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Subject: Stark Raving - Deep in the Den of Lions rss

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Christoph Breitkopf
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The first time we played this scenario, Lannister dealt me a crushing defeat. I really wanted to do better this time.

Cleverly (or so I thought) I moved my archers just out of the range of the red Lannister cavalry, and fired (for lack of a more promising target) on the blue heavy infantry.

But Jan used a command card that gave two units commanded by Addam +1 hex of movement, and they attacked and eliminated one of the archer units. Duh.

I moved as much of Rickard's flank as I could command toward my building, figuring that I wanted to keep out of Jaime's reach. But my attacks on the other flank proved quite costly - the Lannisters were always stalwart and dealt some heavy return blows for every attack of mine.

Meanwhile the Blackfish and his cavalry slowly moved toward the action.

Lannisters red cavalry continued to rip through my Longbowmen, and Edmure, despite his superior movement and 4 attack dice, did not manage to make his mark. By round 4, he was captured without having accomplished much:

Jaime and the Lannister infantry near the road never really entered the fight.

In the end, I "only" lost by 7 vs 9 victory points.

Final thoughts:

I basically used the same strategy as the first time we played this, and was defeated again, even if not quite so devastatingly. Still, this seems to call for different tactics next time.

Again, I chose to move all of the Blackfish's cavalry right around the swamp, instead of sending at least one directly down to assist Edmure. Losing one turn in the building and then have probably no target to attack seems so wasteful, but the fact that this flank crumbled so easily (including Edmure), says quite clearly that more troops are needed.

Ignoring the right flank was not a good idea - I was afraid of Jaime, but why? Rickard is quite tough (hehe) himself, and there are some soft targets on that side which might have earned me some victory points. Also, those Lannister archers on the tower proved quite pesky, because they were often assisted by Kevan. I really should have moved my Longbowmen a bit closer and finished these off quickly.
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