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Subject: Kubla-Con teaching demo rss

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Chris Young
United States
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Reporting on another teaching demo even we (Craig and I) held this time at KublaCon a fairly large gaming convention held in the SF Bay Area every Memorial Day weekend.

We had two games set up and a third board where we played a sample turn about mid way through the game to help illustrate the mechanics.

2 of the people had played the game once before so we had them pit themselves against one another and offered rules clarifications and advice at their direction. The result was a ring victory after some heavy military action by both sides.

Our new players had both been interested in the game for a long time and one actualy had purchased the Collecters Edition previously. Craig helped the FP and I assisted the Shadow. The players picked up the turn mechanics quickly and with the shadow receiving low muster results in the early going quickly assembled Isenguard to attack Rohan and put helms deep under siege quickly with a small force. However the FP faught back and liberated HD as the Shadow was amassing a larger force in Orthanc. The fighting in Rohan was long and bloody and as a result the ring moved slowly. Arragorn arrived in MT to be quickly swamped by a force from Minas Moragal backed by a couple of Hill Trolls.

Arragorn's leadership rallied the Citidel which bravely faught off most of the horde but just as it looks like they might win free a mass of Southrons with Oliphants swept in to reinforce the siege, dooming the King.

During the Siege Gandalf fell to protect the Fellowship from the corrupting influnce of the Ring. His return to Fanghorn signaled a renewed interest in the Rohan front. However he joined the remaining forces in the Westment in a doomed attempt to hold back the Wargs in west and the southrons on the march from MT.

Easterlings in the North along with forces from Dul Gadur marched on Dale and the Northern Strongholds and pinned the Dwarves in their mines and sealed any path for the Woodland elves to lend aid.

A force of Urak-Hi and Sauron Orcs from Moria descended upon Lorien as the Elves began to muster a liberating force there. It was then that the eye was drawn back to Mordor as the remaining Fellowship slipped past the Black Gate.

The defense of the FP strongholds was valiant but proved to be too little to stop the tide of the shadow. Though they did buy precious time for the hobbits to transverse Mordor. All hope rested with 2 little hobbits now having to make the last 2 steps up the mountain to cast the ring in the fire. However fear paralyzed Frodo for a moment 1 step away from his goal. With gollum guiding the remaining footsteps Frodo called upon the power of the elves to give him strength for one final push. Fearing Shelobs presence but powered by the elves Frodo pushed on and cast Isuldur's Bane into the fires from whence it came. Middle earth had been saved.

It was everything that a WotR game is supposed to be coming down to the last action and the final tile draw to decide victory. Both players apparently had a great time.

Im looking forward to running more WotR and the Labor Day Con. Hopefully we can drum up enough interest to hold a FTF tournament. A number of people watched and expressed interest in the Game and even mentioned that they have played.

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