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I paid 100 GG for this thinking it was a Geek Badge...
So Redhorn Gate is my favourite scenario so far. I thought i'd beat it on my first go (Twins+Legolas), however, I later realized that I hadn't fully understood the synergies between Freezing Cold, Caradhras and Quest Stage 3B. So, wanting to get a clean victory under my belt before progressing to Rivendell i thought i'd better try again. After a whole week's worth of messing about with high questing low-threat, Spirit/Leadership, Spirit/Lore, Lore/Spirit decks, i realised that it was not the treacherous conditions of the mountains which were slaying us, but the Wargs, Trolls, and Orcs which come out of these mountains at Threat level 28 and above. So i decided that a predominantly Tactics deck along with Glorfindel(Sp) or Eowyn would do the trick, along with some leadership cards thrown in for the questing boost, Sneak Attacks and SOG. I decided on Eowyn due to her ability to burn useless cards, if i end up getting too many songs (or no songs at all). Here is the deck i used. It is based on one core set and (i think) uses only cards from the core set or the Mirkwood Cycle (this wasn't intentional, just happened that way).

Spoiler (click to reveal)


Threat = 29

Neutral (10):
Gandalf x 3
Radagast x 2
Shadows of the Past x 2
Song of Kings x 3

Leadership (10):
Sneak Attack x 2
Steward of Gondor x 2
Faramir x 2
Dunedain Quest x 3
Celebrian's Stone x 1

Spirit: (16)
Unexpected Courage x 1
Favour of the Lady x 2
Galadhrim's Greeting x 2
Northern Tracker x 2
Escort from Edoras x 2
West Road Traveller x 2
Stand & Fight x 3
Test of Will x 2

Tactics: (14)
Eagles of the Misty Mountains x 3
Winged Guardian x 3
Vassal of the Windlord x 1
Support of the Eagles x 2
Citadel Plate x 2
Beorn x 1
Feint x 2

Although there are more Spirit cards than tactics, Arwyn's resource can be used to balance this, until Eowyn gets SOG. Place all questing attachments on Eowyn. Place Freezing Cold on Legolas. He will die on stage 3 but you should be ok without him by them. Place Unexpected Courage on Gimli along with your Citadel Plates. Use Test of Will wisely.

This deck won on the first go. I couldn't tell you what the score was, but Legolas and Gimli both died on stage 3. I do not find scoring very meaningful for Redhorn Gate because the number of turns taken to win is primarily driven by the positioning of Victory Points in the encounter deck.

The deck can also blindly defeated Road to Rivendell (with ease) although I must say I found RtR to be very disappointing after Redhorn Gate, and is probably more intersting in multiplayer. The score on RTR was 70, which i think is pretty good for a deck built for a different scenario.

Looking forward to Watcher in the water which is harder to get hold of than otehr packs (which I imagine is because of the Hero card, the Arwyn Ally and Resourceful).

EDIT: I call this a predominantly Tactics deck due to the number of Tactics Heroes used. In reality, it is predominantly based on Spirit cards.
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Steve deWinter
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I just tried this build and want to say that it was very fun and quite successful. On my first try I got swarmed before any threat reduction or questing modifiers kicked in, but second try was smooth sailing. Worked like a charm and will be giving it a go on the road to Rivendell. Thanks for posting.
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