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Subject: Inchon Again AAR rss

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Mitchell Land
United States
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Inchon Again is a learning scenario played under the Standard Rules. This scenario represents the Allied counterattack starting with a déjà vu Amphibious action against Inchon. It uses only a portion of the maps and units and has special Victory Conditions. Its primary purpose is to familiarize players with Amphibious Assaults. It consists of a single Initiative Game Turn.

Note, the following AAR and Example of Play does not, necessarily, represent the best tactics. Those are left for the players to discover.

Initiative Movement

The U.S. player begins the turn with the Initiative, so, during Initiative Movement, he positions his forces for the Amphibious Assault. Only a single naval unit can occupy a given all-sea hex. So, the AMPH, with the Marines on board, positions itself adjacent to both the target beach (currently occupied by the 28/IV ID) while the CVNBG positions itself adjacent to Inchon. Note, the Marines are shown here offset so that all can be seen clearly, they are actually in the same hex as the AMPH (beneath the AH-1Z).

Initiative Combat

Without further preamble, the Marines launch their assault designating hex S2300 as the target hex. All units are halved when Amphibiously Assaulting (rounded up, so no overall effect in this case).

Initial Odds are 5:6 which becomes 1:2. Amphibious Assaults shift one column left if the majority of combat factors are provided by assaulting units. The Marines choose to use the ER from the 1-3 (rather than the Recon Bn's 8) for a shift of two to the right for a Final Odds of 1:1. The U.S. player commits the AH-1Z and 2 air points of which the helo and a single Air Point contribute their support. DRMs are as follows: -2 (AMPH Close Support - not shown), -1 (AH-1Z), -1 (Air point) for a net -4. The DR is a 7, modified to 3, cross-referenced on the Flat Woods results in 1/1R. The Marines lose a battalion and the NKPA division is reduced and forced to retreat. Since the objective is to take Inchon, they retreat into the city. The Marines may place a Beachhead marker and advance into the hex.

Elite Reaction Segment

The NKPA player decides not to move anything in this segment.

Exploitation Combat

The Marines don't need to move, so they skip the Exploitation Movement segment and move directly into the Combat Segment to attack into Inchon. Leg infantry are doubled in Urban terrain, so the Initial Odds are 4:12 which becomes 1:3. Odds shifts are as follows: 2L (Exploitation Combat), 5R (ER differential) for a final 1.5:1. Both sides commit all of their remaining air assets. The US helo and 2 air points arrive, but the NKPA air aborts. DRMs are as follows: -1 (LI attacking - the Recon bn), -1 (helo), -2 (air points), -4 (Naval combat support) for a final -6 (note, a maximum of -6 can be applied from Combat Support (air and/or naval)). The DR is a 2, modified to -4, cross-referenced on the Urban row results in -/1R. One of the reduced NKAP divisions is eliminated, the other retreats. However, defenders occupying Urban terrain may check against their ER to ignore the retreat. In this case, the NKPA fails.

The Marines may advance.

Reaction Movement

The NKPA player maneuvers his remaining forces to attempt to take back the city.

Reaction Combat

The NKPA attack's Initial Odds are 18:8 or 2:1 with a remainder. Column shifts are as follows: 2L (ER) for a final 1:1. No air assets are left. DRMs are as follows: +1 (multi-corps attack), +1 (LI defending), +4 (Naval combat support), -1 (LI attacking) for a final +5. The DR is a 0, modified to a 5, cross-referenced with Urban row results in 2/1.

With the Initiative Portion of the turn over, we move into the Basic Movement and Combat Phase. The Marines forego their chance for First/Initiative Movement Segment and Combat since they've already occupied Inchon. The North Koreans don't need to move, so, we go directly to the last chance for the North Koreans to retake Inchon.

Basic Second Combat Segment

Initial Odds are 10:6 or 1.5:1 which shifts left 1 for ER to 1:1. DRMs are as follows: +1 (multi-corps attack), +4 (Naval CS), -1 (LI attacking) for a net +4. DR is a 5, modified to 9, for a result of 3/1. The NKPA spends itself trying to take Inchon back, but the Marines hold on.

Final result is a Major US Victory.
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