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Subject: Four hour first slog through Gangsters rss

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Forrest & Ryan Driskel
United States
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Wow, I knew it was going to be long when it said 45 minutes per player, but I didnt realize just how long that would be, especially accounting for rules checks and noobiness. Four hours felt like a long time. I can't say I didn't have fun, though one person was definitely bored by the end. They liked the game, just said it wasn't worth the time.

We played missing one notable group of rules, recruiting limit and multiplier. I can't imagine adding this in would make the game FASTER. Maybe we were just dumb since we didn't know strategy.

I tried to keep track of the actions taken on each turn, but its hard with so much going on. I (Ryan) got hammered hard by cops and vamps (three turns in a row) early in the game and spent it trying to get my machine going, only to be hit again it seemed like.

Zum at least had an idea of what he wanted to do, and he won the game just as we were about to call uncle due to the time. He raked in a lot of money during a public spree and hid it pretty well.

Rob was all over the place, mostly because he looked like he might get ten joints before Emily attacked him. Then he just kind of went on a killing spree.

Emily was trying to lay low, but due to our nature of "sic the cops on whoever can be reached" it was not easy for her to pull it off, and once she attacked Rob it brought on all kinds of pain.

--------Approx. Turn Results---------

Round 1
Ryan: Double Ext
Zum: Thug Ext
Rob: Vamped Emily
Emily: Thug Ext

Round 2
Ryan: Rec Rack, Public (in)
Zum: POPO Ryan Joint, Vamp Ryan
Rob: Rec Rack
Emily: Thug Ext

Round 3
Ryan: Bought Joint, Rec Thug
Zum: Vamp Ryan, Thug Ext
Rob: Double Ext
Emily: Thug Ext, Vamp Zum

Round 4
Ryan: Double Ext
Zum: Vamp Ryan (Third turn in a row...), Kill Emily Vamp
Rob: Thug Ext, POPO kill Ryan Thug
Emily: Rec Vamp, Thug Ext

Round 5
Ryan: Vamp Ext
Zum: Vamp Rob, Rec Rack, Thug Ext
Rob: Buy Joint, Thug Ext
Emily: Vamp Ext

Round 6
Ryan: Rec Rac
Zum: Double Ext
Rob: Public (in), Thug Ext
Emily: Buy Joint, Vamp Ext, Public (out)

Round 7
Ryan: Rec Rac
Zum: Buy Joint, Public (in), Double Ext
Rob: Buy Joint, Double Ext, POPO kill Zum Vamp
Emily: Rec Rac, Public (in)

Round 8
Ryan: Vamp Rob, Thug Ext
Zum: Rec Vamp, Public (in), Public (out)
Rob: Public (in), Public (out) x2
Emily: Public (in) x2, Vamp Ryan

Round 9
Ryan: Public (in), Double Ext
Zum: POPO Ryan Thug, Public (in) x2
Rob: Buy Joint, Public (in) x2
Emily: Public (out), Rec Thugs, Buy Joint

Round 10
Ryan: Vamp Rob, Thug Ext, Public (out)
Zum: Vamp Rob, Ext Thug
Rob: Vamp Emily, POPO Zum Thug
Emily: Attack Rob Joint Success x2

Round 11
Ryan: Double Ext
Zum: Vamp Rob, Public (in)
Rob: Buy Joint, Rec Thug, Rec Rac, POPO kill Ryan Vamp
Emily: Rec Rac, Vamp Ryan

Round 12
Ryan: Buy Joint, Rec Rac, Rec Vamp
Zum: Public (out) x2, Double Ext
Rob: Public (in), Thug Ext, POPO Emily Thug
Emily: Attack Rob Joint Success, Rec Thug

Round 13
Ryan: Vamp Emily, Thug Ext
Zum: Public x2, Double Ext
Rob: Vamp Zum, Rec Thug
Emily: Buy Joint, Rec Thug

Round 14
Ryan: Buy Joint, Vamp Rob, Thug Ext
Zum: Double Ext, Public x2
Rob: Attack Zum, Vamp Ext
Emily: Double Ext

Round 15
Ryan: Buy Joint, Thug Ext, Vamp Rob
Zum: Thug Ext ... WIN!
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