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Subject: A Guide to Playing a Seven-Year-Old rss

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Zac Paris
United States
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Well, I was visiting my little step-brother in Maryland, when he decided to challenge me to a duel. He's really big up on the 5 D's anime, so he challenged me all dramatic and asked me to call him Yusei... right, anyway.

My deck is actually just a modified Yusei deck. I had just gotten back into it after not knowing ANYBODY to play with, and I had lost all of my cards, so just recently I had bought a random starter deck and some booster packs. I hadn't watched an episode of the anime since season 2, so I had no idea who any of the characters were, so I just picked a random one, took out all of the junk, and filled it with denial tools and 1800 ATK four-stars. I call it my "Genuine 100% pure F-You Deck," as that is basically what it is. It doesn't have a theme, like Zombie or Elemental Hero, it's just basically all cards that shut down the opponent and give me a clear shot to their life points. Stuff like Scrap-Iron Scarecrow, Sakuretsu Armor, De-Synchro, Miniaturize, Meteor of Destruction, and the like.

My brother was complaining about deck-building, so I helped him make one. He said all he wanted was a pure-power deck. So I made one with the cards he had. High-attack monsters and lot's of equip cards. Guess who won? Let's find out.

We both wanted to go first, and I won the coin toss. My strategy is always to lay down at least two traps first turn, and any damage dealers. I was lucky enough to have a Volcanic Scattershot in my opening hand. It has piddly ATK and DEF, but when it dies, it does automatic 500 damage to the opponent's life points. It's an awesome first-turn face down.

So I played that, along with Scrap-Iron Scarecrow and a Trap Hole, and a Magic Cylinder for good measure.

His first turn consisted of him playing some monster (my memory is a little foggy) with 1700 ATK. He also played a Black Pendant on it, which I BELIEVE, but once again can't exactly remember because it's not in my deck, gives 500 ATK. Also, as a little bonus, it does 500 damage to the opponnent on it's way to the graveyard.

Well, he attacked, destroyed my Scattershot, and took 500 damage.

My next turn was playing an 1800 ATK bait card, and then Meteor of Destruction for a free 1000 points of damage.

He then played another 1700 ATK, which I promptly Trap Holed. Then he attacked with his enhanced 2200 ATK, and I countered with Scrap-Iron Scarecrow, which I really liked because I can pretty much use it to block any attack once per turn.

This went on for a while, until I got two of the three synchros out that came with the deck. I promptly destroyed him, leaving him at about -1800 life points. He then complained that I didn't build a good enough deck for him.I told him that I built it to his specifications, and if he wants it better, he should build it himself. So he did, and about an hour later we had another duel. I won't go into this one, because his new deck was horrible. It was about 80% monster and 19.999% equip card, leaving like 3 trap cards. It was a landslide, with me up 8000 to -2000.

Now, playing against a seven-year-old isn't good for deck-building, so if you want, could anyone give me some counter-deck constructions for mine? I know it's probably a really bad deck, but I seem to win all the time against my friends. So if you have a deck idea that could destroy mine, please post about it.
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