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Subject: A lion's lessons - Wolf Raiders rss

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Jan Dreske
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Interesting one.

I felt like it was a little in favor of the Starks. One thing to note is a translation
error in our german scenario book. It states that Lannister would get one Victory
Point per three Units within the red area at end of _game_, rather then end of
each round, as it should have been. We played it wrong, but at least that made
for a very close match.

First choice was how to place my markers on the palisades. I really did not want
Stark to come near with Greatjon, so i placed red and blue tokens on the leftmost
palisades, leaving single green ones on the right. As intended, Stark could only
breach on numbers one, two and four, counted from the right hand side.

I had quite a difficult start, cause there weren’t that many units in my commander’s
zone of command. But my heavy infantery did block the entrances to my camp quite
well, and i bought myself enough time to organize my scattered defenders. Stark
units were blocking there one path’s, too.

Gregor finished round one on the river, on a red catapult marker, and survived. I
spent turn number two on getting him and two of his fellow units completely over
thanks to a rally all card. One of Starks red cavalry slipped through and burned a
tent, but with a very lucky roll i could finish that one off fast.

The northmen did have difficulties to get their forces onto the battlefield. A second
tent got burned, but that was the last one i lost. I got to play the “order one
commander and all adjactent units” - card with Gregor, using him and four (!) other
units, including Kevan, to enjoy quite a massacre.

I felt like having won then, there seemed to be no way for Stark to get enough
Victory Points. My killing spree let me grow a little careless, though, and i moved
out towards my foes in order to butcher some more. That was folly, since i could
not earn any VPs, but gave my opponent the chance to fill up his.

Getting into Greatjons reach, i suffered some losses, and he put his special ability
to good use. In the end, Stark managed to draw level, and i won because of my
better morale. Would we have played by correct rules, though, there would have
been some more VPs for lannister side.

I guess there were two key points for my victory: Most important the lack of an
entrance to the camp on the left side. The constellation did effectively shut off at
least three Stark units, and also allowed me to move to the right side with all
forces, blocking northmen heavily.

Second important event was my lucky roll against red cavalry (and the guys
managed to roll a complete miss on their first burning attempt, too). Those riders
could have easily burned one or two additional tents, swinging VP-Count two
points in Starks favor for each.
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