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Subject: Questions about parachuting meeples via the Count rss

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Stephen Williams
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I recently came across mjharper's compiled Carcassonne rules document (fantastic work, btw!), but there's one FAQ answer mentioned in the footnotes that has only raised more questions for me:

Question: How does follower placement during the final scoring work?
Answer: In principle very similarly to the way it works during the game. The 'trigger' for the final scoring is the player who placed
the last tile and so ended the game. Beginning with the player on the left of the 'trigger' player, each player redeploys one of his or
her followers from the city of Carcassonne to an appropriate road, city, cloister or farm. Followers can also be redeployed to
incomplete roads, cities, cloisters or farms, since these will also be scored at the end of the game. This process continues until no
player can redeploy any more players from Carcassonne. The count still blocks the city quarter in which he is resident. Normally
the player with the most followers in Carcassonne will be the one to redeploy the last figure.

Here's my problem:
When I read the RGG version of the Count's rules, I was left with the impression that, just before scoring a completed feature, players would go around the table ONCE EACH and choose any number of followers to redeploy from Carcassonne to the feature in question. So if player A had 3 meeples available to move, he could choose to move 0, 1, 2, or 3. Then player B could choose to move any he had available, but player A would never get a chance to move more if he didn't choose to move all 3.

Based on the body of the rules text in mjharper's PDF, it sounds like it works the same, however, based ont he above footnote FAQ question, it sounds like each player can choose to move one meeple at a time, and they keep going around until everyone passes. They CAN move more than one at a time if they want, but they aren't forced to. Is that the case?

Or is it somehow referencing the fact that, at the end of the game, all yet unscored features will be scoring, and so players can move meeple(s) to each such feature in turn, going around the table once for each feature until all features (or all meeples in Carc) are exhausted?

I think I prefer the idea of only going around the table once each time a scoring opportunity arises, if only because it will keep the game moving and not get bogged down in "bidding wars," but if the alternate ruling is correct, I'd still like to know that. Thanks in advance for any insight that might help clarify this point for me.
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United States
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You are correct that each player has one opportunity to add meeples to a feature one time, but can do so for each feature scored at the end of the game which is what I believe the answer is referring to by saying the process continues until they run out.
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