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Subject: A lion's lessons - The Lion and the Maiden rss

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Jan Dreske
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Finally i get to command the hound and all three new unit types together.

Stark did the opening by command Robb and his two warhost of the north, attacking
with the king himself and moving his men forth. I expected him to move his men
around Karstark first and to wait for me to break my stalwart positions before engaging,
but he got us right into close combat. My answer was to have archers and crossbowmen
raining arrows and quarrels onto Starks green cavalry and his northmen. Riders of
Winterfell took revenge by attacking my archers, chasing them off the mountain, but my
own cavalry came over to finish those intruders quick enough.

Rickards men now started to approach while my pikemen joined the fighting and
killed the other green cavalry. But Stark did surprise me again: He ordered his
remaining warhost units to get back north. Only Robb stayed somewhat near, but
rode over to the eastern flank, attacking my archers. He scored no hit, but forced
a retreat, pursued, and rolled some nice four green shields. Crossbowmen took
revenge by taking Robb’s unit down to reduced strength, but that was all i could
hope to accomplish, concerning his capture rating of 4.

My new plan was to send Adam north on the right flank, and my other blue cavalry
following the river. There would be a small chance to take the objective. I might
force Robb to stay at the lower right objective, preventing him from killing more of
my units. Meanwhile, Sandor could advance towards the enemy.

Rickard killed my blue cavalry, Adam got rid of the blue kennelmaster unit and
advanced towards the objective. Clegane killed one warhost of the north. Last
round proofed i took too great a risk. Adam was right on the point of interest,
next to him a blue and a green warhost of the north, with only one mini remaining
in each. Marbrand had a good chance of killing the first with a flank attack, pursue
and getting the other with another flank attack. But Stark played first, engaging
Adam with his northmen and capturing him with a flank attack by Rickard.

Victory Point count was 9 to 6 in Starks favor, so i lost. Had i not exposed Adam
so early, he might have been able to stay out of Rickards reach, just racing to the
northmen during last round. With two more enemy units down, there would have
been a fair chance to win, considering the morale gain.
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Christoph Breitkopf
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I'd like to add that I was very impressed by Sandors fearsome ability. I did not dare to place an important unit (except for Robb) anywhere where he might engage it, and thereby keep it out of action. This did a lot to constrain my possible moves, and was one reason why Rickard, whom I normally like to use at the front, remained mostly behind the lines.
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