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Joe Ferguson
Metro Manila
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A family member brought this dice game from the US for me. It wasn't long until 4 of us had read the rules, which are a bit confusing at first, but don't take long to figure out. Also, while the rules are easy for quick look up, the game is simple enough that after a few rounds we didn't need to look up the rules very often.

The components are nice. The dice are well molded, look good, and roll well. The die cup with its drawstring vinyl bag are also nice bits. The game comes with a pad score sheets, which can be a bit messy when marking mileage. And it's a shame the score sheets are too big fit inside the vinyl bag along with the cup and dice. Not a huge issue, as any scratch paper can be used to keep track of mileage, but it would be nice to use the score sheets when traveling. The rules booklet can be fit inside the vinyl bag if rolled up and slipped into the cup before the dice are dropped in.

The game play is simple. It is all about pushing your luck with the dice. There are 9 dice in total, and 7 dice are rolled at once, while 2 are set aside for penalty rolls based on what flag you roll on the flag die. You simply roll 1 green die (the power die), 5 black dice (the mileage dice), and the flag die. The green power die and the black mileage dice are the mileage you accumulate, while the flag die denotes when your turn is over.

You then may choose to set aside any (or no) dice based on the mileage that they have rolled. Of course, you want the highest mileage you can get, so you try to set aside the highest valued dice. All the black dice are equal, with the highest result being 25. The green power die's highest result is 50, but has a special flat tire result, which causes you to have to remove that die during your current turn. The dice you have not chosen to set aside, including the flag die, are placed back into the cup and you may roll again.

So long as you continue to roll the green flag on the flag die, you can continue your turn. Any other flag color immediately ends your turn, and you may have to deal with a penalty roll.

Roll a black flag you lose all your mileage for that turn. Roll a red flag, you roll the red crash die to see how many miles are subtracted, although you can crash out of the race completely and cause a massive serious of collisions among ALL the racers. The yellow flag, you roll the yellow penalty die, which also subtracts from your total mileage for the turn and may result in the leader of the pack (be it you or someone else) having to reduce their mileage to equal that of the second place racer.

There are also rules based on how the dice land. For example, if you roll a cocked dice due to the table itself, you may simply re-roll it. However, if one die lands cocked on top of another die, it must be removed from the current turn, and no mileage can be scored on it. Of course, the dice return to you on your next turn.

The game is simple, and trying to describe it doesn't do it justice. The game is highly addictive and a great deal of fun. Lots of cheers and jeers happen during play, and plenty of groans when that dreaded black flag is rolled.

In our first game, one of the racers kept getting the black flag early on in the race. It left him so far behind that he was just rolling dice to amuse the rest of us. When the leader pushed to hard on his last roll, he crashed out at the finish line, which allowed the guy who got stuck in the back of the pack to actually finish in 3rd place.

While I haven't seen a lot of strategy, other than picking which dice to keep, this game is seriously fun. You have no idea what is going to happen, and even the guy who was leading the pack for so long can finish last.

It was a great game for those who aren't used to specialty games or games with dice not shaped like a small cube. One of the players we had in our little group hadn't played a game in 30 years, and the last game he played was monopoly. He had as much fun as the rest of us, and even wanted to play a second time.

That in itself is worth the price of this game. Everyone, no matter their gaming experience, can play and feel equal. No one feels left out and the game is just pure and simple fun for all.

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