Lukasz Biernat
Dabrowa Gornicza
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I was playing the Germans, Bartek took the British.

He never played Baby Blitz before, though he played base DitD game. I explained the new rules to him and we begun our setups for the night.


My nightfighters were spread pretty thin along the coastline, with He-219 'Uhu' in the center.

I (secretly) concentrated my offensive weapons on the south edge of the map. He placed his bombers & Mosquitos in the central airflields, so I had no idea about his plans - he could just go anywhere from those spots. Weather was good for me, with almost no clouds, plus it was a summer - so after 7th round it would be easier to intercept and score those bombers. It was a quarter moon, so there was no bonus/penalty for bombing & air combat.

For my V1s I chose a single target - Weymouth. First wave of 2 missiles (greeen & blue) would take off in turn 3 and strike Weymouth in turn 4. The last yellow missile would take off in turn 4 and strike in turn 5.

For bombers I chose Bristol, plotting a route around Falmouth, using ocean hexes. I hoped that it would be far enough from the rest of the action, that his Mossie squadrons wouldn't bother intercepting my Greif.

Bartek programmed his both bomerstreams, and loaded his both Mossie squadrons with bombs & markers.

We begun to place our ground defenses then. I put most of my 50 markers in center & north, leaving southern part of the land mostly defenceless. I hoped that my 2 best squadrons NJG4 (Do217) and NJG5 (He219) would be able to cover at least some of the space.

Bartek placed his defenses, and I was delighted to see, that he left my V1 target totally unprotected. The bad news was that Bristol had two AA guns with a searchilight - a dangerous setup for my He177 bombers.

Finally, I placed my V1s and He177 on the board and we were ready to fly. Here's how it looked after the setup:


Both Mossie squadrons jumped forward on low altitude and blocked my Dornier airfield and the yellow V1 launcher. Fortunately, the launch site was protected with quad 20mm autocannons, so there was my first 1VP for shooting down some pesky Mosquitos. The radar installation on the launcher hex was bombed and destroyed though.

I decided to leave Do217 on the airfield, and just wait for the Mossie to fly away. I took of with the rest of my squadrons though, moving towards Britain. One of his bomberstreams had to take off in the next move, so it's better to be prepared.

His Lancaster bomberstream (brown) took off from its northern airfield and flew straight east, into a cloud hex, on low altitude. I had my NJG2 & NJG3 nearby, so thigs looked good. His grey bomberstream (Halifax) was delaying its takeoff.

My Greif then took off (high altitude) and flew west into clouds, starting his bombing mission.

V1s were, of course, sitting silently on their launchers.

End of round 1:


Brown Mossie squadron got bored cicrling around NJG4 airfield, dropped a single bomb and flew northeast, to protect his Lancaster bombers from my nightfighters. Grey Mossie squadron turned around and flew towards... Weymouth, on low altitude - ready to intercept the possible V1 strike. It was pretty close to my bomber too, so it started to look really bad for me.

I left NJG4 (Dornier) near the center of the map, waiting for the other bomberstream to take off, I lost 1VP for taking off from a bombed airfield, the rest of my fighters flew northeast to intercept Lancasters. I had 4 squadrons versus his single Mossie.

Lancaster stream fooled me though and evaded my trap. It flew northeast too and hugged the northern edge of the map. Very good planning, the next turn it had to move straight east, and it was a cloud hex that would provide him cover.

My Greif turned northwest and scored his first VP for uninterrupted flight.

V1 were just sitting there.

End of round 2:


Brown Mossie suddenly turned around 180 degrees and returned towards the center of the map, where my single NJG4 blue Do217 suqadron was circling. It was pretty clear now, that the bombing run I was chasing was a spoof, and Bartek was clever enough to make me believe it's not.
Grey Mossie realized that Birstol has to be the target (counting my moves), so he moved over Bristol on high altitude, waiting to intercept my Heinkel bombers. It was good news though, because he left Weymouth unprotected again.

Three of my nightfighter squadrons went into the cloud hex, waiting for Lancasters to come. Red NJG2 squadron was pulled south & refueled, because I believed that we have a spoof raid there and there's no need for commiting four squadrons for such a distraction. The blue NJG4 was circling in place, waiting for the Halifax bomberstream to take off. I had Mossie on the same hex, but it was too busy guarding my V1 launchsite from low altitude, plus clouds gave me protection. My quad flak scored a point again.

The Lancaster stream went into the clouds, and my squadrons jumped into combat. It was a spoof raid though, and I scored nothing (-1 for clouds, -1 for spoof).

I just wasted precious fuel. The raid was looking believable though - spoof raids do not benefit from low altitude flight at all, and it's a dangerous business, because german flak is merciless against a low flying bomberstream. So, Bartek tricked me, flying his spoof at low altitude and I took the bait.
The grey bomberstream was still sitting on its airfield.

He177 Greif moved northeast and scored his second VP for uninterrupted flight. It was one hex away from its target.

And finally, grey & blue V1 were launched, climbing on low altitude. The look on Bartek's face was priceless as he realized that Falmouth and/or Weymouth are going to be bombed, and he has no Mossie left to intercept there.

End of round 3.


Brown Mossie squadron flew east on low altitude, over hex 25. It was a heavily fortified hex with a smokescreen and lots of defenses. He dropped 2 of his bombs and disabled a searchlight there. My quad flaks scored a hit vs the brown intruder. It was pretty clear, that the Mossie was clearing the way for the real bombing run, with 2 straight hexes bombed - first a radar, then a searchlight. The bombing path pointed towards Ruhr, Frankfurst... or Muenchen?
The other Mossie was hovering over Bristol, ignoring the V1 threat.

In the center, NJG4 & NJG2 were still waiting for the Halifax bombers - it was the last possible turn of their takeoff delay. In the north, NJG5 & NJG3 were pulled south, ignoring the spoof raid. The wind direction was bad and the trip southwest would cost me lots of fuel, so I just landed on every possible airfield and refueled.
NJG1 pilots were determined to harass the spoof raid some more, so they directed their squadron straight east, hoping that they can meet the spoof raid there.

And Lancasters went straight east too! There was a radar on that hex, so NJG1 scored 2VP versus the spoof raid.
Halifax stream was sitting still on the airfield, for the last time.

I pulled a 'bombs away' card from the deck, and moved Greif east, towards Bristol.

Got hit by AA for 3VP and by Mossie for 2VP (damn searchlights!)
Bombing scored 4VP (damn searchlights!) so I took more losses that the bombing was worth. Fortunately, few turns of uninterrupted flight would make the bombing run worth it anyway.

Green & blue V1s moved towards unprepared Weymouth for the kill, scoring 4VPs each for 8VPs total!

Yellow V1 was launched afterwards.

End of round 4:


After Bristol & Weymouth were hit, Bartek panicked, and pulled his second Mossie towards England, for extra defense - my last V1 was about to strike its target that round. One mossie went into hex 23, hoping that it would intercept a missile going towards Birmingham or Bristol.
The second Mossie flew towards London and waited there on low altitude.

My NJG2 & NJG4 squadrons took advantage the absence of Mossies and prepared themselves on hex 24, waiting for the real bombing raid that was about to take off this turn (finally!). The other three NJGs flew towards the spoof raid again, encouraged by the brave actions of yellow NJG1 squadron. It was a bad move, especially commiting Uhu for such a silly task as hunting the spoof raid. NJG1 moved straight east again, hoping to repeat last round success.

Lancasters went straight east again and NJG1 scored 2VPs again (radar)! To make matters worse, the hex had a flak too, which scored 3VPs (1+2 for low altitude). My total score vs. the spoof raid was now 7VPs - that's also the number of VPs the raid scores when it bombs it target. So with the spoof raid scoring completely nullified, I decide to let it go and bomb whatever they want.
Halifax stream climbed to high altitude and went east - my 2 squadrons were waiting for it for a long time now. Cloud gave the bombers cover, so I managed to score 2VPs total.

Greif turned around 180 degrees and flew west, scoring 1VP for uninterrupted flight.

Yellow V1 bypassed the Mossie and struck Weymouth for another 4VPs, bringing my total V1 score to 12VPs.

End of round 5:


Mossies failed to defend England that night, so Bartek pushed them forward to help his main bomberstream. Brown squadron went into hex 25 again and dropped 2 more bombs, disabling the radar. Quad flak scored again! Grey squadron moved to hex 32.

NJG2 & NJG4 went east, to hex 25, expecting the bomberstream there. Bartek made it clear, that he wants that hex to be safe for his flight.
The rest of my nightfighters landed to refuel and/or moved south, towards the real threat, ignoring the spoof raid for the rest of the night.

SR went southeast, to hex 13 - Luebeck! But no bombs were dropped, it was not its target.
Main raid went southeast too, to hex 32. Nice feint there! Hex 25 action was just a distraction, as it would seemed.

Greif flew back towards the same airfield it took off, scoring another 1VP for uninterrupted flight.

End of round 6:


Grey Mossie went over Frankfurt and bombed everything I put there - one flak and two searchlights. The other Mossie moved to hex 33 (clouds) on high altitutde.

NJG2 & NJG4 went into hex 33 too, using clouds as cover. A fresh, refueled Uhu joined the party too, denying Mossie his single VP reward for interception. NJG1 & NJG3 were slowly progressing south, refuelling every hex.

Halifax raid went into hex 33 and was attacked by my three squadrons, for a mere 2VP (clouds & low altitude of the Uhu). Lancaster spoof raid wend southeast again - Berlin? Dresden? Nuernberg?

He177 was moving towards the airfield, scoring his last VP for uninterrupted flight.

End of round 7:


One Mossie dropped 2 markers over Frankfurt

There was no pressure for me, since I maxed my score on the VP track already.
I was low on fuel for my NJG2 & NJG4, so I decided not to follow the stream, but land and refuel. NJG1 & NJG3 were closing in, Uhu went to hex 40 in case Frankfurt was just another distraction.

But it wasn't! Halifax stream went over Frankfurt and dropped its payload, scoring a respectable 19VPs. I was able to cancel the single VP because I had 2 fire trucks in Ruhrgebiet, that immediately went into action. The spoof raid flew over Dresden and dropped the bombs too, for 7VPs, then dispersed.
I had a 2VP lead after the bombings.

Greif landed, finishing its mission for the night. It scored a net 3VPs for the whole flight, but the real deal here was distracting Mossies, allowing me to turn Weymouth into a smoking ruin.


The main raid had to return to England, so I harassed it a little with my refueled nightfighters on the way back. During the end, I managed to raise my score to 11VPs. But then I got greedy. Instead of landing my planes and enjoying a nice 11VP win, I pushed my nightfighters into fighting. I was low on fuel and Bartek managed to trick me with the Mossies, scoring 6 points in a single round! He intercepted my fighters using the daylight VP bonus (it was summer) and then blocked all the airfields I could use (I was desperately low on fuel) so he scored more points when I was landing. So we finished with me winning with 5VPs only.


We both really enjoyed the match, it looked hopeless for the British (with me leading with 30VPs at one time) but he managed to bounce back. We both made some mistakes:
- my GRM placement was not so good. I should place more quad flaks on the coastal hexes, 2-3 per hex + smokescreen, it's a real turnoff for the mossies.
- I underplayed Uhu. It's pointless to send him after a spoof raid, he shold protect other NJGs vs Mosquito attacks
- Bartek's GRM placement was a miss, with 2 coastal cities undefended. Bristol defence was a hit though
- Bartek's Mosquitos couldn't decide what to do - protect England or support raids? There was some pointless back&forth flying for both of us.
- Spoof Raid flying on low altitude is a clever move, but having it fly through flak occupied hexes kinda defeats the purpose.

I had a great time playing Baby Blitz again. Bartek liked it too, it just gives you much more options, base game just feels bland after a while. We will use tactic cards next time and some varant/small expansion rules to make it even more interesting.

Hope you enjoyed my report, thanks for reading!
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Will Miner
United States
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One of my favorite games.This report is one of the best Ive seen.Bravo!
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United States
Up Nort' Der
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High Frontier PBF #17 - Failing spaceward!
We must move forward, not backward, upward, not forward, and always twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom!
Great write-up!
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Jean Lannes
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Great report. Nice pictures!
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clive holland
wang nam khieo
nakhon ratchasima
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Luksaz, great report and smashing photographs.

I am gearing myself up to my first game of BB, but after reading your earlier posts I am a bit aprehensive as there seems to be so many queries.

Did you ever get around to completing your reference sheet/rules quide you mentioned in another post?

My friend and I play DITD via Skype and have a great time, hopefully this weekend we will get into BB.
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Lukasz Biernat
Dabrowa Gornicza
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I recently found my BB rules draft on some old pendrive. It's in txt format and it's not finished. But most of stuff is there. I might finish it someday (or might not) or just post it somewhere. It might help some people.

The rules are not so difficult/bad in BB. One has to really believe the scoring summary card, and in authors' intentions.
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