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Subject: A review of Army of Frog - by Lopaki rss

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Thomas Hanusek
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Components-First Impressions:
The game consists of 4x 10 frogs on hexfields in the colors red,blue, green and white, made of bakelite rules in several languages and 4 round bakelite markers to show which player is which color.
I love the bakelite frogs, they look good but are still functional and with the grip on top of the frogs easy to move.
The bag is easy to close and open and every part you need to play fits into it.

How to play
The goal of the game is to connect all frogs of your color together, you have to connect atleast 7 frogs, but if someone brings more frogs of your color into play you have to connect them all(not just the 7).

At the beginning every player chooses 1 color and all the frogs of the used colors are put into the bag.
This may take a minute or two as you have to sort out the frogs of the other colors.
After the initial setup every player draws 2 frogs from the bag and puts them in front of them, this is his "hand" from which he plays the frogs.
After that everyone takes his turns, a turn consists of the following steps:

1.Movement - You pick 1 frog of your color in the playingzone and move it as many times as you want.
To move a frog you jump from the sides of the frogs your frog is touching, over all parallel sites in one straight line.
Now , as you can move that one frog as many times as you want, you can jump from the new position again.
You may not move your frog, if that would lead to the point that all the frogs on the board are not connected anymore.
You have to move a frog every turn.
The movement sounds easy, but can be really complex and overextending, when you have to look after many frogs and all their possible movements.

2.Placement of a frog
You place one of the frogs in front of you into the playing area, touching another frog.
There are some restrictions to the placement of frogs:
-You may not place a frog of your own color touching another frog of your own color.
-You may not place a frog creating a line of 4 hextiles touching only 1 other hextile ( so there is only a single connection between the hextiles, and not a tripple connection when you put 3 hextiles together)
I personally find this rule unneeded, i know this stops the placement of the frogs in one big line( which would lead to a boring game of jumping from one end to another) but if you have to explain new people the game, this rule is the most confusing for them and it would be easier just to say them, "you may not place the frogs in one big line"

3.Drawing of a new frog
You draw a new frog from the bag.
If there are no frogs left to draw you cannot draw a new one.

Winner is the person who connects all his frogs ( atleast 7) first.

The playing time is strongly dependant on the amount of players.
While a 2 player game takes roughly 20 minutes, a 4 playergame took more than an hour.
Army of Frogs is a game for hardboiled strategists but also for people which never played a game, as the complexity of the game improves with the skill of the players and the frogtiles surely attract some people to the table.
The rules are easy to learn and to teach but still allow depth in gameplay, it's inexpensive and therefore:
The game is perfect to just take with you and teach to non-gamers as they learn the strategies really fast.
Army of Frogs is a good game, it may be a bit confusing at the beginning, but satisfies with need of strategy, goodlooking parts and the easy rules which are explained really fast. You can buy it for about 20 $ , so it's inexpensive.
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