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Subject: A Start from the Shire that Never...Starts... rss

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George Hall
United States
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These notes were found scribbled in a dusty tome long after a "Starting from the Shire" game. Shown here in the unedited hand of a leader of the Free Peoples of Middle Earth...

"Witch king in the shire
Gollum leading frodo and Sam in the shire
Merry in evendim
Merry convinced the dwarves to go to war
Pippin transported via eagle to the fords of isen
Gandalf wandering the earth in the misty mountains
Strider drinking in the prancing pony, waiting for hobbits that will never arrive
The iron hills stir
Boromir, legolas, and gimli hang out in rivendell
Turn 4
Saruman goes to war
4 nazgul at isengard, preparing for attack.
Wormtongue assures theoden it's no biggie
Turn 5
Dwarves gather in the north
Saruman crosses the isen as the rohirrim retreat to helms deep
Wormtongue still says it's all good
Siege battle at helms deep led by pippin
Turn 6
Pippin dead
Helms Deep falls
Retreat from edoras
Nowhere left to go

Turn 12
Dwarves still drinking because it's better than dying
Dwarves run out of drink in erebor, so move to the iron hills in search of beer
The horse pastures are burning
Orcs plundering
The Rohan genocide is complete
Turn 13
Rohan guerillas are dead
Nazguls scatter to find new prey
Turn 14
The dwarf kegger continues unabated
Strider is starting to wonder
Merry wonders how pippin is doing
Gollum gives the nazgul the slip again somewhere
The noose tightens
Dwarves run out of beer, move south in search of new supply
Orcs flee from dwarf army toward dol guldur

Turn 16
Fellowship moves silently somewhere
Sauron finally gets off his ass
Dol Goldur belches forth orcs

Turn 17
Sam begs frodo to destroy the ring
Pelargir falls into Minas Tirith like so many dominos
All is lost"

The Free Peoples leader wanted to take full advantage of Gollum's abilities to guide the Fellowship. In spite of the Witch King dogging the Fellowship's every move, hunting for the Ring was largely unsuccessful. The rest of Middle Earth was mostly indifferent to the plight of Rohan, in an attempt to "not lose" from a military perspective. Shadow chose not to poke a stick into a hornet's nest, and played quite cautiously. Once the fellowship declared in Mordor, the clock started ticking for the Shadow Player to knock out a few more strongholds. In the end, FP needed one more character die to move the ring, and didn't have it. SP had one more army die with which to capture Minas Tirith. All in all, a tense, close game at the end.

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Dave Daffin
United Kingdom
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I like this style of report.

At least the dwarves had a good time - but did they, or will they ever, find a new source of beer? sauron
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