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Subject: Herald - Shudde M'ell rss

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Chris Lawson
United Kingdom
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Second of my Herald designs for my Elder Sign: Abominations project.

Shudde M'ell Herald sheet

Rubble tokens.

This time the design was modelled after the Ancient One Shudde M'ell from Arkham Horror and introduces rubble tokens to the game along with the concept of closed locations. Now the game becomes a race to collect as many trophies and Elder Signs before Shudde M'ell destroys the Museum.

The game now also has a fixed end point. Each Midnight a rubble token closes a location, when the tenth rubble token is required to be placed, the Museum is destroyed and the Ancient One awakens forcing the players into the Final Battle (along with three additional Doom tokens). I found a normal (base) game would take in the region of 24 to 28 turns (6 or 7 Midnights) before the required Elder Signs were collected, now the players have in the region of 40 turns so it still should be "easy" to complete the game before then.

At this point in time, I'm not sure if the tenth rubble marker should trigger the Final Battle or an instant loss. I think an instant loss might be better and maybe this should be standard.

One of the tough choices the players now have is what order are Entrance locations closed (First Aid, Lost & Found or the Gift Shop). I'm sure for most the first choice is easy, Lost & Found, most players don't make use of this Entrance activity (or at least it's the one they can do away with). The issue is what to do when the second Entrance rubble token is revealed. Do you close the Gift Shop (no more Elder Signs can therefore be purchased) or do you close First Aid?

What I wanted from Shudde M'ell was to apply additional pressure to the players beyond the usual "add a Doom token". Now players have the number of available Adventure cards reduced during the game, therefore concentrating the monsters on fewer locations as well as reducing the usual selection of six Adventure card to choose from.

As this Herald has no Abomination markers, I added an option to replace any Cultists drawn from the Monster cup to be replaced by Chthonian Monster markers. As with previous Heralds and Abomination Adventure cards, there is no requirement to mix the new components with old (because clearly new home-made components are going to be identifiable whenever mixing markers in the Monster cup of shuffling cards together). When playing with the optional Chthonian Monster markers, the standard Cultists can be added to the Monster cup and whenever one is pulled out, then a Chthonian Monster marker can replace it before it is placed on a location.

Links to Files

Elder Sign: Abominations - Game Expansion

Contents of files
Chapter 1, Part 1 - Abominations Mythos Deck (36 cards)
Chapter 1, Part 2 - Extension to the Abominations Mythos Deck (18 cards)
Chapter 2, Part 1 - Guardian, Nodens (1 Guardian and 8 cards)
Chapter 3, Part 1 - Herald, Bokrug (1 Herald and 4 Abominations)
Chapter 3, Part 2 - Herald, Shudde M'ell (1 Herald, 9 Rubble tokens and 4 Monster markers)
Chapter 4, Part 1 - Abominations (4 Adventure cards, 16 Abomination markers)
- Dunwich Horror
- Lurker at the Threshold
- Black Goat of the Woods
- Nyarlathotep
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