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Subject: Wargs! We're Under Attack..... rss

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Jay P

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This is a game with such epic battles...massive armies clashing...and sieges. And the part about the fellowship..sneaking toward Mordor. We've seen, heard about, and experienced the grand scale clash. This is NOT one of those stories.

This is about a little battle. It is a true story; it really happened, embellished with the requisite narrative. Reflection on a small bit part in an otherwise massive and epic struggle. A memorable serendipitous nexus. The battle raged not for the taking of ground, or for towns, cities or strongholds. Instead, it raged in direct consequence of the fellowship itself. Unremarkable in that no companions (other than those still attached to the fellowship) were involved. Nor any minions or Nazgul. Just a lone Isengard elite, eventually reduced to a Uruk-hai regular....and but a few elves. And the fellowship.

The fellowship had just left Lorien on their way south, led by Boromir (Gandalf was camping in Fangorn. Strider fell early...sometimes even a ranger dodges the wrong way!) when they were revealed in Parth Celebrant. There was an Isengard warg rider detachment sunbathing in Eastemnet, stationed as a flank guard against elvish intervention in Rohan affairs. This detachment had previously blitzkrieged Westemnet, Edoras, and Anorien while the Isengard main body locked up the Rohirrim in Helm's Deep. Rumor of the fellowship "revealed" in Parth Celebrant was motivation to move north for dinner.

The Lorien elves, seeing the fellowship's plight, marched out and engaged the warg riders. Severely outnumbered, the wargs beat a hasty retreat, tail between legs, with inconsequential casualties. Hobbit supper denied! And Sam got to see the elves....just one more time.

Hearing the howls on the wind, the elves left an escort for the fellowship, while the balance of elven troops returned to Lorien.

Seeing equal odds, and hunger strong, the wargs attacked once more. This time, both sides were bloodied. The elven unit destroyed and most of the wargs killed. At first, it seemed the fellowship road was clear.....but lo and behold, a squadron of Uruk-hai appeared out of nowhere. The fellowship found themselves in peril once more...Boromir (in classic style) was in the forefront...ready to catch any arrows that came his way. Swoosh swoosh the sound of arrows piercing air. Boromir cringed......and was not from the front...but from behind as the elves once again came rolling out of Lorien...crushing the Uruk-hai to the last Orc. Wargs and Orc eliminated, the elves returned to Lorien, bidding the fellowship luck once more.

The fellowship thanked the elves and prepared to move south......

....then....a Nazgul appeared......
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