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Subject: A lion's lessons - Hold The River rss

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Jan Dreske
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I thought i was well placed to hold the river, with two commanders already at
hand, the mighty Shagga right there, and Gregor within reach. On the other hand
i figured there would be no gain for me from fighting on the eastern flank, Robb
is invincible and i would just loose my archers and maybe some infantry, without
getting ahead on victory points.

The setup looked like this:

Yes, i used Tyrion instead of Timett, to be a little more flexible. The first round was
just putting the troops in place, without much action. In the second round, Stark
crushed into my men at the river, using his riders to pursue and decimate my
soldiers. The Greatjon had a good time, too, killing some stone crows. Shagga got
down to reduced strength while trying to capture the Lord of the Last Hearth.

Gregor Clegane and his men moved north-west to join the riverside killing. The Stark
King himself went against my archers, so i had the second ranged unit head to the
west as well, protected by heavy infantry. After round two:

I managed to get one of the red cavalry units down, and Gregor finished some
northmen, but Stark killed nearly all my troops near the river. Shagga and Gregor
remained at reduced strength, Tyrion did just survive because of his commit ability.
Shagga tried to capture Greatjon two times (with a chance of 48% each time), but
failed. I figured i should have used him to kill the other red cavalry instead, but
getting rid of a commander was so tempting.

In round four, the river was lost. Gregor and Shagga were too slow to get back
all those objectives Stark was taking. The Greatjon was there, red cavalry, Karstark,
all were threatening to take Tyrion captive, and Robb was chasing over there, too,
hitting my leftover archers. All i could do was to fight with Kevan and his men, and
with some bonus dice and massed flanking attacks i took down to red units. Suddenly
Starks morale was down to yellow! He had two morale tokens, and needed one to
get the morale to use the other for rallying, to stay high enough on morale to prevent
me from getting a chance to rout him.

After round four:

I figured i just had to kill this red cavalry to rout the Stark army. So when he ordered
them first i thought it was to get them far away from Shagga. But Stark just did not
have the morale track in mind, and stayed near. So Shagga used one of his axe tokens
to make sure to kill the riders, and i won for routing the enemy. I was behind on victory
points and far behind on objectives (8 to 4), so i would have lost otherwise. Even
without the three-point-kill i would still have had the chance to get some more kills
on the right flank. We were just not paying the morale track enough attention, but
we learned that a morale order token should not be an automatic rally. Would Stark have
raised his morale in round four, the chance of a rout would have been very low.
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Ian McCarthy
United States
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That is one great looking battlefield. Nice work painting the premium flags, too.

Yeah, sometimes you need to experience a Rout to remember that it's a possibility, especially in larger battles with a lot of red Units.
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Christoph Breitkopf
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This one is clearly a candidate for a replay. Assuming I had not lost by overlooking morale, I would probably have won this one, but I think that normally Lannister would be favored.

My feeling is that I was rather lucky to dominate the battlefield near the river. The problem is that Lannister has two invincible units on that flank. Shagga is there from the beginning, and Gregor can get there by round 4. The only thing Stark can do to these two is getting them to reduced strength, chasing them away with morale results, or, in Gregor's case, blocking him from reaching the markers. Of course, there's Robb on the other flank, but it's probably not a good idea to move him to the river. And even he can't keep Shagga from waltzing through the markers area. Maybe the right approach is not to let Shagga eliminate any units (using withdrawals or just staying out of reach), and just step after him to reoccupy control markers. Were we to play this again, I think I might concentrate more on Gregor's units, trying to block him from the markers, and killing his soft green units for victory points.
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