Ender Wiggins
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The story behind this game

The Masked Man doesn't usually circulate the upper echelons of High Society. Although if you greet him with "Hi", he might just response with "Society!" He's a member of a distinguished Royal Society after all. And he has been known to create his share of scandals in his time. He certainly was involved in a big scandal in this particular session!

This game was one of the final games I ever played with my good friend the Masked Man some time ago, as part of our quest to play 100 different games in 25 weeks. High Society was a particularly good candidate for our Challenge, because it plays quickly, and has good potential for fun - minus the scandals that is! We were joined by Mrs Masked Man, Mrs Ender, and one of the Junior Enders in what would have to be one of the shortest High Society games ever recorded!

The Masked Man involved in yet another scandal

The story of this game

Only a mansion and an exotic stained glass window successfully went up for auction in the entire game (along with a couple of Recognition cards). Why? Because a Thief, a Scandal, and a Mansion Fire wreaked all kinds of havoc, by turning up among the very first few cards! In other words, disaster upon disaster!

The three Misfortune cards

Right after this early mayhem, we went on to draw the third Recognition card, which was the fourth red-bordered card drawn and thus triggered the game end! Talk about being blown away by disaster! Get this: the game ended so quickly, that the player who was disqualified (as required by the rules) for having spent the most money was the only player who had any points! This meant that the other four players were all tied - on a score of zero! Sometimes rule-books talk about rejoicing in a shared victory, but in this case there wasn't much reason for the winners to rejoice! But it certainly was reason for a good laugh! We've played High Society many times, but never a game that ended that quickly!

Nobody likes a Scandal, so the rich pay money to avoid it!

Final scores

Jnr Ender 5 (disqualified)
Ender 0
Mrs Ender 0
Masked Man 0
Mrs Masked Man 0

The fourth red-bordered card turned up triggers the game end

Read more gaming adventures with the Masked Man here:

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United States
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I remember a game of High Society where I won with 1 point. The person with least money had more points, and everyone else had 0. That only happened once in about 60 games, so it's fairly rare...
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David Fisher
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cannoneer wrote:
I remember a game of High Society where I won with 1 point.

The first time I played I won with zero points ... the other two players were tied for lowest cash. Very bizarre!
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