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Manila has been a huge hit among my friends. I have the english language version, so those are the rules we've used. They indicate that at the end of the game, you get paid out for any shares you have, whether or not those shares are encumbered, but you have to pay 15 pesos for every encumbered share.

HOWEVER, according to this thread, the original German rules state that you DO NOT get paid for encumbered shares, and still have to pay the 15 pesos for each of them.

So, a simple poll follows. I probably should have stated it clearer in the poll question but I can't edit it now: I'm asking which way YOU play, not which way is necessarily correct.

For anyone who has tried both ways, I'd love to hear your comments on which way plays better.

Do you pay out encumbered shares at the end of the game?
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G Wintner
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If you pay out encumbered shares, then the player who encumbered them has no incentive at all to repay the loan (by paying 15) specifically before the game ends. And that can't be right because 1) the rules (at least the ones I have) definitely make a point of mentioning that a player should try to do so, 2) if this is the rule then which share the player chooses to encumber makes no difference (since all of the shares will score at the end anyway), yet the rules are clear that the player should designate a particular share and set it aside from his other shares, and 3) this rule would mean that, in essence, a player may encumber a share and get 12 pesos to use now for the eventual cost of 3 pesos (since he'll have to pay back the 12 plus 3 more), period, and that would actually be a good deal that many people would take many times without thinking too hard about it. The reason to NOT take that deal is that by doing so you're running a serious risk: if you CAN'T pay back the 15 before the game ends, then not only will it be taken out of your score anyway at the end but also the share you encumbered won't score. Without this risk added, you may have many players taking out many loans in your games, even if they aren't desperate.

I understand that the poll wasn't asking for the correct rule, but for how people are playing. However, I would suggest that the correct rule that I've described would be the best way to play - it provides much more interesting and grueling decisions to make about whether or not to take out loans and, if you do, which share exactly to encumber.
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