can move onto the pyramid proper and mentions for the first time that the players get to roll the die to move.
Does this infer that the movement around the pyramid does not use the die?

You still use the die to travel around the board in the first part of the game.

Later it explains what the symbols on the die mean and it states that the number of dots are the number of spaces you may move your adventurer either up/down on the pyramid or forward on the brown spaces.So, if the first trip round the pyramid uses the die afterall, wouldn't it be possible to go around the pyramid and then miss the entrance space and therfor have to go around a second time? Or can you choose to move UP TO the number of spaces allowed by a die roll?

We played that you always stop at the entrance after you've completed one full circuit of the board, even if you rolled more than you needed to land on that space. Also, we allowed players to move up to the number rolled on the dice while climbing the pyramid, otherwise sometimes they may end up stuck and unable to do anything on their turn. Of course, this seems like the kind of game where you could end up doing nothing on your turn, but that possibility sounded boring to us, so we ruled as above.

Which brings me to my last confusion... When on the pyramid and the die is rolled allowing you multiple climbs, if you are not in possession of ALL the needed crystals can you move part of the way or is it all or nothing?

We played you could move part of the way up.

Incidentally, my set was missing a blue "gem". I have never purchased a Lego set with pieces missing before; they're usually very good about this. It makes me wonder about the quality control on this new board game line of theirs.

thumbsupI can second all the answers, they are explicit in the rules.
jcfiala wrote:
Some clarifications that I think I've worked out.

1) You roll the dice when you go around the outside. It's not clear when it explains the resource gathering part, but the little paragraphs describing the different sides of the die do say that.

2) When you want to move to a level, you need to either have the jewel on that level on your side of the pyramid, or you must be able to identify which of the hidden temples contains that gem's color.

3) The mummy blocks only the level on it's side.

I've gotten a couple of these Lego games - I think it's important to remember that these are supposed to be game kits - they really want kids to play with the idea of the game, adding or changing rules. As such, I think the basic rules aren't the most perfect, but with a little tweaking that they could be.

thumbsupI can second all these clarifications, they are explicit in the rules.
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Holy crap, thank you for posting this! I found the rules to be very poorly written in English.
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