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Subject: Stark Raving - Clash on the Kingsroad rss

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Christoph Breitkopf
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(We decided to replay some of the scenarios even though we have not yet finished all of them. Jan wrote - and will continue to write - the session reports for our first-time games under the title "A Lion's Lessons". For the replays, I will write the reports. We will not replay the scenarios in order, actually, we just chose to replay "Clash on the Kingsroad" because we had little time and scenario 21 looked rather complex.

This session report is written from the view of Rickard Karstark, Lord of Karhold. The game-technical stuff is in normal font in parens).

We had to prevent the Lannister forces from crossing the river. My own riders and all the archers I kept on our side of the river, and some infantry and a unit of heavier cavalry under the command of Lady Mormont remained beyond the western ford to harass the Lannisters even before they could attempt the crossing.

Round 1

I ordered one unit of archers nearer to the western ford, and another one into the copse of trees near the river. They immediately fired a shot at Kevan's infantry, and scored a hit.

Kevan sent two of his infantry units towards the southern ford.

I ordered the remaining archers onto the hill, and moved my own riders next to the ford, between the archers. The archers on the hill shot at the Lannister infantry again, but missed.

Kevan and his remaining infantry then moved next to the river, too.

One the western front, Maege Mormont sent one of her infantry units closer to the ford.

Then one of Addam Marbrandt's light cavalry attacked our medium cavalry, but did not harm them.

Maege Mormont moved up to flank the attacking cavalry, and decimated them somewhat.

Another unit of light cavalry moved in direction of the ford.

Our medium cavalry attacked in turn, drove the Lannister cavalry away, and pursued them, eliminating them completely.

Another unit of Lannister light cavalry attacked the infantry unit that had not yet moved, but did not harm them.

Our infantry attacked back, reducing the Lannisters in strength.

Addam Marbrandt advanced next to the road.
(Here, Lannister had wanted to order Addam and his remaining unordered cavalry, but only had
a "order two neighboring units" card, so he could only order Addam himself).

Round 2

Maege Mormont ordered our cavalry to attack the already hurt Lannister cavalry next to our infantry, and, being the stalwart gal she is, hurried down the road to engage Addam Marbrandt himself. Unfortunately, she was unable to hurt his unit. Our cavalry eliminated their opponents, though. (I was aware that I was moving Maege into a very dangerous position, but thought that with heavy armor and stalwart, she would be able to slow down Addams units so much that it would be worth the sacrifice.)

Addam responded by ordering the two cavalry units that had been hanging back to flank Maege from behind. They eliminated half of her unit. Being stalwart, she counterattacked, but to little effect.

At the southern ford, I ordered both archer units next to me to fire again at the infantry next to the ford. The picked off enough of them to leave them at reduced strength.

Addam then attacked Maege with devastating force, and she had no other resource than to surrender.
(Addam rolled a lucky one blue and two valor, which was enough to capture Maege on the spot).
He galloped on to attack our cavalry, but they proved more resilient.
Still, our western front was now without a commander, and I could only hope that our men would to the right thing on the own.

One infantry unit engaged the weakened Lannister cavalry, but did not kill any.

On our front, the weakened Lannister infantry move on to the ford to attack out archers in the forest, supported by Kevan's unit. The archers panicked before the infantry and fled to the north-west, almost up the the western ford. The Lannisters advanced into the forest.

(Kevan used his ability to give them two dice, making for a 4-dice attack into the forest. Because of the forest limitation of two dice before modifiers, it did not matter that the Lannister unit was already at reduced strength. They actually rolled two morale and one hit, sending the archers running).

Since he was in my reach, I charged across the ford to attack Kevan Lannister's unit. The southern cowards fled even faster than out archers had. Seeing no way to capture him without a lengthy battle, I turned my charge, moved onto the ford again and attacked the so far unharmed infantry, eliminating about half of them. (Rickard rolled two morale against Kevan, driving him back to the edge of the board. Very nice, since he was now too far away to command his units, except for one. I decided not to attack Kevan again, since then I would have left the victory tokens rather exposed. So I attacked the other infantry with my pursue ability instead).

In the distance, I could see that Kevan succeeded in rallying his men. (Lannister used a morale token and one morale to rally Kevan's unit, because he needed to get into command range again).

Our infantry near the western ford flanked the Lannister riders that were engaged to the other infantry unit, and were able bring down enough of them to leave the at reduced strength.

Kevan moved up again and assisted his weakened infantry in attacking me. Those southern weaklings were not able to harm me, though.

My Archers tried to pick off the Lannisters in the forest, but unfortunately did not get all of them.

The other Lannister infantry moved onto the western ford.

Round 3

Our medium cavalry attack Addam Marbrandt, drove him back, pursued and attacked again, driving him further back and reducing his strength.

Addams one unharmed light cavalry move across the ford to attack our archers (those that had cowardly fled from the Lannister infantry), almost eliminating them.

I commanded the archers on the hill to shoot at the infantry hiding in the forest, and they managed to make them flee onto the ford.
(the archers rolled no hits, but one morale). I attacked the infantry unit I was engaged with, but only managed to kill a few. But I rallied my riders to continue the attack. (Rickard turned his card to rally himself.)

The Lannister almost decimated infantry unit moved off the ford to attack my archers on the hill, aided by Kevan. They were brutally effective, almost eliminating the archers and driving them off the hill.
They did not advance, but kept their strategic location.
(If they had advanced, they would not have been able to claim the control marker).

The other archer unit then moved to the strategic location near the western ford, and shot some arrow at the neighboring lannister unit, but none of those found a mark.

In the west, Addam Marbrand attacked my unengaged infantry unit to little effect.

I attacked Kevan, driving him off the ford and killing most of his troops.

The unharmed Lannister infantry attacked the weaker archer unit, eliminated them, and advanced off the ford.

Our cavalry rallied themselves and flanked the weakened Addam Marbrandt, but did not manage to make him surrender.
(I used a morale order token to rally them. Lannister passed, so I got to move and attack right away. I did not roll the two hits needed to capture him, though).

Round 4

Our cavalry attack Marbrand again, and this time he had no choice but to surrender.

In turn, I found myself flanked by the Lannister infantry unit which had moved onto the ford. They attacked with Kevan's support, and I had no recourse but to retreat into the forest.
(They rolled one morale, but no hits).

The stronger of our infantry units near the western ford move onto the ford and attacked the Lannister cavalry that had crossed earlier.

They were in turn attacked on their flank by the full-strength Lannister infantry near the ford. Luckily, some of our men survived that attack.

I rode out of the forest and attacked the Lannister unit on the ford. We eliminated them, but I chose not to purse and rather keep the strategic location.
(So I got that control marker back). My archers next to the forest shot at the Lannisters next to them but missed.

The Lannister cavalry attacked out weakened infantry on the western ford and eliminated them. They did not pursue, but stayed east of the river.

I managed to rally my men and the archers.
(Rickard used a rally all card to rally himself and the two archer units in command range. Lannister was out of units to command at this point, so I could carry on).

I then rode to the western ford and eliminated the Lannister cavalry, and engaged the infantry. (Killed the cavalry unit, pursued, and attacked the infantry without scoring a hit).

Our infantry west of the river then moved onto the ford and flanked the Lannisters, driving them back. (Rolled one morale, but again no hits).

Round 5

(Lannister had a command token left, so he has inititive.

At this point he would have needed a lot of bad rolls on my side, and a way to rally Kevan to still have a chance to win. Alas, he did not get a morale token or a rally all card, so the game was really decided at this point.)

The Lannister infantry moved and attacked the archers next to the forest. They killed most of them, but luckily not all. (Since he could not hope to kill 4 figure with a 3-dice roll, he would have needed a morale result to drive the off the control marker, and then advance).

Together with our remaining infantry, I engaged the Lannisters, drove them into the forest, pursued, and killed them all. (I made a coordinated attack with Rickard and the infantry).

Kevan moved onto the ford trying to cross, the the current slowed him down too much. (Since infantry units have to stop their movement on a ford, Kevan had no way to reach the control marker).

Our cavalry move up behind Kevan in preparation to capture him.

(And here round 5 ends, with a clear win for Stark.)

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Jan Dreske
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I guess i should just not try to fight Maeges troops in this one. Just getting the cavalry to the other side seems like a better option, after having lost two times with the same plan. Maybe even have Kevan send two units or so up the river, to make enough place for Adam and his guys to ride through...
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Ian McCarthy
United States
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Stark normally wins with Rickard turtling on one of the two objective markers, making opportunistic attacks.

I would really love to try switching the starting positions of the Stark Commanders to potentially make this scenario more tactically interesting and balanced.
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