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Subject: Thunderstone Classic Module - the Borrowsdale Plague rss

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Stephen Cappello
United States
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The village of Barrowsdale was always insignificant. No one of great power, or hero of great reputation ever hailed from there, nor any great villain to rampage the country side. The village was quiet and peaceful with nothing noteworthy to speak of. Until the plague.

Darkness descended on the village suddenly when a group of children playing in the forest stumbled upon the body of a dying elf. He lay against a tree, his body riddled with severe wounds and pestilent lesions. His eyes were empty and grey. The children ran home with all their speed warning of the monstrous elf they found in the trees, by then it was too late.

The coughing started and soon after followed the fever.

With the majority of the village laid down from the contagion, the village Sage sent messengers to every corner, far and wide, seeking help. Healers of all manner soon descended on the village to assist. It was then that she struck.

Rann-kor, the Guardian of Virulence, with the aid of the Stone of Blight, revealed herself to be the source of Barrowsdale's misfortune. With her came her horde.

The surrounding forest had been overrun with Cultist, Rann-kor's loyal zealots; humans so despised and repulsive that civilized culture no longer recognized them. Rann-kor's Abyssals had taken over the nearby citadel that had once protected the village in ages past. An army of the Undead also did her bidding; spreading the plague throughout the land.

You have been sent by your temple to assist in the defense of Barrowsdale. You'll have to fight through Rann-kor's horde to destroy her and the Stone of Blight. Only then can the healing begin in Barrowsdale.

The Barrowsdale Plague is an advanced setup for Thunderstone Classic. You will have a selection of 4 Cleric-type Heroes, and an assortment of village cards to support them. The village is plagued, however, so be careful of spending too much time there. You'll need to overcome the Guardian of Virulence and her horde to claim and destroy the Thundersone, saving the village.


Chalice (Thunderstone)
Divine (Wrath of the Elements)
Terakian (Dragonspire)
Woodfolk (Thornwood Siege)


Amulet of Power (Wrath of the Elements)
Belzur's Blessing (Heart of Doom)
Burnt Offering (Dragonspire)
Cursed Mace (Wrath of the Elements)
Feast (Thunderstone)
Sage (Wrath of the Elements)
Soul Jar (Doomgate Legion)
Spirit Hunter (Doomgate Legion)


Abyssal (Thunderstone)
Cultist - Humanoid (Doomgate Legion)
Undead - Plague (Dragonspire)

Dungeon Features

Guardian of Virulence (Thornwood Siege)
Stone of Blight (Thornwood Siege)
Setting - Barrowsdale (Dragonspire)
Disease - Special (Doomgate Legion)

Setup:: Shuffle all of the Monsters together. Set aside the Stone of Blight. Take the top five cards from the Dungeon Deck, shuffle in the Guardian of Virulence, and place these six cards the bottom of the Dungeon Deck. Place Setting - Barrowsdale near the Dungeon.

Shuffle 3 Disease (normal) cards into each Village stack. This does not include Basic Cards or Heroes. If a disease is showing on the top of a stack during setup, reshuffle until no Diseases are showing.

Special Rule - Disease-Special: Monsters in the Dungeon, and any effect during the game (such as the Cursed Mace), give Disease - Special.

Special Rule - Plagued Village: During setup, shuffle 3 Disease (normal) cards into each village pile. This does not include basic cards or heroes.
Any time a Disease is revealed after purchasing a card from the village, you add the revealed disease to your discard pile.

Special Rule - Guardian: When the Guardian is revealed, place the Thunderstone underneath it. The Guardian gains a health bonus equal to the Thunderstone's Victory Point value.

Note: This is not an official module, but a fan-made module.
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Jeff Quick

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Awesome. Some fun ideas in there.
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K.Y. Wong
Gardens by the Bay
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Stephen, I tried this module today and although I lost, it was a really great game. There are lots of synergies between the village cards and heroes at certain levels. With the monsters not worth any gold, they were still useful when combined with soul jar and 1 of the 3rd level heroes.

The deluge of diseases could be turned to your advantage with the right setup. We played with TS Advance's Prepare rule so at times I found myself retaining Disease cards in my hand to power my hero abilities!

More please!
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