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Bjarne Aagaard
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I thrifted this at a childrens flea-market, but alas - no rules included. Can anybody help me with the rules (english, danish or german)?
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Mads Fløe
Aarhus C
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Are you still interested in the rules?

Edit: they are short, and someone else might find them useful, so here you go:


The balloonists want to reach the clouds. Each player plays with one of the six colours and would like the balloonist with the most balloons of his colour to reach the cloud at the top of the game board.
But the balloonists cannot always get all the balloons up in one peice, because they have to get past 7 crows with pointed beaks who lie in wait for them. Besides, in the cloud there is on,y room for five balloonists with their balloons. If at the end of the game you have the most balloons of your color in the cloud, you are the winner.

Course of the game:

1. Place the 9 cards with balloonists beside the game board in such a way that the sides with the most balloons is face upwards.
2. Place the 7 crow cards on the 7 spaces marked with a black dot on the upper part of the game board.
3. Shuffle the coloured balloon cards and have each player take one. Look at your card without letting the other players see it, then place the card face down beside you. The card shows which colour balloons you must try to drift up to the cloud.
4. The youngest player starts. Each player on turn chooses a balloonists card and places this on any free space in the two lowest rows. Keep doing this untill all balloonists cards are on the game board.
5. When it is your turn, toss the coloured die and you may choose weather you want a turn with a balloonists card and with a crow card, or if you want to let a crow pop balloons.

A turn with a balloonists card:

You may move a balloonists card which has at least one balloon of the colour shown by the coloured die, one space provided the space moved to is vacant. The ballonns can only fly either upwards or sideways, never downwards. The move of the previous player cannot be reversed. A balloonist card in the cloud may be moved sideways.

Crow turn:

All crows fly at the same height. They may only move one free space to the left or to the right. The move of the previous player cannot be reversed. The balloonist and crow turns may be taken in any order.

Popping balloons:

Instead of a turn with a balloonist and a crow, you may pop balloons. For this a balloonists card must be lying on a space immediately to the left or right of a crow. If the balloonist has 8 or 9 balloons, not all of the balloons may be popped but only some of them. The ballooists card must be turned over so that the card shows 4 or 5 balloons and a crow. If the balloonist only has 4 or 5 balloons when popped by a crow, the card id taken out of the game. The crow is always so shocked by the sound of a popping balloon, that it flys away after having popped a balloon, thus it also leaves the game.

End of the game:

The game ends as soon as all 5 spaces in the cloud are occupied. Each player turns over his balloon to show his colour. The player who has the most balloons of his colour in the cloud is the winner. If more then one player has the same number of balloons of his colour in the cloud, then the one who has the most balloons of his colour on the game board is the winner.

Game tips:

You have to conceal as long as possible what colour of balloon you have, sp that the other players dont interfere with your plans. For this reason, you should not place/move those cards on the game board which show lots of balloons of your own colour, especially at the beginning of the game.
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