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Subject: A lion's lessons - Harassment to Harrenhal rss

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Jan Dreske
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And now for the epic showdown!

After we spent hard lessons on learning to think about objectives, not about
killing, this one seemed as if it would turn everything upside down. With most of
the units on the board, we wre ready to enter the killing spree.

Here is how the setup looked like:

In the first round, i claimed the forest and blocked the street with my red rank
heavy infantry. Stark took positions on the mountains and Rickard commanded
his cavalry, then used his commit ability to rally them and commanded again, to
come crashing into my lines. This put them into reach of my men, though, and
Gregor and his men engaged.

Battlefield after round one:

I send my cavalry to the street, and they help to buy some time on the northern
flank, but get killed doing so. Adam heads down to lend a hand on Gregor,
commanding some units, while Kevan holds the street. I am able to clear out
Starks red cavalry, Rickard retreats to the central mountain, and Maege Mormont
arrives at the front lines.

Battlefield after round two:

Round three really turns the tide. A combination of morale tokens and a rally all
card allow Gregor to capture Maege and start a little adventure together with
Adam, hacking and slashing their way through foes until they reach the host’s
rear. The remaining Stark forces gather in the centre, still led by Greatjon and
Rickard, giving lannister troops a tough fight.

Battleflied after round three:

In round four, Gregor follows the street to attack the rear of Starks northern
troops, aided by lannister forces joining from the center. Greatjon makes good
use of this opportunity, slays some of my men and starts to hurry to the leftmost
objective, after capturing the central one and then beeing rallied. kevan is also
captured during the clash, weakening my ability to command units.

Adam rides towards Karstark, planning to get him with a coordinated attack.
Instead he finds himself engaged by some northmen and then captured by
Rickard with a lucky roll. At this point, Stark is behind on Victory Points, and his
best chance might be to try and take all objectives.

Battlefield after round four:

Rickard and the last pile of northmen make for the left objective, taking it and
engaging my lonely unit of lannisport guards. Gregor and his central forces finish
off all remaining Stark soldiers in their area, but are too slow to help on any
other flank. My rightmost troops try to block Greatjons way as good as possible,
their chance of taking him without a commander to launch a coordinated attack
is negligible.

Battlefield after round five:

Crazy things happen now. Karstark rides to the center, trying to prevent my
men from taking back the central objective. The souther northmen (hehe) secure
the left point and kill my own men. When Stark realizes, that Greatjon wont be
able to reach the rightmost point of interest, he complains about having played
two orders with Rickard. He holds a rally all card, but could only use that one
with Greatjon, to no effect, whereas Rickard could try and make sure to hold the
central point.

I attack Greatjon, and dice show to morale symbols, pushing him back enough
to have Rickard in his zone of command. He instantly rallys all. I chose to move
my men onto the objective and attack Rickard, figuring he would have a harder
time if he needs to role morale to get my men off that point. But i myself roll
double flag again, pushing Rickard to the left, and he reaches the other objective
with his last movement.

Battlefield after round six:

Despite this confusing last round, i still win, having gained more VPs due to killed
enemies. On the board remain seven lannister units and only three Stark ones,
though the total command card capability is four to one in Starks favor.

This one took the longest time so far, not only because of the six rounds played,
but we had to think for long time very often, due to the sheer amount of options.
A complex scenario, but easy tasks, and you always find someone to shove some
weapons into. I really enjoyed this showdown!
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