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Subject: A lion's lessons - Crossroads rss

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Jan Dreske
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Introducing: tridents.

I started with a little firing with my archers, while Stark ordered his troops on the
right flank towards me. His plan was to block the way, keeping some of my units
stuck. I could answer by having Kevan rush forward and supporting my men who
were attacking the shield maidens. Tywin waited behind the river, making sure I
would start turns next round. Robb and his fellow riders engaged my heavy infantry
with very little effect, and my own cavalry launched a counterattack.

At the beginning of round two, I used Tywins commit ability and managed to kill
some of those last hearth riders on the left. Some serious fighting took place on
that flank, leaving only Robb and my heavy guys nearly untouched. All the other
cavalry went down, on both sides, only Adam himself remained, and tried to get

He suffered several capture attempts, but got away luckily, killing one kennelmaster
in the process thanks to a forced pursue using his commit ability. I had him riding
towards the topmost objective, far away from all those bad northmen. Meanwhile
on the other flank, I amanged to drive them remaining shield maidens into the
marshes, and finished them off with a command-card-doubled archer attack. My red
cavalry was hurt and got quite far north due to some trident bearers attacking them
from behind and scoring several morale results. Tywin finally had to move near to his
troops, handing initiative back to Stark.

Robb took care of the south-western objective, and one of my heavy infantry finally
got killed. Adam took the northern one, and Galbart joined Rodrik and his trident
folks at the building. Some of those started north towards Adam, and killed my red
cavalry. I was able to sneak past the rest with my remaining blue riders and got into
the building. Robb joined the battle again and killed my archers, but Tywin rode past
him, used a rally all card to enable Kevans men to finish some warhost of the north,
and took back the south-west point himself.

At that moment I did control all of the four points, and was ahead of Stark in
killing-related victory points. I felt sure as hell i could never ever lose, but Stark
had still some plans. He started with a rally all by Rodrik. Galbart went along the
street, captured Adam and advanced onto the objective. (Two more points for
Stark, one less for me). The trident bearers drove my cavalry from the building,
and Rodrik moved in. (One more point for Stark, two less for me). A final attack
against my mounted knights left them with one figure remaining, preventing Stark
from getting another point.

I had no way to capture Robb, who was at full strength, and no active units left
near the building or at the northern point. Robb was inactive, too, and even if
he could have been reactivated, was one hex short of reaching one of the two
southern objectives. I did win with 13 victory points, Stark had 11. Again, there
were many interesting choices made throughout this session, and i feel like I had
just a little more luck with the dice this time. Either side could have easily done a
little better now and then, so i will call that a close win and be looking forward to
trying this scenario again at some point.
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