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Paul S
United Kingdom
West Yorks
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Just finished my 3rd play of this game, and can't resist putting virtual pen to paper to record how impressed I am - early though it certainly yet is.

I played twice solo last night, lost the first and won the second. Dice rolls for fire advance in game 1 were awful - out of 6 rolls, 2 landed on the same (fire) square, and another 2 on an adjacent (fire) square. The house was half demolished before I'd rescued more than 1 victim.

But in game 2 that settled down and I managed 9 rescues before the house collapsed. The randomness factor seems about right to me, more replays will tell.

So both of those were solo, with one firefighter. Today I played with my partner and our 8 year old. Basic rules again, but I will move up from those next game I play (still - for our larger group, which includes gamers of all sorts of levels of experience, it's great to have an "introductory" level to get the ball rolling; and this game even seems to allow a modular approach to adding the more complex rules if you wish - nice).

We had a poor start. The first 4 POIs turned out to be false alarms. Who shuffled these? Paul, we're looking at you... Ooops.

So I was resigned to trouble, not least because the fire advance seemed 90% confined to 2 diagonally opposite parts of the board (just about nothing in the top right/bottom left) and structural damage was mounting. Now regretting the wall chopping I started the game with - doubly so given that I did it for a false alarm.

Gradually we started to make progress. Plainly extra players give you access to different parts of the buildings that bit more easily, and one at a time we started to score the rescues.

Mum ends up in the sitting room (top left, for want of a better description) which is almost full of fire, but she is carrying a victim and narrowly escapes a nearby explosion (I can see the slo-mo effects in the movie here laugh) and plods determinedly towards the western door.

Meanwhile I'm carrying the 7th rescuee, and if the 2 of us can make it outside, we've won, against the odds.

Explosion. We're down to one (count it!) damage token.

To win, all 3 of us need to complete our turns without any damage tokens being added.

Son and mum roll just the right spots - smoke added, nothing else, and mum completes her rescue. My turn and I stagger out of the house with No. 7 for victory.

Can't resist the last roll: an explosion, of course. The house collapses in a sheet of flame as I throw No. 7 towards the paramedics. Roll credits. Oscars on the way.

We all loved it, and I'm sure it'll see a good bit of play. We'll try it with our group of 6 on Monday - I plan one game basic, then we'll move up to proper rules. Suspect I'll slot in another solo bash before.

Great game. I like co-ops, anyway, but this scratches the itch just so for me. Tense, fun, quick, thematic. Hot stuff. Ouch
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