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Subject: Drawing cards, lack of carrots, game end rss

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Simon Woodward
New Zealand
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a.k.a. The Shire
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Played our first game of Kinder Bunnies this evening. The kids enjoyed it, but there are (as someone else pointed out) a number of big holes in the rules. We played the Advanced Rules (not the Really Advanced Rules).

1. We played that you draw a replacement card at the end of your turn (i.e. redraw up to 5 cards. This is what happens in Killer Bunnies). However, in some cases other players lose cards during your turn (e.g. if they feed their bunny). Should they refill their hand straight away or wait until after their turn? [The rules imply you should redraw straight away].

2. We played that if you have no cards you can legally play, you can discard a card instead. [In Killer Bunnies they suggest every player starting with a bunny, maybe this would be a good idea].

3. What happens if you have 10 Bunny Bucks or want to play Take A Carrot, but there are no carrots left in the middle of the table? The rules don't say. Perhaps you can steal a carrot from another player? [In the Really Advanced Rules, this does not occur, as the game is over when the last carrot is taken].

Other comments:

4. The Advanced Game ends when the draw pile runs out and then players continue to play their remaining cards. This means you have to play out all the cards you didn't want to play before, or that are useless to you. I think the Really Advanced game rule, in which the game ends when the last carrot is taken, might be better.

5. In the Really Advanced Game, the winner must have at least one bunny, as well as the magic carrot. This can lead to lots of "no winner" situations. Anyone know how to tidy this up? [In Killer Bunnies it seems that players with no bunnies must give their carrots to the player with the most Bunny Bucks. If there is a tie they go to the player with the highest serial number card in their hand! (yuk)]

6. I saw a variant where the magic carrot is not game winning, but it is worth 3 points. This seems like a good idea.

We found the cards pretty straightforward to understand.

Edit: I've posted my cleaned up version of the rules in the Files section.

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