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Subject: The dutchy dicey gamey speedy thingy - A review on Ligretto Dice rss

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Juan Medina
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Cedar Park
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Board games rule my life, and my wife's. That is a good thing, believe it or not ;)
What type of game is this?

"Ligretto Dice" is a take on its predecessor "Ligretto", which is in turn a take on the game Ligretto. This is a dexterity/speed game where you try to get rid of your dice faster than the other players. You score points after each round until an agreed point count is reached by a player who is declared the winner.

What type of setting will this game fit?

This is a quick, noisy and messy game that is best suited for a family or party environment. You will be rolling dice in a table as fast as you can competing with the other players, and at some point you will be yelling "Ligretto". Best suited for places that can handle that type of ruckus. I find this particularly well suited for occasions where the mix of players includes teenagers. Silly teenagers and their silly speedy reflexes!

Who would not enjoy this game?

This is a pure luck, pure speed game. Avoid if you like strategy and organized games. People that have dexterity issues will do very poorly at this game. Color-blind players may also have trouble making out the different dice colors.


The game is composed of four sets of six dice, on each one of yellow, green, blue and red colors; a board with a section matching each one of the colors with the dice colors divided in six locations each one with a number from one to six where the players will be placing the appropriately matched color/number die.
Four black plastic dice cups are provided. These are the thin kind you will find in cheap backgammon sets, but they are functional for their purpose.
Lastly, a bag is provided to place the dice between turns.

The manual is clear, and simple to understand. The box fits all the components nicely and is sturdy. The game fits two to four players, but I would probably recommend you play with a full compliment of four.

Overall the production values are good. The game is colorful and feels sturdy enough for regular use.


This is one of those One, Two, Three go! type of games.

All the 24 dice are placed in the bag, and the players draw six of them at random. Each player gets a dice cup, puts their dice in in and at the agreed signal (usually someone yelling "Ligretto") all players start rolling their dice.

If you have a die that is next in the numeric sequence for a particular color and the dice has not been placed already, then you can place it on the board, reducing the number of dice you have. So, ones will be placed first, then twos and threes and so on. You then grab the dice left over, roll them and keep going until you place all your dice. You can alternatively hold for a sec in hopes someone else puts a die that allows you to put one of the ones you have already rolled. You may only place one die at a time and your are only allowed to use one hand to place you dice.

Once a player has gotten rid of all his/her dice, that player yells "Ligretto" and all other players must stop placing dice. The winning player will then score points equal to all the dice left unplaced by his opponents while each opponent gets negative points equal to the dice they are still holding on to.

The dice are then put all together again inside the bag, and you repeat the round until a player accumulates enough points to win (50 points seems to be a good number).

Fun/Challenge Factor

This one of those frantic games where the fun comes from the rush of beating the other players, particularly when you know there is a fast one. The speed challenge is good enough that you will have to concentrate to get it right, and timing when to roll and when to hold is important. The mechanics don't sound like much, but even people that did not look that thrilled at the beginning of the game soon get carried in by the sense of urgency to place the dice.


This is one of those games I can pull out with my family or non-gamer friends anytime and have a good time playing. It takes no time to explain, and people will enjoy it for what it is. It makes for a good filler, and great for a quick wake up after a board game session with lunch included! Definitely one I will be able to bring to the table constantly in the future.


Quick, simple to teach, dynamic and fun. The kind of family/party game you want to have at hand. The only drawback for it is that it tops at four players, at which point I would switch to regular Ligretto (I wish they came with a different set of color dice for up to 8 players). The dice are semi-transparent, so under certain light conditions the dots may be confusing, specially with the yellow dice set. Not terrible, but something that might make a misplay happen. It is entirely possible for someone to rush a bit too much and send the board and dice flying. Laugh it off and start a new round, this kind of stuff is bound to happen. On occasion a player will "cheat" by using both hands to place dice. To prevent that we force players to use the cup in one hand and move the dice with the other. No player is allowed to not use the cup as we found out that players using their hands to roll have a big speed advantage over players using the cup. Finally, our punishment for someone caught "cheating" is to grab their dice and throw them away from the table in such a way they have to go find them before rolling them again. It does not keep my daughter from winning almost every game of this, but it helps her to remember not to use both hands.

If you have young kids or teenagers this is always a good hit. Regular friends that are not interested in the latest euro are likely to play with you. Lighten up, have some fun, and keep rolling!

I gave this game an 8 out of 10 using the BGG rating scale (
Very good game. I like to play. Probably I'll suggest it and never turn down a game ).
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