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Fresco "The Glaziers" gives you 3 expansions to add in a modular format to your original Fresco game. The Glazers expansion provides a two supplemental game boards to place paints and Thalers (coins) from the original game. You can read my original Fresco Review here to see my views of the game if you wish.

The Wishing Well:
This expansion rewards early painters until the lucky coins run out. I like this expansion for its equalizing quality by giving early players a bit of a possibility for a boost when waking up earlier and going to the shop for paint first. I prefer rewarding early painters in the game over sitting back and acquiring paint cheaply, though waiting for paint it a valid strategy, it should not last as effective so long into the start of the game. Players will still sit back at the start of the game, but this gives those wishing to be first on the board a bit of a boost with a nice perk from the fountain. Though it is a bit fiddly, I like the supporting mechanic it helps to fix. the wishing well expansion has more effect in the 4 player or 3 player games, I would use this in 2 player games if you use the Glaziers just to give you the ability to keep up with Leonardo at the start of the game.

The Gold Leaf:
Oddly this is my favorite of the expansions. Most people will dislike this expansion because of the luck factor, but I prefer it just for that. I like the choices it forces a player to make, do I paint now, or do I wait until a more fortuitous color shows up next round and hope someone does not paint the tile I am going for. My only gripe is that this expansion does not support the fuchsia or the brown colors. I think because these big paint tiles are such big points and in limited supply take away from some of the potential risk reward. That is my only gripe about this expansion. I also like where the gold leaf can only be picked up from certain shop locations. It forces a player to sometimes choose a less optimal choice in going for gold leaf. The gold leaf paints also increase in value depending upon proximity of the bishop. This expansion works well with all players. Leonardo does not participate in acquiring gold leaf.

The Glaziers:
This is by far the main event of the expansion. It requires you to create a stained glass window along with painting a tile next to the wall of the Cathedral. This expansion has lots of great looking pieces, extra worker placement boards, and probably the most deviation from the "core" rules of Fresco. I think this plays best with 4 players, played well with 3 players, but is iffy with 2 players due to the Leonardo not requiring any extra turns to acquire points for glass. If you have 3 or 4 experienced Fresco players playing with this expansion is a must. But if you are trying to keep your game of Fresco on the quick and simple side, you will want to pass on this expansion as the games run a bit longer due to collecting the right amount of glass to paint your fresco tiles that are near a window area to prevent yourself from losing points on an unfinished window. The ability to replace one of your 5 existing actions with 2 free moves to buy glass for your stained glass windows is a stroke of genius. I love this expansion with 3 or 4 players, but I really hate it with 2 players due to Leonardo tends to gain more points quickly which forces him to bid last and prevents your opponent from making a more drastic decision when bidding. This expansion messes up the ghost player bidding capability when Leonardo is already jumping leaps and bounds ahead of players during the game.

The only thing I am worried about is that this game starts trying to pump out expansions like Alhambra. For the price of this expansionis may be a bit steep for what you get in the package. Don't get me wrong I like the expansions, but I hope any future expansions are priced much more reasonably or add more expansions than just 3. The list price of 39.99 is pretty steep for what you get in this game. If you are thinking of picking the game up I would not jump at anything over 30 dollars. It is a great expansion but not worth that price. I know most reviews don't often put in the value price of a game when buying it, but I'm not Congress. Most of us have to weigh costs when we would like to buy a game.

Fresco is by far one of my A-list games. This expansion adds more modularity to a great game. The Glaziers expansion also allows you to gear gameplay to fit towards a certain a group of friends or try to dissuade a certain way Fresco gets played if you hit a rut with a certain combination of friends. The only problem with this game is it takes the simplicity of the original and adds a ton of fiddly to it. So if you liked the original Fresco for its implicit simplicity, you may be turned off by this expansion. Once again you can read my original Fresco review here: Fresco

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