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Subject: A lion's lessons - Around the Hornvale rss

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Jan Dreske
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Stark slaps Lannister around a bit with a large trout.

My first thought after reading the win conditions was: “I will totally win this one”.
Then i found out about those objectives being only one-way, and it was more like
“I will totally lose this one.”

I start by moving archers and lannisport guards into buildings. Stark leads his
Tully riders into the river. Later he noticed he would have been possible to get
Brynden across the river thanks to his ability to ride through own units, but actually
the line of hidden fords looked very nice. I send the red cavalry north and Adam rides
east on the southern flank, together with my other knights. Rickard comes west with
archers and riders, and my own archers climb the northern mountains.

I have Adam rush out together with his fellow knights, kill one blue unit of winterfell
riders in a coordinated flanking attack and pursue to have Bryndens unit get to
reduced strength. Stark engages my northern archers, then flanks them, kills, and
pursues onto the objective. I send my red riders and red footmen up and kill one of
those riverborn units. Rickard leads a great attack together with the red riders and
captures Adam. My archers loose some arrows with no effect. Brynden attacks my blue
cavalry, but stays engaged next to the ford. I rally all with Kevan and launch a six dice
aided flanking attack against Brynden with my red cav, capturing him and drawing
even on commanders.

In round three, my red knights weaken Starks, then get killed themselves, but
not without taking the ford. My lone blue rider soon shares their fate. Some blue
Stark cavalry slips past my occupied building, stopping next to the south-western
objective. My archers take them under fire, and lannisport guards leave the front
building to kill them. My red foot engages the red riders on the ford, causing minor losses.

The last round starts with Rickard taking the front building, rising Starks objective-count
to three. My only chance to win this battle is to drive Starks morale to the yellow. My
archers do a great start for this plan by killing the red cavalry. An attack against blue
river riders fails to deal damage. I have to pay a morale and use a flag token to
reactivate, cause Kevans command limit is exhausted (i hold rally all in my hand). I kill
the unit, but end up one single point short on the morale track.

Stark wins and again we wonder whether it is us who tend to have such close
battles or the scenarios are just so well balanced. And whether we should take
better care for our commanders.
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