Anders Gabrielsson
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This weekend's update consists of the following two alternative adventure structures (and yes, they're inspired by Apocalypse World):

Free Structure
Player who would prefer a less strict adventure structure can try this variant:

Instead of setting up a series of challenges as above, an adventure contains four unordered challenges which the player whose character is going through the adventure can undertake in any order. For each successfully completed challenge the player gets to choose one result from the following list:

* The adventure is successfully completed.
* The character survives the adventure.
* The character's actions doesn't have uninteded negative consequences.
* The character's actions have unexpected positive consequences.

When using this adventure structure the players should decide at the start of the game whether choices from the list are made at the end of the adventure, after all rolls are made, or after each successful roll.

Another variant is to have a linear advanture with four different challenges faced in order. To successfully complete the adventure the character has to succeed at every challenge, but two times during the adventure the player can change a failure to a success by choosing one of the consequences from the following list:

* The character is mortally wounded and will die when the adventure is over.
* The character's actions have unintended negative consequences.
* The character's reputation is tarnished and he is remembered as a great villain.
* The character's highest die rating is reduced to a d4 for the rest of the adventure.

Note that changing the roll to a success doesn't change the actual number roll. Specifically, this has no effect on whether a tragedy is triggered.

I have also added the following rule:

Whenever a character uses one of his abilities or roles, the die rating for that ability or role is reduced one step to a minimum of d4.

Example (continued): After the battle, Fiona's rating in Hand is reduced from d6 to d4 and her rating in Captain is reduced from d8 to d6.
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